For me, the biggest problem that I have with the Trump Presidency is not that he lies nearly every time he opens his mouth, nor that he’s thinned skinned, nor that he Twits back like some four year old to every slight, nor that his policies are simply whacked, nor that he’s a blowhard, nor that he seems intellectually challenged.  Those are not chopped liver, mind you, but that’s not what I object to the most.  But I can't bring myself to accept The Donald and its because his entire “thing” comes across like some huge joke.  As something that's just laughable.   It’s like binge watching “All In The Family” and “The Simpsons” at the same time.   But it’s not on television. It’s really happening.  Right here.  Here in the United States of America. 

It’s both tragic and frightening.  Trump is like some eighteen year old who’s been raised by chimps and suddenly dropped into the world without any sort of self-discipline, training or socialization.    There’s no question that like so many men raised in the sheltering cocoon of wealth and protection from the real world that he’s used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and fights back when he doesn’t.  It’s this trait that causes people to tag him as a child because this is the kind of behavior one expects (and is quite normal) from a four year old.  I can remember my daughter went through a stage where it seemed that she was constantly begging for this or that and then sulking when she was told "No." 

Naturally, no one knows where all of this is going to wind up.  Even now his supporters admit that they never believed most of what he promised.  But so far, it looks as if the Trumpettes have gotten the Trump they voted for on November 8th 2016.  He’s devious, petulant, combative, rash, aggressive, and generally seems to lack the inner control mechanisms of the rest of us.  Of course, one assumes that his followers see his acts and actions as just so much “shaking things up” and gaslighting to “destroy the Washington swamp elites forever.”  I suppose that from this perspective he’s keeping his promises.

But he is definitely not “draining the Washington swap” unless one believes that more Goldman Sachs, Exxon, and corporation CEO’s plus a gaggle of other multi millionaires and billionaires just to round out the Trump Team is somehow going to change the direction of Washington when the appointment of such folks hasn’t for the past three or four decades.  Then there are the out and out “rogue” appointments.  An Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services who’d led the Repeal Obamacare movement in Congress, who all seem to have been selected because they are destroyers and/or have donated a ton of money to his campaign.  So far it looks as if his cabinet with a couple of exceptions will continue down the trickle down policy  pathway Republicans have been following for years.  His military picks appear to be war hawks despite Trump’s isolationist views. 

So far its all been all pretty much of a confusing jumble.  His war with the intelligence agencies and the FBI seems in character: attacking without thinking about what the future consequences such bad blood might portend for him while President.  Then there is his total rejection of any conflict of interest concerns.  Here it seems as if he’s taken the alt.right/Alex Jones attitude that Presidents are not subject to the law and, therefore, can get away with anything.  This attitude, that a President is all powerful, has put him at odds with the House Republicans and Speaker Paul Ryan over Obamacare.  Trump has said little about it thus far.  There is no other issue at hand at the moment that will be as volatile as the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.  As House Republicans go about there merry way trashing health insurance for 20 million Americans, re-instituting pre-existing conditions denial, creating a $760 billion windfall for the insurance companies, Trump just had to quietly reiterate that he promised a replacement that we would all love, that covered everyone and was cheap. 

It is with Congress that Trump will run into the buzz saw of how government actually works.  (It’s slow.  It’s clunky. It’s cumbersome.) He will get some traction with Federal Agencies and his Cabinet appointments (More war in our future? The Public School System Privatized? EPA eliminated?) and so far he has acquiesced to the Republican Congress and basically agreed with the same old but ramped up social, economic and cultural policies Republicans have been pushing down America’s throats for years.   With both houses controlled by Republican Neanderthals, Trump is not going to be able to push his own policies if they run counter to Republican orthodoxy.  Don’t forget they haven’t had control of all three branches of government since 2001.  And they are not going to let his Golden Opportunity go to waste.

The last truly disastrous administration we’ve had was the Nixon Administration, his second term.   Within months of his inauguration his Vice President, Spiro Agnew (former Governor of Maryland) resigned as result of a political corruption scandal and then less than two years later Nixon was forced from office since he would have been impeached had he not resigned.   With all of the potential conflict of interest disputes, (a lawyer friend tells me that putting your sons in charge of managing your business affairs is not an "arms length blind trust"), the as yet unproven Russian allegations of sexual improprieties, the as yet unproved cooperation with Russia in influencing the Presidential Election, to say nothing of the stuff we already know about, even with the Republican controlled House Of Representatives he may not be able to avoid some pretty serious treacherous waters.  Plus, the way he responds to adversity – so far, of course, who knows what the future might bring, right? – is not exactly a technique that inspires confidence nor tends to calm roiled waters.  So there’s that.   

So the Trumpettes got the Donald Trump they wanted.  Let’s see if the country comes together around their choice.

Have A Good Day!


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