The other day Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, (R-WI) announced that as part of the Republican’s dismantling of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Planned Parenthood’s federal funding would be cut.  (What exactly Planned Parenthood has to do with the ACA is beyond me but then I’m not a member of Congress.)  Recall, if you will, that the bogus Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden created a bunch of doctored videos “proving” that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts for profit.  Of course, they “proved” no such thing and even Jason Chaffetz’s (R-UT) witch hunt of a Congressional Hearing that followed the exposition of the bogus tapes pretty much put that entire sorry scenario to bed given that even his Committee’s own exhibits trashed the integrity of the video makers and the entire episode.

But it looks as if the Trump Administration is going to be one half of the perfect melding of the Executive and the Legislative braNches of our government under Republican rule since both seem quite willing to formulate public policy based on conspiracy theories, unproven allegations, wrong information, fake news and Twitter tweets.  (I don’t think we’ve ever confronted such a shitstorm of totally fucked up rules of governance in our history.)  It all meshes perfectly with Trump’s refusal to indict Russia for the DNC hacking since his supporters don’t believe that Russia was involved, (they think the Russia angle was invented by the lying mainstream media as a cover up for something or other) any and all evidence to the contrary.  I have to say that I’m actually looking forward to the next four years particularly if this kind of stupidity from Republicans keeps up and Trump continues on his merry way making shit up every night before he goes to bed.  Really.  This could be fun!

Well “fun,” let’s say, in a kind of "Armageddon funster" fashion since it’s beginning to look as if Paul Ryan and the ever-compassionate Freedom Caucus are about to dismantle every social program known to God and man from the American scene.  Until Trump it was only a dream for Ryan but now it's becoming s reality.     And why are they about to do this?  Well, you see, it’s quite all right that Representative Ryan lives off our tax dollars with his salary of $223,500 a year, chauffeured car, works somewhere around 150 days a year, gets a government funded pension, receives the best health insurance in America, travel allowances, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of postage and office supplies annually, and receives more than $1 million a year of our tax dollars to staff and run his office.  Not bad, huh?

But let a coal miner who’s contracted Black Lung Disease from working deep in the earth since the age of 14 collect Social Security Disability and that man is a pariah sucking on the teat of the Federal Government and wasting our precious tax dollars.  Or maybe a family breadwinner who’s been diagnosed with cancer, can no longer work and cannot afford medical treatment and applies for Food Stamps and Medicaid.   He is a welfare cheat, a lazy good-for-nothing, the lowest form of human life in America.   Forget the facts that every Red State is a Federal dole suck up, that the bulk of welfare benefits go to the elderly, that in the past one could live – barely – on Social Security benefits but no longer.  No.  It’s fine and dandy that Paul Ryan lives off our tax dollars but not the truly needy.  And, I might add, the truly deserving. 

But don’t ever try to take away the corporate subsides Ryan and Congress continue to pass each year.  Trump?  They’ll be even bigger.  Did you know that those obscene corporate CEO bonuses are written off corporate taxes to the tune of about $7 billion a year?  Or that oil companies receive $37 billion in tax credits annually?  Or that the Part D Medicare Bill passed under the Bush Administrations costs us about $270 billion a year?  There are many, many more such examples.  An article in US Uncut by Tom Cahill estimates that the top ten corporate welfare programs cost $1.539 trillion dollars annually.    The three main programs needy families depend upon — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ($17.3 billion), food stamps ($74 billion), and the Earned Income Tax Credit ($67.2 billion) — cost just $158.5 billion in total.   So what’s wrong with this picture?  Everything!

The largest slice by far of the Federal pie at 54% is the Defense Budget which totals around $600 billion annually.   Even Medicare and Health – we pay into Medicare all of our working lives, by the way – make up only 6% if the budget.    So when you actually stop and think about where our tax dollars are spent, do you think that the hundreds of thousands of dollars we spend annually to keep Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a chauffeured limousine, top notch health insurance and lifetime pension is more important than the dollars a year that it costs us taxpayers to provide health care for the coal minor who has Black Lung Disease?  To say nothing of the obscene amount that we spend on Defense which amount, by the way, is more than the defense budgets of Russia, China, England, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea and Brazil combined.  Does this make any sense whatsoever?   
This is really the crux of the entire issue.  Trust me.  Paul Ryan who has lived off our tax dollars for most of his adult life must think that his salary and perks are much more important than keeping folks who are poor or who contracted some life threatening disease alive.  Trump?  Trump, rich from birth con man that he is, has not a bloody clue about what it means to have Black Lung Disease or have to forgo supper or skip medicine because there’s not enough money to buy food and refill that prescription. 

You may not get this and I may be wrong, but we all are about to be totally screwed – yes, fucked over royally – by the Trump/Ryan combo.    The essential problem with electing Trump is that not only has he no experience in governing, he doesn’t seem to understand the basic operating principles that governments work under.  Ryan, on the other hand, is a master at the underhanded requirements of governance in order to get what he wants.  Trump will not be able to establish his own agenda outside of the Paul Ryan agenda except for a few token items would be my guess like the border wall (already approved under the Bush Administration) or a token but meaningless sanction against China.  So what we have is the combo of Trump with no experience and Ryan with the kind of experience that knows where all the skeletons lie and where all the levers are to get what he wants done.   It’s why as I write this, it’s not only the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) under attack, Social Security and Medicare are under the gun as well and so is Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  These are goals that Ryan has long hoped for and now he has his chance to implement them to the detriment of all of us. 

Have A Good Day Despite Everything. 


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