Have you found the Trump/CIA/FBI impasse somehow just a bit strange?  Much ado about nothing, let's say?  I have.  But then this morning I saw the light.  In the continuing dramatic standoff between the United States Intelligence Agencies, Barack Obama, the Senate and Sir Donald J. Trump, President Elect of the United States of America, you might wonder why The Donald is so defiant about not agreeing with the United States Government that Russia was most likely behind the recent hacking during the 2016 elections.   Is it because he’s allegedly a friend of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin and, therefore, is engaged in some pre-presidential diplomatic gambit whereby he’s not willing to insult Putin and Russia over this incident in exchange for some future benefit?

Could be.  I mean it would make sense wouldn’t it.  For whatever the underlying reasons for this decidedly pro Putin posture might be – Trump’s investments in Russia; the warm, personal vibra-tones between the two of them; another U.S. Russian “reset” in the offing – there is no question that Trump is definitely favoring Putin by not accusing him of the hacking and Putin is favoring Trump by not expelling U.S. diplomats after Obama did the same.  The two do seem to have some future “deal” up their respective sleeves.

But I think the reason is much simpler and has nothing to do with Putin or Russia or Trump’s Miss Universe franchise.  My reason?  Trump is playing “Mr. Bad Guy” in order to please his ignorant base and is going to milk this “drama” for all it’s worth.  Don’t forget, Trump was elected to “shake things up” and his campaign proved that he was willing to go all out with non-traditional, one might say even “bizarre” tactics, strategies and policies to prove that he isn’t your standard issue “Establishment Elite” kind of a guy.  No.  Mr. Trump is anything but one of those do-nothing Congressmen sitting in the Washington D.C. swamp full of crocodile politics and alligator politicians where nothing is accomplished, nothing ever gets done.  And that’s what this whole Russia Shakespearean hacking drama is all about.

His oft-repeated (the repetitions are not unimportant in the scheme of things) public stance in defiance of the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Department, the State Department, and President Obama has nothing to do with his true beliefs about Russia’s hacking.  No, no, no – a thousand times NO!

Trump’s “I'm totally at odds with the establishment position, folks” is all about showing his base that he’s totally their non-traditional, he’s “one of them,” a “follow me,” “telling it like it is,” “I’ll take care of you” non-PC kind of guy rather your wishy-washy politician who’s running America today.   Don’t forget, in Trumpette World, the government is NOT to be trusted, NOT to be believed.  Ever.   So “The Establishment” believes that Russia was behind the DNC hack?  Oh, come on.  That’s just some sort of cover up, lies to protect Hillary Clinton, you can’t believe anything the government says. Am I right?   Remember, to Trump’s supporters, the three years of Benghazi Hearings were simply a sham, a cover-up to hide Hillary’s involvement in the killing of four Americans.  Remember “Lock Her Up!” ?  It was the most popular tee-shirt and Trump rally chant over the past year bar none.    

Trumpettes never asked “Lock Her Up For What?”  or “Lock Her Up Why?” They didn’t need to.  They knew she was guilty and no proof, no facts, no criminal indictments were necessary to prove that she should be in prison for the innumerable crimes she and hubby Bill had committed over the years.   Trump fully embraced and endorsed this ever-popular Rust Belt, low info voter meme and used it to win the nomination.  Now, he’s doing precisely the same thing with the Russian hacking controversy.  He is siding with his supporters – against all the facts in the case – in distrusting the government’s conclusion that Russia was behind the hacking. After all, in Trumpette World you can’t trust the government under any circumstances.  They know that the government is against them, is their sworn enemy, exists only to enhance the power of the already powerful and works against their interests every single day.  Come on.  They all know this.  No proof needed.  And The Donald is with them.  He's on THEIR side not the evil government's side.  
What we have in Trump is a showman.  What he actually believes about the facts of the matter is irrelevant.  They simply don’t matter.  His supporters believe that Hillary should be locked up and that the government is lying about Putin and Russia.  So, therefore, Trump is taking his cues from his followers no matter what the true nature of the case might be.    This is demagogy in its simplest and purest form.  And you had better believe that it is likely to continue for every single year that Trump is President.   It is his nature. 

Building a wall kinda impractical no matter who pays for it?  Yeah.  Draining the swamp a little more difficult than anticipated.  Sure.  Rounding up Muslims a tad more complicated than envisioned?  Maybe, so.  But glomming onto fake news and conspiracy theories?  Piece Of Cake, Man!!!   

Remember what The Donald says in this Fox News piece:  "No One Really Knows!"  

It’s really just that simple folks.  Sadly enough.  But true enough as well.    

Have A Great Day In Trump Land!  


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