If you find it surprising that a "news" organization would be cautioning America about a potential nuclear bomb attack during Trump's inauguration, then you need to brush up on your right wing media news outlets.  All of you know that “Fair and Balanced” faux news network Fox News and many of you probably know the name Rush Limbaugh even if you haven’t taken my advice and listen to his show occasionally.  You may not have known the name Alex Jones until recently after the term alt.right emerged onto the political scene in the midst of our Presidential election and his name was bandied about quite a bit.  He is another right wing radio show host in the mien of Rush, but even more lunatic and definitely certifiably nuts. All right.  To be fair: from my point of view.  (Actually from any humanoid’s point of view.  Or any chimp’s point of view.  Okay. I need to stop this.)   He is basically a conspiracy theorist buff, a fierce Trump supporter and a known outlet for Russian propaganda and one of the most popular – and influential – of right wing “newscasting spokespersons.”  (What is it with all these Russian connections lately?) 

A few of his more noteworthy contributions to American society:  He’s called the massacre of 20 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 a staged fake; he believes that the U.S. Government masterminded the 9-11 terrorists attacks that killed 3,000 people; that the Government was behind the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma Federal Building bombing that killed 168 people; that the moon landing was also faked, and supported an online petition to deport BBC reporter Piers Morgan because of his pro gun control views.  Alex Jones actually makes Rush Limbaugh seem like a paragon of sanity in comparison.

In my forays into the netherworld of right wing fake news and fake conspiracy theories (yes, they are still going strong) I decided to take a look at Alex Jones’ You Tube Channel just to catch up since Trump’s election.    The top video on his site is, not surprisingly, a paean to Donald Trump entitled “14 Hours of Freedom Live Broadcast: Trump’s Legendary Inauguration.”  Of course, this is assuming that there will be a Trump inauguration on Friday and let’s just assume that, yes, there will be a Trump Inauguration.  I should back up a bit and tell you that Jones' radio program and his signature moniker is “Infowars: Because There Is A War On For Your Mind.”  (This makes me chuckle because it assumes that Jones and his followers have “minds” something I’m quite skeptical about.)  A new version of this logo was recently introduced: “Infowars: You Are The Resistance.”

A brief look at the titles of his videos on Alex’s You Tube Channel will give you an idea of the kind of ‘war for your mind” Alex is engaged in:

“Democrats Openly Plot Martial Law Overthrow Of Trump Populism”

“Public Fears Tactical Nuke At Inauguration”

John Lewis [here he means Georgia Congressman John L. Lewis (D-GA)] Is A Lying Piece of Garbage”

“Arson Excused As Free Speech But Social Media Scoured For Hate”

“MLK Holiday: Lewis Starts Race War With Trump”

“Iran Stockpiles Uranium With Globalists Blessing”

“Will Martial Law Be Declared During Trump’s Inauguration?” (Maybe a repeat.)

“ISIS, Cartel Shootout Part of Inaugural Attack Plan”

“Deluded Trump Haters Still Buying Mainstream”

“Wikileak’s Ties Hillary to Sex/Blood Magic Rituals”

I’m not making these up.  These are real titles.  Now I haven’t viewed these choice pieces of InfoWars news.   But I’ve been on his site and listened to his crazy bullshit many times.  If you think that the titles are somehow divorced from the actual (real) content of the videos, I invite you to watch them.  I can assure you that the “Wikileak’s Ties Hillary to Sex/Blood Magic Rituals” will be probably be about the Comet Pizza “scandal” where John Podesta, the chef, sous chef and wait staff of Comet Pizza were all involved in molesting children in an underground dungeon of the restaurant.  There are forays into a host of his other favorite conspiracy topics -  the world is being destroyed by liberals, lots about Obama -  too on most of his shows.  The rest of the videos will be of the same ilk.  They are propaganda.  All are designed to scare the bejesus out of people.  And they have been enormously successful.  Please check them out.  

Now, if you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I have stated many times that there will be no “coming together,” no “let’s all get behind our new President,” no “let’s listen to one another to overcome our differences” in my estimation and right here on Alex Jones You Tube Channel you too can discover exactly why.     The video at the beginning of this post should give you a very good idea why I feel the way I do.  If you’ve watched the tape of Jones spewing his garbage, you will recognize that his “appeal” to his fans knows no bounds.  The most fantastical, crazy and crazed bullshit, out of this world bizarre, strange, weird, and ultimately imaginary “news” designed to persuade people to his view by scaring the hell out of them.  The election of Donald Trump is an indication of just how successful all this right wing propaganda - his included - has been.

Problem is, people – Trump supporters – believe this shit.  Oh, they may not 1000% believe that Obama is going to nuke Trump’s inauguration but then hey who knows?  Right? Could be true!!  Can’t trust the government!    No amount of debunking, no truckload of facts, no FBI or Congressional investigation is going to convince them otherwise.  They still believe that Hillary Clinton issued a standown order that night in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans.  All the evidence, all the months of Congressional Hearings, all the millions of dollars spent on that bullshit?  They will dismiss it with this:  “Well you can’t trust the government” and go on believing what Alex and Rush and Fox News tell them.

I can assure you that every single one of these imaginary, ridiculous, contra-factual videos have been referenced on literally thousands of right wing web sites.   It is much too late to try to convince these folks of the wrongness of their ways and their beliefs.  This kind of vomitous crap garbage passing as “news” has been going on for decades now.  They see Alex Jones as a reliable, alternative news source and as a true picture of what’s “really” going on in America as opposed to the lying, liberal, elitist mainstream media.  The have been indoctrinated.  Brainwashed.  They are inured to reason and logic and facts and data after having years of fear and doubt pumped into their brains.   And that is not going to change anytime soon and it’s definitely not going to change by being sympathetic to their problems since they do not have a clue as to what’s really causing their problems and would rather rely on Alex Jones to enlighten themselves about the reasons why they are so miserable.

See the video below.  I have seen not a single word about declaring martial law.  It's all bullshit.  But folks believe this crap.  It’s really is hopeless.

Have a good day, though.   


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