As I sit here in Kochi, India, well into my second month and closing in on my return to the United States in February, I find that I am grateful to be away from Washington, away from the U.S. and all the Trump Post Election drama and trauma that the country seems to be going through.   I do read the New York Times and the Washington Post every day. I do pay attention to the “newsfeeds” on Facebook, exchange notes and e-mails with friends and relatives, try to figure out the truth or untruth of the latest Trump allegation, but I find what I’m missing is the “mood” of America.  By “mood” I don’t mean “happy” or “sad.”  I’m sure that the Trump supporters are happy and that the rest of us are pretty damned sad.    

By mood I mean are folks really traumatized?  Do they feel hatred towards Trump?  Are they resigned to the Trump Presidency?  Are they angry over the ACA repeal?  Is there a widespread “resist Trump” movement?  What you get on Facebook are the like-minded news feeds and posts that fit into your own history of the articles and posts you read so from Facebook one can’t really get a feel for what the other side is feeling and doing.  I fully and gleefully admit it, that I was thrilled at a piece I posted the other day showing just how much Trump’s popularity - approval ratings - had slid so much in about eight or nine categories since he was elected.  

About the Trump popularity/approval in response to “Impact on Personal Finances” which suffered the largest drop, I find hope in this.  I’m fairly certain that the bulk of Trump supporters voted for him because he is a so-called successful businessman and, therefore, would bring his experience and business acumen to the rest of the country.   It’s odd, even though he hasn’t done much in the way of “Personal Finances” – let’s call it “Prosperity” - save for a couple of highly publicized “job saving deals,” apparently folks don’t have as much faith in Trump as they used to in helping them financially.  (I could have told them this months ago but they never listen to me.)
This is certainly one area that I thought the Trumpettes would give him some time to prove himself.  But it’s still early.

I posted a comment yesterday in response to an article about the latest drama about Trump’s Russian ties and activities, the latest being that Trump Team had contact with Russians during the campaign and Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, James "Mad Dog" Mattis, called the Russian ambassador after Obama announced the expulsion of some 30 or so Russian diplomats from the U.S.   This is on top of the entire hacking, the FSB collecting damaging Trump info, Trump folks working with Russians to influence the elections stuff we’ve already heard about.   In fact, this entire Russian thing has taken on a far more serious mien of late and I don’t mean the Golden Showers crap.  After the Senate Intelligence Committee secret briefing by the FBI yesterday, several of its members (Democrats, of course) have expressed a fair amount of outrage over what they were told duding the “last fifteen minutes” of the briefing.  In fact, now the Senate Intelligence Committee has done an absolute about face and WILL hold hearings on Trump’s Russian connections.

While the allegations (unsupported and unsubstantiated) about his having paid two prostitutes for a Golden Shower in the Ritz Carlton bed the Obama’s slept in might be salacious, disgusting, perverted and sleazy, this incident is actually kind of funny.  And it kind of shows Trump in the same light as the “grabbing them by the pussy” theme we saw on the tape on the bus with Billy Bush.  It’s even kind of funny given that many news outlets had to define for their readers what “Golden Showers” of the sexual variety actually were.  

But working with, assisting, cooperating with agents of a foreign government to influence a Presidential Election?  Ah, no.  This is not funny.  In fact, this borders on – you know, runs right up to the edge of, could be mistaken for – treason.   Think about Bill Clinton.  Bill was impeached for getting a blow job in the White House (yes, and then lying about it according to a Grad Jury of old lady, puritanical females) and his impeachment was based on the “high crimes and misdemeanors” definition contained in the Constitution as the grounds for impeachment.   But this Trump stuff goes waaaaay beyond some sexual peccadillo.  I mean lying about a blow job is not exactly the kind of “high crime” to my perverted mind that is a ground for impeachment, maybe, but working with Russia to win a Presidential Election?  Yeah.  Seems like a really tight fit to me.

Here’s my biggest problem.  The Trump/Russian connections – alleged and unsubstantiated as they are – go a long, long way towards shedding a whole lot of light on what happened during the Presidential campaign.  Not everything, of course but the allegations do seem to explain quite a lot – why the Russian connections kept coming up again and again during the campaign (because they were true?); the sudden departure of Trump campaign manager Corey Manafort (when the story emerged that he had been a paid advisor to the opposition party in the Ukraine);  Trump’s refusal to even consider that the DNC hacks were done by Russian agents (he knew what else the Russians had on him); the Republican Platform softening of its Ukraine plank; and the almost surreal Trump insistence that he never heard about the Buzz Feed/CNN allegations from the FBI in a security briefing just this past week then insisted that James Comey's public announcement (another one!) supported his claim that he had never had such a briefing.   

This last one was really over the top.  Even when James Clapper publicly stated that Trump had been briefed, Trump attacked the FBI, CIA and the entire intelligence community.  This is a very dangerous game he’s playing.  Unless he’s not “playing a game” which would actually indicate some sort of mental illness.  Trump can’t possibly believe that he could get away with lying about one of the most explosive (in fact, THE most explosive) revelation thus far in years no matter how many tweets he sends and press non-conferences he holds.  These allegations make Hillary's basement e-mail server seem like a game of Chutes and Ladders in comparison.  His attitude towards CNN and Jim Acosta was quite extraordinary.  Sure, he’s taken on and taken out the press and reporters before but I couldn’t believe that he was doing this given the seriousness of the unsupported, unproven, unsubstantiated allegations.  We aren’t talking about grabbing some woman’s pussy here (as disgusting as that is) but treason for God’s sake.  Does he not realize it?  Does he think cooperating with a foreign government to rig an election is not a serious activity?  ("All elections are rigged" according to Trump so maybe this is the case.) Does he think he can prevail over the FBI, CIA and the entire intelligence community?  I have no explanation for his behavior.  It simply makes no sense.

What does make sense, however, is Trump’s “bromance” with Putin, his praise of Putin, his regard for all things Russian and his constant and pointed denials of any sort of favorability or affection or untoward regard towards Russian and Putin.  To me, it’s like all those closeted homosexual Congressmen who during the day are the most vile, vicious and homophobic legislators around yet by night are either fucking or being fucked by studs from Grindr and Adam4Adam.  Methinks he doth protest too much.

But now we are in a pickle.  FBI Director Comey is going to get his ass handed to him since he said nothing in public – he remained silent, let’s say - about all that his agency knew about Trump’s connection with and potential cooperation with Russia yet just ten days before the election on November 8th he announced to Congress (and thereby to the entire universe) that he was re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails because of the discovery of e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop or device or whatever even though no one at the FBI had yet seen the e-mails or knew what they contained.  As it turns out they contained nothing that hadn’t been know before.  Trump?  The FBI had information about Trump that could be used by a foreign government (Russia, let’s be clear) against him, to blackmail him, while President of the United States of America apparently wasn't deemed important enough - unlike Hillary's e-mails - to let us know that there might be a problem with Trump.  

Have we been subjected to a coup? 

Let’s see how far the Senate Intelligence Committee delves into all this mess and it had better be a thorough investigation.  After all, we were subjected to four years of Benghazi Hearings that revealed nothing new that wasn’t already contained in the State Department’s Accountability Report that was released three months after the attack. 

As a nation we deserve to know whether or not Donald Trump and his minions were cooperating with Russian agents to rig the Presidential Election in his favor. 

It’s really as simple as this.  

PS: No jokes; no funny cartoons today.  This is too serious.   



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