It’s the day after the Trump inauguration here in Fort Kochi, India, and it’s overcast which also means that it’s cool today.  I did not watch or listen to the inauguration wishing instead I could have been there out in the streets of D.C. adding my body to the rest of the folks who were protesting.  But its done.  He is your 45th President of the United States of America.  God help us all. 

I’ve been impressed with the speed and alacrity that the Trump folks have acted with in attempting to erase every trace that there ever was of Barack Obama.  But of course this would be the case since the current President believes that Obama was an illegitimate President who wasn’t born in America and who is a secret Muslim and someone who sympathizes with Islamic Jihadists.  And his voters believe the same.   

All the photos of Obama and his family have been removed from the walls of the White House and all pictures of the former President have been removed – already! – from Federal government agencies just to let America know who’s in charge now, I guess.  (Trust me, all those government worker slugs know very well who the incoming crew are and aren't all that happy about it,)  But the pettiness of all of this is pretty amazing!  Taking down the LGBT references on the White House web site, removing all climate change articles and references to healthcare, and the ACA, from same plus killing an FHA interest rate reduction all seem to have been done by 12:01 Eastern Standard Time just seconds after Trump was sworn in.  Me?  I'm thinking that all the time it took to remove all these Obama symbols might have been better spent vetting Cabinet nominees.  The whole operation smacks not only of pettiness and bad from, it also smacks of a desperate attempt to erase from existence any and all references to Obama and his accomplishments as if so long as they are "disappered" no one is going to remember them.   Or him.   It isn’t going to work but it speaks volumes to the mindset of the Fascist Trump Team.

The National Park Service, you know, the guys who actually did all the work down on the Mall to prepare for Trump’s inauguration?  Well they’ve just been banned from using any and all Twitter accounts until further notice because they showed “how small were Trump’s crowds compared to Obama’s.”  (They do this for every Mall gathering.) As I've written before, we have entered the world of officially doctored reality.  You know, like Congress stripping Federal funds for Planned Parenthood as a result of fake videos?  Same deal here.  Don’t like what the facts are?  Hey, just make up your own! 

As I posted a few days ago, it sure is looking like the Trumpettes actually got the Trump they voted for:  mean, petty, vindictive, belligerent, not too smart and way in over his head.    Apparently his inaugural speech went over well with his minions but it was a grim, dark, picture of America just like the same picture of America he conjured up while campaigning.  Don’t know where all this doomsday junk comes from but this too is in keeping with Trump’s theme that only he can rescue America from destruction.  Naturally his supporters love this since they believe that Obama and us liberals are the ones who caused this desperate dark America where everyone is in danger every minute of their lives.  Plus it makes for top notch propaganda though if you are portraying yourself as the biggest savior since Jesus Christ.   It's the same theme Hitler used.  

A Trump Administration? With Republicans in control and House Speaker Ryan already gloating over repealing Obamacare I’m guessing that a Trump Administration is going to be "severe Republican" with a tranche of pure vengeance thrown in to erase all things Obama.   It will be  particularly strong for a couple of years.   Obamacare will be Trump’s first battle.  Ryan and the Republicans are only interested in getting rid of the ACA but Trump promised something better after repeal.  This will require legislation, something Trump cannot do, and it’s likely that what emerges from Congress is not going to be any "replacement package" but some voucher program.  Will Trump have the nerve to veto something that goes against one of his biggest and most far reaching of his campaign promises?   This battle, already engaged, is going to cause much discontent and protest all across the country.  Don’t forget the U.S. still ranks somewhere in the mid 30’s of all countries when it comes to health care but still people aren't going to like getting kicked of their plans. 

On the Executive side, Trump and his clack of highly partisan henchmen Cabinet picks, will do better.  No question that what will go first – they already are hard at work – will be Obama’s Executive orders like requiring public schools to accommodate transgender people and a whole raft of environmental regulations.  This, I think, is the area where the most damage will occur.  Obama was on the right track when it came to health and safety regulations (the coal plant regulations, the clean water regs, the clean air regs) but their demise will likely cause no little protest across the country since us liberals actually want our air, water and what we eat to be safe.   But essentially, what Trump will do and his followers will initially wax joyous over, is dismantle every piece of progress that was made under Obama.

But it’s the economy where Trump will run into big trouble.  Tax cuts just don’t cut it anymore.  Sure, there will a short burst of growth with his proposed tax cut, but worldwide economic growth is already slowing.  Both China and India, for example, as well as Europe, have downgraded their future growth projections.   And those high paying manufacturing jobs?  They will not happen.  Trump is not even going to replicated much less surpass the kind of job and economic growth that Obama achieved.   Add tariffs to the mix and folks are gonna find out that their tax cuts aren’t going to be large enough pay next months grocery bill, unless, that is, you are already among the top 10%. 

Then, too, Trump is going to have to survive a raft of legal challenges and possible investigations that have the potential to derail not only his Administration but Sir Donald himself.  While I am looking forward to the pain these might cause, I doubt they will be successful.  Which is odd when you think about what it is that Bill Clinton was impeached for.

So bottom line here is this:  we are about to be ushered into the Trump Radical Republican Revenge Administration.  And to my way of thinking, it’s not going to end well. 

Have A Good Day Folks On This The First Day of the Trump Revenge Administration. 


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