Let’s be very clear about where we liberals and progressives stand:  We will not allow Donald J. Trump, whatever his position or claims to legitimacy and fame might be, to foment a coup against America and destroy everything we stand for.  If this sounds like a manifesto, then so be it.  The signs, thirty days into his Presidency, are not good.  We’ve all borne witness to the antics, bombast, disrespect, reality show public policies and his generally ridiculous behavior, tweets and ramblings and lies and it’s been painful for us to see and hear.  His staff of propagandists and verbal storm troopers are eerily reflective of a campaign to destroy our institutions and government just like Steve Bannon has prophesied.  Verbal bombast is one thing but the maniacal ravings coming from the Trump Team coupled with the widespread roundup dragnet that is Trump's immigration policy and the inhumane Muslim Travel Ban does not bode well for the future.  For the future of America.  For the future of democracy.  When you have Trump’s closest White House Advisor, Steve Bannon, who advocates world wide religious warfare and the destruction of the American governmental system, he calls it “deconstructing” the government, these are not comforting signs.   We liberals and progressives see them as danger signs. 

There is little doubt in my mind that if the chaotic and repressive efforts of Trump continue, he will be reigned in by the Republican establishment to which he owes his election whether he believes it or not.   Still, we will be faced with years of destruction of all the things we’ve worked so hard, fought so hard, to achieve: Environmental protection, alternate energy production, civil and human rights, consumer protections, all of which will be undone through the actions of Cabinet leaders who have been selected with the single aim of destroying the agencies they have been confirmed to lead.   While this elimination of prior administration’s actions is not in and of itself anything new, what is new is the decidedly misplaced actions of the Trump Administration such as deleting the puppy mill list from the USDA’s website and requiring two existing regulations to be eliminated for the adoption of every new one.  Many of Trump’s actions – and I don’t include his immigration and Muslim ban actions in this category – appear to be small-minded, mean spirited actions to take revenge on us liberals and progressives, something his supporters cheer.   We get it.  We lost.  

But let’s get one thing perfectly clear Trump voters:  We liberals are not protesting Trump because he won.  No.  Sure, none of us are happy that he won, but even with our cockamamie Electoral College system, we recognize that he is the President and we accept this outcome.  Reluctantly, perhaps, and with a great deal of anxiety, but we accept the outcome.  Why are so many folks resisting Trump?  Partly it’s because of who he is.  Anyone who brags about sexually molesting women is not someone we feel should be President.  Likewise with someone who doesn’t seem to recognize facts.  Also someone who has no compunction about outright lying to the American people on a daily basis. 

In attacking the press and calling the elections “rigged” - "millions of illegals voted" - Trump is attacking two fundamental American institutions.  His motivation isn’t that the press is flawed or that there could be problems in our election processes but that he doesn’t “like” what the press says about him and that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  These, Rust Belters, are petty, thin-skinned, illegitimate reasons to attack either the press or our election system.  How can it be justified by any rationale whatsoever that a President attacks individuals, groups and institutions because he doesn’t like what they are saying about him?  Sorry, folks.  This is just way too much.  Plus, there is the lingering and expanding shadow of Russian influence not only in determining the outcome of the Presidential Election but over Trump and his minions as well.   I know that you  Trump supporters think this is all overblown liberal bullshit, but we don’t.  We happen to think that a foreign nation interfering in our elections and the potential of this same foreign nation to blackmail an American President are pretty serious accusation and we want answers.  

Remember the four year long Benghazi hearings?  According to the Benghazi Research Center, the investigation involved 10 congressional committees and the disclosure of at least 100,000 documents. It went on to report that the House Select Committee on Benghazi alone devoured over $6.8 million of taxpayers' money and it is estimated that all the investigations cost more than $20 million.  And just like the IRS hearings and the Hillary e-mail hearings the Benghazi hearings resulted in a big fat nothing.  Zero.  Undo.  Zilch.  And now Paul Rand (R-WI) has the gall to say that "Republicans shouldn't be investigating Republicans."  Really?  Well, we liberals and progressives just happen to believe that allegations of Russian interference in our Presidential Election and alleged contacts between Russian officials and the Trump Team merit the same kind of lengthy and thorough investigation as did Benghazi.  If such hearings come up with nothing as they did with Benghazi, so be it.  We'll accept this outcome.   

But even all this stuff, as disgusting as these items are, aren’t the fundamental motivations behind the protests.  What lies at the heart of the anti-Trump activities are his actions which can only be described as vengeful when it comes to the EPA, Dodd-Frank and allowing coal companies to poison our lakes and streams again and can only be described as idiotic when it comes to the Muslim Ban and the immigration dragnet.  These latter actions – and there are more – are so fundamentally un-American and anti-humane as to be criminal.  Sure, no question that laws need to be enforced but the way to take care of immigration issues is through Comprehensive Immigration Reform which has been broached in Congress seriously three times  over the past couple of decades but Republicans simply scotched these efforts each time.  As for the Muslim Travel Ban, it’s blatant ineffectiveness and spectacle qualities need no further exposition. 

So, no Trumpettes, it’s not because we lost.  You won.  But what you won for the country is a man and an Administration so inimical to virtually everything we liberals and progressives believe in and stand for, (as we assumed, wrongly as it turns out, you did too) a man and an Administration that seems bent on – as Steve Bannon says – the “deconstruction” of America, a man and an Administration that excels in attacking America but has done nothing to help America, a man and an Administration who are so unbelievably untrustworthy they have resorted to re-defining non-facts as an “Alternate Set of Facts.”   Wow! 

You got the man you wanted but remember a majority of voters rejected him and his bullshit policies.  If Trump and the Trump Team had acted decently over the first month perhaps there wouldn’t be so much resistance but alas, you got the guy you wanted and the entire country – you included – are going to suffer from it.  This, folks, is why we will resist.

Even only a month into the Trump Administration, what we see is rampant incompetence, small and simple-mindedness, an inability to govern, a penchant for lying to the public, a President and an Administration out to take revenge on liberals and progressives, and a total lack of compassion for human beings.  This, Trumpettes is why we will never accept your President.

Is this clearer now?


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