This was not the post I had planned to do today – I have several drafts ready to go – but after reading the Post and the Times this morning, I couldn’t resist posting a piece about Trump’s and Spicer’s tirades against the press.  I mean the Trumpettes really did get the Trump they voted for as proven by a remarkable display of petulant pettiness by Trump while meeting with intelligence officials and Sean’s press conference from the White House where he blasted the lamestream, liberal, elitist press.   Trump, in perfect Trumpski form, called out the press for broadcasting fake news about the size of his inauguration audience (small) and derided the press for faking his rift with the FBI and CIA.  Regarding the size issue, Trump claimed that 1.5 million people came to view his swearing in.  (I’m not sure where they were but they were definitely not in Washington.)  In a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency intended to showcase his support for the intelligence community, Mr. Trump ignored his own repeated public statements criticizing the intelligence community, a group he compared to Nazis, just over a week ago.

Mr. Spicer said that Mr. Trump had drawn “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,” a statement that photographs clearly show to be false. Mr. Spicer said photographs of the inaugural ceremonies were deliberately framed “to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall,” although he provided no proof of either assertion.   And he incorrectly claimed that ridership on Washington’s subway system was higher than on Inauguration Day in 2013. In reality, there were 782,000 riders that year, compared with 571,000 riders this year, according to a study by The Washington Post.

Mr. Trump said nothing during his CIA Headquarters visit about how he had mocked the CIA and other intelligence agencies as “the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” He did not mention his apparent willingness to believe Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileak’s, who is widely detested at the CIA, over his own intelligence agencies.

Neither Trump nor Spicer said a word about the Women’s Protests that spanned all seven continents and attracted at least a million folks in several cities across the United States.  Naturally, they would not since this reflects badly on Trump and in faithful fascist fashion they simply ignored this reality.  Unquestionably, the Women’s marches were by far the most important news item of the day with an estimated turnout of 3 million folks across the planet.  (Trump does draw the crowds doesn't he?) 

Do you find it disturbing that the President of the United States simply makes shit up?  I certainly do.  But I can tell you that his supporters don’t.  No, they don’t mind that he just pulls shit out of his ass.  In fact they don’t see it as the President lying his ass off, they see it as telling the “truth” to counter all the lies of the lamestream press.    And even if they recognize that maybe the photographs are correct showing a lot of empty space on the Mall during his inauguration compared to the jammed packed Mall during Obama’s are indeed indicative of the smaller attendance at Trump’s ceremony.   But in their world, that’s okay too since Trump deserves to “fib” since the press is always attacking him every single moment of every single day.  Serves them right, they claim in righteous indignation aimed not only at the press but at the liberal media and pointy headed liberal elites who attack their beloved “shaking things up” & “draining the Washington swamp” con man extraordinaire of a president.  

As I noted earlier, I couldn’t help but comment on these two “incidents” on the first full day of the Trump Administration.  His Press Secretary calling the press liars and even taking on METRO over subway ridership figures yesterday all of which “facts” he simply pulled out of his ass.  And then the President also deriding the press for faking the small attendance numbers at his inauguration and for their making up the rift between him and the intelligence agencies that he accused of Nazi tactics not a week ago.  Stop to think about this for a hot sec.  To my mind, it is most extraordinary when the President and his prime spokesperson actually make shit up and call it reality on the first day of the new administrations.   Is this going to be the tenor and tactic for the rest of the Administration no matter how long or how short it may turn out to be?

The “Press” deserves such treatment since they are the entity that for the past three decades have paved the way for the election of this lying klown by not taking propagandists to task.  By not calling out hall-truths and lies.  By not decrying false equivalencies and "balanced" reporting.  By not shutting down the birthers and the Obama haters and by not correcting all the broadcast bullshit that has passed for factual information since 1980.  They have not been doing their jobs and now they are going to pay for it because here’s a guy who’s quite willing to treat the media just as he treats his family, his women and his subcontractors:  treat me wrong and I will take revenge on you and you will pay for it.   Don’t forget, as I mentioned yesterday, the Trump Administration is shaping up to be the Revenge Administration in retaliation for all the destruction and chaos that we liberals have caused all across America since time began. 

An you thought Goebbels had the corner on the creation of alternate realities.  

Yup.  That’s exactly what we’re facing.  The Women’s March as successful and as ignored by Trump and Spicer as it was, is only the beginning.  We have a long way to go before we can remove this turd from office.

Have A Good Day Despite Everything!


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