Milo Falls From Conservative Grace

We’ve all seen – maybe seen and heard and read about – the terrible fall from conservative grace of agent provocateur extraordinaire Milo Yiannopoulos the other day.  I had no idea who this person was until UC Berkley canceled his visit to their campus a few weeks ago which might be the same moment when you discovered this particularly fascinating individual.  From what I’ve gathered, he’s gay, he’s British, he traffics in right wing sensationalism and wants to gain the kind of world shaking status that Kim Kardashian has achieved.  Well, “wanted” I suppose, since this week has hurled somewhat of a kink into his future plans.  At least temporarily.  Insults, it seems, against Blacks, Muslims, Latins and virtually any minority group who isn’t white as he is, is his prime stock in trade. 

I did see young Milo on Bill Maher’s show last Friday and I thought that Bill actually was quite “gentle” with him.  Sure, I get the “Free Speech” connection between the two of them particularly since Maher got his ABC show cancelled for shooting off his big mouth.  Not sure why it is that anyone actually pays the least bit of attention to this Queen, but, hey, I say the same about Alex Jones.  Yiannopoulos is an “Editor” at Breitbart, the same fake news outlet that Trump Aide and World Wide Religious Crusade Supporter, Steve Bannon, comes from.  So right away I was not inclined to care for Milo nor given to put any credence into what he says.  In fact, his Maher appearance was basically filled with mutual ego stroking between the two of them as far as I could tell.

Now, just a couple of days later, in classic Breitbart Breaking Fake News Headlines, surfaces a tape in which Milo appears to be condoning sexual congress between adults and under aged children.  His glib remarks about pedophilia by Catholic priests and his endorsement of sexual relations between older men and boys as young as 13 apparently went a stitch beyond the Conservative Free Speech Red Line In The Sand.  Now, recall that just a couple of weeks ago, consrevatives were flailing the airwaves about the liberal Berkley folks decrying the atrocious debasement and squelching of Free Speech by cancelling Milo’s appearance there.  Well, now that Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has flounced Milo from its signature annual conference this weekend (here in my hometown) in a pointed, pearl clutching, Free Speech bashing, retort, I guess the rational question is how are the uber conservative overlords at CPAC any different from the uber Liberal Free Speech UC Berkley enemies of all things patriotic and American?

I won't quibble that Milo's comments are pretty sick.  On the other hand, they also mesh quite nicely with NAMBLA's (North American Man/Boy Love Association) philosophy and they've been around for many decades now.  But never mind.  Rationality is not a conservative strong point.  Nor, if you read this quote from the Times yesterday, is IRONY, a term of art that the conservative mindset is simply unaware of.  No matter how righteously rigorous is their retort to the spectre of one Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at their otherwise star-studded radical right wing annual orgy, this is a delicious piece of Americana that just tickles my cockles to death. 

“Many on the right are pointing to the Yiannopoulos controversies as a symptom of a trend towards conservatism as performance art, placing less value on ideas like small government and self-reliance than it does on personality and provocation.”

This astounding piece of self analysis, is right on the money. Only problem is that the realization of conservatism as performance art comes about two decades too late.  There are those of us, those of us not bamboozled by right wing propaganda for example, who have recognized this development as “cutting taxes creates jobs” and “Social Security needs to be reformed” government “policies” have informed conservative “thinking” for decades now.  Naturally, my thoughts immediately leap to “Yes, and now you have the prefect Performance Artist as President of the United States.  I guess this result is from defining “irony” in some Alternate Set of Facts universe since there are so many of us out here in today’s Trumpland who got it a long time ago

The article goes on:  “You essentially have a world where there are no adults left, nobody exercising moral authority to say, ‘No, this does or does not meet our standards,’” said Matt Lewis, the conservative author of “Too Dumb to Fail,” which dissected how conservatives have abandoned ideas for outrage. “Everybody is just responding to perverse incentives to get more buzz.”

Mr. Lewis said he would bet that most conservatives had no idea where Mr. Yiannopoulos stood on taxes, abortion or any other issue that has traditionally been important to them. “The only thing we know about him is he’s vulgar, he’s a provocateur and he fights political correctness,” he said. “And I guess that’s what the definition is now for being a conservative.”

It’s also, with little in the way of stretching the truth or altering the facts, if you will, the perfect definition of their current President. 

 “We’ve created a competition for being the most offensive and the most outrageous in order to stay relevant, and then we must rally around and defend you,” said Charlie Sykes, a conservative radio personality and author of the forthcoming “How the Right Lost Its Mind.”

“That knee-jerk defensiveness takes conservatives down some weird, dark alleys,” Mr. Sykes added.

Mr. Sykes is correct.  The knee jerk defensiveness by conservatives, has taken all of us down the very dark alley of the Trump Presidency. 



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