The following is a Facebook posting that appeared on my Facebook page.  I don’t know this guy. He’s not a “friend.”  I’ve never communicated with him.  Never sent a message to him or received one from him. It’s a lengthy piece and lays out how he thinks we – those of us who did not vote for Donald Trump – should act, how we should respond during the Trump Presidency.  Read it.   Here’s what he had to say:

Let us resolve, in the coming year, to be the people we believe ourselves to be
As such, I will do my best to apply the following guidelines in 2017:
1. Trump will be president.
Any alternate options are now exhausted. Short of his abnegation or unexpected demise, Trump will be the president.
Stop sending me scenarios describing far-fetched, impossible ideas for <insert alternate of your choice here> to become president in his stead. That's not going to happen and I'm sick of being polite while people waste my time with it. Stop it.
We need to face reality. Do it now.
2. Trump is not going to abdicate.
Whether or not Donald Trump "really wants to be president" is irrelevant. He is pathologically incapable of NOT accepting the office as his due.
Stop leaving comments on my timeline suggesting that he will.
2a. If he DOES resign the office, you may crow about it then and I will eat that crow, raw and kicking. And I will do it publicly.
3. Do NOT wish for Trump's untimely demise in my presence.
I shouldn't have to explain why.
4. It's Trump. It's going to be PRESIDENT Trump.
After 8 years of Oblamo, Obummer, Oh no mo, Nobama, Obama bin Lyin, Obie, Barry, and whatever idiotic childish diminutive Conservatives managed to slap on President Obama, I REFUSE to resort to similar juvenile behavior.
Somebody has to be the grownup in the room and it's obviously not going to be Republicans.
So that leaves us.
I'm not telling you what to do on your own pages or in your own life, but I would appreciate it if you'd stick to "Trump" here.
4a. Please stop using "Drumpf." It just sounds stupid. More, it is an unconscious repudiation of what WE are supposed to stand for. Every American has a right to define themselves, even Donald Trump. He's calls himself Trump, Trump it is. My own Dutch and Irish ancestors anglicized their own (unpronounceable) surnames when they arrived here during the Potato Famine. A lot of immigrants did. It's time to let this go.
4b. Guessing here, but I estimate that I've been called a "libtard" at least, I dunno, a dozen times this morning alone, and that's probably the politest thing I've been called since a bunch of racists have apparently gotten my number. Yay. So, Libtard. Sounds stupid even if you DON'T say it out loud and it sounds even more booger-eating gap-toothed shirtless overall-wearing ignorant when you DO.
And that's what YOU sound like when you use "rethuglicans" and "conservatards" and ... just, stop. Please.
5. It's Melania. It's going to be First Lady Melania Trump.
I can't say I admire her taste in men or her choice of careers, but it's not up to me.
She's never done anything wrong to me.
Whether or not you find her attractive matters not one iota in any way whatsoever.
Either we are the people we say we are, or we're not. There's no gray area. And after 8 years of watching Conservatives level every vile form of attack at Michelle Obama, every racist insult, every misogynist sneer, every attempt at body and identity shaming, I refuse to resort to similar behavior.
I'm not telling you what to do on your own pages or in your own lives, but here I'd appreciate it if you'd dispense with any tendency to slut-shaming and body/gender/identity based insults with regard to Melania Trump or Trump's children.
5a. If Donald Trump's ADULT children become part of his government, or otherwise affect us as a nation, they are then legitimate targets of public criticism. Otherwise, no.
I shouldn't have to explain why. Again either we are the people we say we are or we're not.
6. If you're an American, Donald Trump is going to be YOUR president.
Yes, he is going to be YOUR president.
Just as Barack Obama was your president and the president of conservatives whether they liked it or not.
If you're an American, if you believe in law and the Constitution and AMERICA, then you accept the results of the election (and if you don't believe in those things, then why does it matter to you WHO is president?).
Trump will be your president.
OUR president.
Refusing to face that unpleasant truth doesn't change the truth. It was childish when conservatives did it, it's childish now.
Trump is going to be be OUR president and WE'RE responsible for him and for what he does to OUR country whether YOU voted for him or not.
That's how America works.
So what am I saying here?
That I'm throwing in with Donald Trump?
Hell no. I stand foursquare against this guy and nearly everything he represents and I will continue to do so.
What I'm saying is either we are the people we say we are, or we're not. And if we are to be the people we say we are, that we WANT to be, then that requires we not resort to the behavior that we despise.
Stick to fact-based and fact-checked reality.
After 8 years of one wild-assed conspiracy theory after another, after nearly a decade of endless birthers and a parade of truthers and more goddamned lame-ass Benghazi reboots than the Batman franchise, after robot alien reptiles in rubber human suits, after Obama is a Muslim, Obama is gay, Obama went to Mars (no really, there are people who believe the CIA teleported Obama to Mars as a teenager, twice -- those people write me letters), Obama killed Antonin Scalia, Obama has 39 different Social Security numbers, Obama secretly worships Satan, Obama is going to invade Texas, Obama was adopted, Obama's wife is a man, Obama's kids were stolen from Africa (because Obama's wife is a man), Obama is a commie, Obama is a Nazi, Obama refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Obama is a time traveling super-villain here to gayify white Christian babies with his Magic Negro Ray of Chocolate Mojo, and etc, and etc, and ETC, up to the part where conservatives are actually floating the idea Obama is conspiring with Hillary Clinton to kidnap kids for some world-spanning Soros-funded pedophile wholesaler operating out of a pizza joint in Washington D.C (which they've figured out from "clues" they "deciphered" by reading John Podesta's emails which were stolen by Russians and fenced via an international criminal organization run by a guy who's ACTUALLY wanted on sexual assault charges), after 8 years of THAT, let's not resort to the same Creation-Science reasoning here, please.
Let's focus on the things that matter.
Let's try to NOT to repeat every unsupported bit of wild rumor and unhinged conspiracy theory that comes along. Trump is grossly unprepared for the job, Trump is a big enough problem, he's creating big enough problems, without us inventing stuff on top of it. So don't.
Check your facts.
Check your memes.
Check you sources.
Check your reasoning.
Logical speculation and extrapolation based on history is one thing, wild conspiracy theory is another.
We have to BE the people we want to be -- otherwise there is no point. And it's hard, being that person. No doubt. But the things in life most worthwhile usually are.
If you lay claim to the moral high ground, then you have to HOLD the moral high ground.
So, in 2017, let us be the people we want to be.
Let us stand together against the fall of night.
And remember history is on our side if only we have the fortitude to see it through.

NOTE:  I mean doesn’t this sound like a reasonable course of action?  It’s logical, practical, doable and right in line with liberal thinking.  But I replied to him that I thought his prescription was a formula for disaster.  In fact, the behavior he lays out – liberal  patience,  liberal understanding, liberal politeness,  liberal compassion,  liberal reason,  – is exactly the kind of “behavior” that we have been exhibiting since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.  Let's day for three decades now.   And what has it brought us?  The disaster that is Donald Trump.     Not only that disaster, but it’s looking like an even greater disaster now that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) seems to be running the Trump Policy Show since the wall isn’t going to be built and Muslim ain’t gonna be rounded up.  

So no.  If we liberals continue along the same behavioral pathways that we have for thirty years up until November 8, 2016, then we are truly doomed.  We need new strategies.  After all isn’t there a definition of insanity that says its doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? 

See what I mean? 

Have a good day. 


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