Having re-entered the United States of America (with nary an immigration glitch!) three weeks ago, I’m still having a hard time adjusting to life in Trump Land.  It’s all kind of confusing.  I’m not sure if I should accept the idea that there are “Alternate Sets of Facts” realities that I’m having a bit of trouble identifying or just chill out and let things go.  Plus, there is that man occupying the White House (alone apparently) who some people call Mr. President but I’m having a tough time letting that sink in since what seems to be happening in the White House is some combination of Las Vegas David Copperfield magic show and a real life version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.   It’s all just bloody confusing.  And exhausting.

 Yesterday’s Impromptu Presidential Press Conference has left me with just a slight case of “what the fuck was that all about” but I’m hopeful that it is simply a passing virus.  What I truly have trouble comprehending is how the old saw “You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up!” has simply been superseded by the Trump Team’s alternative reality narratives that simply defy the “making shit up” bottom line that we all used to employ as our final, rock bottom, line in the sand expression of exasperation in the face of blatant lies from public officials.  Apparently the Trump Team, led by the orange-headed bobble head doll that I wouldn’t tolerate on the dashboard of my Subaru Forester, has morphed into a kind of alt.fantasy world where up is down and right is left and “don’t look here because that’s not really happening” are the watchwords of the day. 

I am reminded of the great accolades that the press accorded Ronald Reagan as “the great communicator” who, according to the press, had the ability to speak to the American people with an honest humility and patriotic aura that appealed to the very basic instincts of the public.  Me?  I thought that Reagan was a great propagandist most assuredly the greatest such “orator” in my lifetime.  (Well, Kennedy’s rhetoric ran rings around Reagan but let’s not quibble.) But I have to say that this Trump Administration has far surpassed anything that any of us might have been subjected to in the propaganda realm since Reagan.  And, if fact, the Trump Team has totally raised the bar when it comes to outright lies to the American public.

Me?  Trump and his minions have only proved what I had predicted from this bogus Administration long ago.  But what they have done is much more dangerous and insidious to the future of the country.  Tell me, what does it say about this Presidency that Fox News – in the form of Shed Smith - called out the President on national television?  Fox?  For God’s sake, Fox is the mouthpiece for the right wing conservative Rust Belt folks who still think that Obama is a Muslim.  WTF?    And talk about “Making America Great Again!”  Yup!  Yes indeedy!  In less than 30 days the Trump Administration has made it legal again for coal companies to dump shit in our rivers, lakes and streams;  removed the restraints on Wall Street so that they can once again plunge the worlds into economic collapse; begun to repeal the Affordable Care Act; instituted a ban on Muslims from seven countries (not a one of which has ever produced someone who has committed a terrorist attack here); ordered that for every new regulation two exiting ones must be eliminated; restricted international organizations who provide abortions from receiving Federal funds; approved the construction of the Keystone Pipeline; proposed sending troops to the Middle East; revoked the Fiduciary Duty Rule that required financial planners to work in the best interests of their clients,

Thus far this “Making America Great Again” seems to be all about restoring America to its former “greatness,” say circa the mid 1950’s.  This was a time, of course, when U.S. cities like Los Angeles and Pittsburgh were smothered in deathly smog, when African Americans were still required to sit in the back of the bus,  when women were forced to travel to Denmark to have a safe abortion; when husbands could beat the shit out of their wives with impunity;  when corporations went unpunished when they harmed customers,  when the mentally ill were allowed to buy guns;  when companies dumped their poisons into our water with nary a pesky regulation to stop them.  Yes, indeed!  Making America Great Again! 

Of course the Rust Belt voters – some of who are old enough to remember such things as the Love Canal, the Cuyahoga Rive on fire, acid rain destroying forests, smoke stacks spewing dark, poisonous fumes into the air, and other such facets of life in America when it was truly Great!

And ironies of ironies:  It’s The Donald who’s going to be calling out the troops in the form of the National Guard to round up illegals and not Obama, something right wingers and Rust Belters solemnly predicated from the moment of Barack Obama's inauguration.

It is a truly sad commentary on American society when a small minority of White Americans who feel left behind, feel neglected, who feel ignored and overlooked can bring about the disastrous kind of changes the Trump Administration has already accomplished and will continue to accomplish for as long as they are in office.  No great shocker but Trump’s budget proposed big budget cuts to PBS, NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts and the usual liberal suspects that the right wing is always yelling that they are immoral and destroying America’s Family Values.   

Once more, I find it difficult to actually wrap my head around the whole Trump reality which seems to be constructed around the mewlings of a bunch of White, privileged and, as they see themselves , endangered species of human beings who bitch, whine, and cry about all the horrible destruction the liberal elites have wrought upon them and America.  What’s really at work here is their realization – and a valid one – that in just a few years they are going to be a minority group in American society.  And, since they know very well how minorities are treated in this country (badly) they are railing against this inevitability.  They will not succeed, of course, no matter how much Trump works to restore them to their former glory they enjoyed in 1956 which was the year when 12,000 Londoners died from smog. 

Have A Good Day! 


After yesterday's FBI closed door briefing to the Senate Intelligence Committee, suddenly both the House and the Senate are now stating that there will be investigations into the Rump/Russia connections.  You have to wonder just what Director Comey revealed that caused such an immediate shift.  


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