Watching CNN last night interviewing Trump supporters out in Nevada who pinned the chaos on holdover Obama folks in the Federal Government and – naturally -  the biased media.   Neither of these rationalizations are huuuuge surprises.  Even though the bulk of Trump supporters depend on the Government for the same things that we do, bashing the government is standard operating procedure for the delusional disgruntled and the deplorable ignored since Ronald Reagan.  And “the media?”  Actually what they really meant by “the media” is the “liberal, biased, fake-news mainstream” media.

This morning’s New York Times brings us precisely what Trump voters – primed by their conservative talk show hosts - are “thinking” about the Michael Flynn mess.  Well, to them it’s not a “mess;” it’s liberals blocking everything that Trump is trying to do.  Who then, do they blame?  It’s the illegal leaks and those damned, evil Gubment leakers who are the criminals, not Flynn.  Trump has been a victim of liberal leaks to the evil press.  Here are a few quotes from this morning’s piece:
From uber pundit Rush Limbaugh:  “This attack (on Trump) is coming from the shadows of the deep state, where former Obama employees remain in the intelligence community.  They are lying about things, hoping to make it easier for them and the Obama shadow government to eventually get rid of Trump and everybody in his administration.”

As it happens, I happened to catch this wild conclusion on Rush’s show yesterday while I was on my way back from the post office.  At the time, I had a good laugh.  And why not?   The Rust Belters and Trumpettes now have control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate and yet IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT?   Really?  Can’t let go of the Obama hate?  Note also that Rush’s rant references a “shadow government” by which I suppose he means a secret, pervasive, all powerful cabal of Obama appointees or some army of Gubment Obama slugs who are working day and night to do Trump harm.  So even though Trump is now Your President, it’s Obama who’s controlling everything.  Right. 

 Never let it be said that the Trumpettes won’t latch on to any cockamamie conspiracy theory to explain the shit that’s going on in Trump’s Washington. 

 From a woman who called into Rush’s show yesterday:  “The media is road blocking Trump and his administration in every which way possible.  And it’s not that anything is illegal or illegitimate, it’s just that they’re digging and digging.”

About former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael “Lock Her Up” Flynn:  “Conservatives saw a hostile elite arrayed against Mr. Trump.”

From Carl Bellows, conservative talk show host from Omaha:  “In the context of the last eight years, it’s a joke to conservative America (speaking of the national security threat posed by Flynn’s actions) and it’s a joke to Trump.  The mainstream press “coddled” President Barack Obama.”

Matt Tompkins, another Omaha talk show host received this message:  “No, that’s completely wrong.  Everything you said is fake.  The New York Times is fake.  It’s all fake.  You’re an idiot.  I hate you.”

From Jeff Wagner, conservative talk show host in Milwaukee:  He defended the president on his show, denouncing the news media and the intelligence community for their roles in revealing that Mr. Trump’s campaign aides were in contact with Russian intelligence officials before the election.

“You’ve got four American officials who are talking to the press about supposedly classified intercepts that were made,” he said. “You have people who are privy to private intelligence information who are now apparently speaking to The New York Times and The Washington Post.”
“Let me translate this,” he added. “You apparently have four Americans with access to classified materials who are speaking to the media. Now, is that not a crime? Is that not potentially treason?”

From Vicki McKenna, talk show host in Wisconsin:  “Why was the intelligence community eavesdropping on Michael Flynn?” she asked. “No. 2: Why did they transcribe the information? And No. 3: Why did they leak it to the press out of context, in a way to damage Michael Flynn? Those three acts are illegal.”

 Someone needs to inform Vivki that the intelligence community eavesdrops on all of us since 9-11 in case she hadn't heard.  

Do you see the general drift here, the principal themes?  One:  It’s Obama’s fault.  Two: It’s the media and liberals who are out to get Trump.  Three: It’s the leakers who are the criminals not Flynn.

All of this might be amusing if it were not for the fact that Rush and his right wing talk show host clones have provided “explanations” just like these totally fake ones for years.  They are the powerful voice behind the Trumpettes and spoon feed them this kind of crap every single day.  As I’ve noted before, all these conspiracy theories, false narratives and just plain lies are the reason why Donald J. Trump was elected.  The rather extraordinary rant that it’s the “leakers” who are at fault for Flynn’s demise rather than Flynn’s lying (oh, sorry providing “incomplete information”) as Trump’s National Security Advisor is simply far too gross for the rational mind to even consider.   But these are the coordinated mouthpieces who tell Trump voters what to believe.   And the Trump voters believe them.

Absent from the Trumpettes, Rust Belt voters, radio talks show hosts, the alt.right media and Trump supporters is ANY discussion of Russian influence in the election.  Or Trump’s folks being in contact with Russian officials.  This is what those illegal Obama leakers actually exposed.  But if you are a Trump supporter, apparently treason is simply the Trump way of governing.  Or the Trump Team’s means of “shaking things up.”

Rush and Company can come up with all the “it’s Obama’s fault” or “it’s the media’s fault” or “it’s the liberal elites fault” they can make up.  I think this one is not going to go away.   What our Republican controlled Congress does about it is still an open question since they have now come forward yelling about investigations into "the leak of classified information" right in line with the right wing pundits' line of reasoning.  I guess they think that treason is okay if you are a Trump Team member or a Republican.  

Resist!  And Have A Great Day!


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