By “THIS” I mean the Trump Administration.  If you saw my post of a couple of days ago where I recapped all the craziness we’ve seen from the Trump/Bannon White House over the past two weeks, you might be wondering, as I am, “What the fuck just happened?”  Doesn’t it seem more like two years rather than two weeks since the sparsely attended Trump inauguration?  This is how you know that this stuff is NOT normal when a day seems like a never ending nightmare and there’s no one there to wake you up.

But it’s no nightmare.  Well, not your sound-asleep-at-night-scary-as-all-Hell nightmare that we usually think of when we employ the term.  No.  Here we’re talking about a real world, yes, the really real one that you and I live in and not the Alternate Set Of Facts reality that Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway inhabit, nightmare that we are all participating in and trapped inside with no exit and it just goes on and on and on.   You pretty much know that someone has gone way, way far around the bend when an actual “non-event” from the White House becomes “Breaking News Headlines!”  I am referring to (as if you could have guessed) the Bowling Green (KY or WI or NY – no one is really certain) terrorist massacre that happened either back when Frederick Douglass was publishing his North Star newspaper in the 1860’s or just three weeks ago as Barack Obama - as usual - was out golfing rather than paying attention to what was happening in the country.   

So no one is certain of the location or the date of this horrendous massacre. Huh!  Still, as Kellyanne stated “Most people don’t know about this because it wasn’t covered in the press.”  Huh!  How utterly astounding!  A terrorist massacre happens and no one knows about it.  Huh! Well, natch, after a couple of days of press investigations that yielded nothing but the arrest of two Iraqi’s for attempting to ship arms to Iraq back in 2013, Assistant Chief White House Propagandist, Kellyanne Conway was forced to admit that she had made a “mistake” in announcing a horrible, bloody, terrorist massacre that resulted in a tremendous number of deaths of men, women, children and pets that never actually happened.  In reality, at least, but God alone knows what goes on in the Alternate Set of Facts reality.   I suppose it’s just a human failing when one confuses the arrest of two men down in Bowling Green, Kentucky with a mass terrorist murder.  Maybe she was skimming the news articles too quickly which is understandable since she speaks with a rapidity that would tend to indicate some reading comprehension difficulty.  Like, for example, not actually reading anything.  So her “mistake” is perfectly understandable. At least in the Alternate Set of Facts Reality she inhabits. Although not in this one.  At least I don't think so.  

What? The? Fuck? You exclaim?

Yeah.  So if this is what actually comes out of the White House from someone who is Your President’s chief legal counsel, what kind of fucking hope are you holding out for the next four years – or however long it takes us to get rid of this monster? 

 Has the press pressed Kellyanne to reveal the source of this fantastical fictitious fetid lie?  No.  But they should.  After all, if the source is someone in the White House that person needs to be fired yesterday.  Outside source?  Please let us know so we won’t patronize that source of fake made-up news.  Don’t’ we at least deserve this? 

Of course we don’t.  It’s the Trump Twittster Administration and the only thing we deserve as American human beings is to be humiliated, embarrassed, horrified, mortified, and ashamed of President Twittster but also of that the brain-dead part of America who elected this horrible human being as President of our United States of America.  Until, of course, we invade Iran and then we will all be expected to cheer President Orange Cheeto or else be locked up.  Our young men and women?   They, of course, will be expected to not only cheer the Orange Cheeto in his international war dealings because he knows more than the military but volunteer wholeheartedly and patriotically to be slaughtered in the streets of Tehran.

I have not paid much attention nor have I given much credence to all the "Trump is trying to take over the government and establish himself as a dictator" chatter during the campaign and since his inauguration.  But I have to admit that his latest "Tweet" (yes, of course it would have to be a "Tweet") about the judge who voided his entire Muslim travel ban is pretty damned frightening.  Here's what he said:  

The Twit - sorry, Tweet - is right in line with his remarks about the biased Mexican Judge who ruled against him in his Trump University case.  Except for one little detail:  This Tweet is from the President of the United States.  First, Judge Robart is not a "so-called" judge, he is in fact, a real sitting Federal Judge appointed by George W.  Bush.  Second, the part about the Judge and his decision "taking law-enforcement away from our country" is just bone chilling.  Is this a fundamental misinterpretation of where and in whom the powers of "law-enforcement" lay?  Trump thinks that the Judiciary are not a part of this system?  I mean the guy has been involved in over 3,000 lawsuits and he knows damned well from his own experience that judges and the court system are a part of our justice and law enforcement system.  

What's going on here?   What's the deal with trying to de-legitimize the Judiciary?  This is not the first time Trump has openly disparaged this branch of our government.  Several news types have written about how this is a barely concealed attempt to cast doubt about the "fairness and objectivity" of judges and our court system so that at some future point the imposition of draconian measures by the Executive Branch (Steve Bannon) will be seen as a counter measure to a flawed, corrupt, and biased judiciary.  Now I'm not saying that this is true but given the rather startling happenings that have been coming from the White House over the past two weeks, it's not going to take a whole lot more for me to believe that "Dictator" and not "President" is really the job Trump was after, after all.

The oddly unsettling place where this leaves us, is that Trump really does seem to want to overthrow the checks and balances inherent in our tripartite governmental system and replace them with an Executive Branch  single rule government.  At least that's how it's beginning to look.  So as I noted above, I paid scant attention to all the "dictator" chatter during the campaign.  Now?  My brain is fully engaged.  

I leave you with the following quote that just might have some relevance in today’s Alternate Set of Facts America:

"All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."
~ Hermann Göring in an interview during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (18 April 1946)

Hang In There.  There’s A Long Way To Go!


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