I guess when the press is compelled to define lesser used words of the English language, slang terms, let’s say, or culturally specific words, you could say that they are providing a pubic service.  Such was the case yesterday.   For example, one of the jokes making the rounds of the gay community when the Tea Party hit the scene back at the beginning of the Obama Administration, was the nickname “Tea Bagger” applied to members of the political movement.  You see, every single gay man in America – if not the world – immediately got the joke since “tea bagging” in the gay world is when one man licks the testicles of another man.  Both gay presumably, but not an ironclad assumption given the number of married men you run into on Grindr, Silver Daddies and Adam4Adam.

Today, the press found it necessary to define another term (also with sexual overtones) in relation to the list of 30 or 34 items on the list that Buzz Feed released compiled by an ex British MI-5 spy on Donald Trump’s activities related to Russia. 

Well mainly related to Russia but not exclusively tied to politics or business in Russia.   Apparently one of them, totally unverified, mind you, is that he ordered up two prostitutes to his room in the Moscow Ritz Carlton (natch!) to perform golden showers.  Well, once again, any gay man and many if not most gay women recognize the term immediately have to do as it does with the urination of one willing participant on the various body parts of another willing participant, typically as a kind of sexual “foreplay,” an activity, let’s say, to warm up the sexual partners prior to the main event.  Now obviously the “golden” part of the term “golden shower” is derived from the color of the fluid that one willing partner is imparting to the other willing partner although this action can also be done simultaneously by both partners provided each has had a sufficient number of Heinekens or Bud Lites prior to the commencement of said activity.  The “shower” part seems self-explanatory. 

But apparently the press did not feel as if the term were in sufficiently broad popular usage so as to be self-explanatory to their audience, thus the plethora of “definitions” that appeared in the print press.  I didn’t not see a televised definition although this could have been much more illuminating and gratifying if graphics had been employed.   A video, for example, could have cleared up any lingering confusion in just a couple of seconds.    The public’s reaction to this unsupported allegation and the other 29 or 33 is unknown.  Oh, wait.  Not precisely true.  Trump has tweeted that it’s all lying garbage and fake news and I’m assuming his supporters, since they have no qualms about his locking Muslims up, getting rid of Obamacare and executing the families of terrorists (Islamic terrorists, presumably, and not the White Christian Dylann Roof variety) so that a golden shower of two from a prostitute or two in the Moscow branch of the Ritz Carlton Hotel falls within the bounds of “locker room behavior” and just good old fashioned grown up big boy fun. 

Frankly I could care less about how Trump spends his spare time in Moscow.  But what I do care about is the nature of the other 29 or 33 other items and why the FUCK it is NOW only eight days before his inauguration that the FBI and the CIA and the other “Intelligence Agencies” who have know about this for a year haven’t released this information before the fuctard was elected?  Sure, the bloody e-mails on pervert Anthony Weiner’s “device” are somehow vital to investigate ten days before the election yet this – the 30 or 34 allegations of nefarious activities – are not worthy of pubic exposure? 

Dumb Ass Fucking Retards!  So just exactly how many allegations – we’ve already had dozens against Trump – sexual harassment, stiffing contractors, ties to Russian mafia bosses, hidden investments in Russia – I mean just how many allegations does it take – 100; 3,000;  10,000? – before someone in the FBI or in the CIA or in the Defense Intelligence Agency suddenly realizes that “Hey, maybe this is stuff we should look into since this guy might actually become the President of the United States.”  Just what the fuck have you been doing?  Why didn’t we, the American people, know about all this shit before the election?  You all had massive hard-ons over Hillary e-mails but Trump being blackmailed by the KGB (or whatever it’s called now) and the Russian government doesn’t register as something just a fucking tad more important that Anthony Weiner’s dick pics? 

It’s disgusting.  I hope this man, this charlatan, this con artist, this reality show host absolutely destroys you.  You deserve it. 

Have a Great Day Folks.

HERE's a short summary of the "stuff" from Document Cloud the FBI had known about before the election:

CNN broke a stunning story early Tuesday — but it got unsurprisingly buried underneath the fantastical weight of other, more outlandish takes on what CNN had initially reported.

These alleged ties include a real kicker, such as the suggestion that the Kremlin has “compromising material” on Trump that could be used in blackmail efforts against him.
This alleged compromising material allegedly includes video tapes of Russian prostitutes performing a “golden showers” show in front of Trump on a bed that the Obamas had slept in during an official state visit to Moscow.
There are other claims, however.
Mind you, they are still under investigation from multiple fronts as to their veracity. Their seriousness could be compared to an internet threat made against the personal safety of the president or any other significant national leader. In some cases those threats may have never been going to turn into any tangible actions on the part of the person making the threat. It might have just been nothing more than empty talk.
So, on that note — besides the sex tapes — what is actually in the collection of incriminating documents alleging deeply set Trump-ian ties to Russia, allegations serious enough to evidently prompt national investigations?
A list of some prominent points found among the allegations is featured below.
·       The Kremlin gave Trump valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Hillary Clinton, for several years before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

·       A “well developed conspiracy of cooperation” between the Trump camp and Russia was managed on the Trump side by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

·       Trump has substantial, not well explored business dealings in China and other emerging markets that involved the payment of large bribes and kickbacks.

·       Former Trump adviser Carter Page met secretly in 2016 with the CEO of Russia’s state run oil company to explore the lifting of sanctions that the U.S. slapped on Russia because of Crimea should Trump win the presidency.

·       Trump and his associates had “duly obtained and supplied” the Kremlin with information on Russian expats living in the U.S. in return for the intelligence on Trump’s opponents.

·       At one point there was talk in the Kremlin of Trump withdrawing from the presidential race altogether, both to cover up what Russia did and on account of his “psychological state and unsuitability for high office.”

·       The Kremlin “indirectly funded” a visit to Moscow by Green Party U.S. Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

·       Russian cyber attacks were helped along by moles inside the DNC.

And that’s just from the first third of the collection of documents, which you can read in full here, if you’d like. It’s 35 pages long.

NOTE:  It appears that Anthony Weiner's dick pics were much more of a national security threat than was (is) the threat of Russian blackmailing of a U.S. President.  


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