Unlike these folks back in my hometown in the clip above, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Trumpettes are waxing orgiastic over Trump’s Muslim Ban that he instituted via an Executive Order that he signed and then held up to the television cameras so that we all could see that he had done his homework like a good little boy.  After all, his supporters voted for him to Shake Things Up and nothing stirs up shit more than a policy that wrecks havoc at airports around the globe.  I mean look at the publicity!  To the Trumpettes all this news is proof that their President is taking action and nothing is going to stop him from changing both America and the world. 

But in this era of “Alternate Sets of Facts” as expounded by Chief Propagandist Sean Spicer and Counsel General Propagandist Kellyanne Conway, one has to decipher words and actions to figure out what’s real and what’s an “alternate reality” (to simplify the Trump Propagandist Team’s term) so I thought I’d engage in a bit of “translating” of recent events to see just where we are.

1.         This Not A Muslim Ban:  This defense of his immigration executive order comes directly from Your President Trump’s fingertips in a Twitter Tweet, so you know that this is what he actually “said” in less than 140 characters on the internet and not through some Alternate Set of Facts propagandist.  One supposes that this “defense” is relevant to the claim by some of those irresponsible, lying, evil journalists that Trump’s immigration ban – temporary to see what’s going on as it might be – might have some legal difficulties viz The Constitution of the United States which says that the government shall make no laws establishing a state religion nor any laws to regulate same.   That all seven nations subject to the ban and extreme vetting are all Muslim nations and in his order Trump gives preferences to Christian refugees, without, of course, saying so in so many words, might not pass the propaganda test in our courts.   The fact of the matter is “yes” this is a Muslim ban no matter how many sets of alternate facts and realities one wants to bring forth into the discussion and moves us into the sphere of “Worldwide Religious Warfare” a characterization that even Warmonger George Bush went to great lengths to avoid. 

2.         It Only Inconveniences 100 People:  So what’s the problem, right?  This is from the Counsel General Propagandist Kellyanne Conway who voiced this on one of the irresponsible, lying, evil television “news” shows last Sunday thereby basically saying something akin to “Hey, the death penalty only inconveniences a few people each year, so what’s the big deal?”   Or you could say, “Look, only 37,000 people die in car accidents out of 330 million so why do we need all those government safety regulations?”  (This will be the “rationale” for voiding clean air, clean water, chemical safety and a whole bunch of other government regulations later this year.) Of course this innocent defense doesn’t take note of the damage to the United States’ relationships with other nations around the world or how the Executive Order is tailor made for ISIS worldwide propaganda and recruiting purposes. 

3.         Extreme Vetting Will Stop Potential Terrorists From Entering the United States.    Once again, we enter the porthole of alternate reality.   Refugees from Syria, for example (but Iraq and other countries as well) are already subject to an 18 – 24 month and sometimes longer vetting process that is conducted by the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, and the Defense Department.  Lacking, perhaps, in this process is reliable information from countries of origin either through lack of decent records and documentation or through non-cooperation.  Your President Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations has absolutely no impact on vetting.   Some ICE schmuck who hates his or her job at an immigration counter and JFK or Dulles is going to do a better job of vetting that the FBI and CIA?  Right.   And I have a wall that I can sell you cheap.  At least “vetting” as it’s known in the real world – the one you and I inhabit – but maybe there is an Alternate Set of Facts that Sean and Kellyanne can provide us to clear up this discrepancy.  As of yet, however, we haven’t heard one.

4.         The Ban Is Temporary Until We Figure Out What’s Going On.   I have to say that, personally, this one is a mystery to me.  Your President Trump doesn’t know what’s going on?  The State Department doesn’t know what’s going on?  The CIA, the FBI, the Army, Air Force, Defense Department “don’t know what’s going on?”  Well, okay, then I’ll tell you what’s going on.  There are a group of murderous religious fanatics called ISIS who have taken over land, murdered and enslaved people in various parts of the Middle East and have vowed to defeat the West in worldwide religious warfare.  They, like other radical groups both domestically and internationally, are nothing really new just more violent in degree from pervious radical religious groups.  Now do you get it?  Oh, and here’s the hard part.  Both the perpetrators and the vast, vast, vast majority of this murderous cult’s victims have been Muslim.  And, I have to say, that if the U.S. Government doesn’t know “what’s goin’ on by now then we are truly lost.  Now, it may be that in some “Alternate Set of Facts” reality, Your President Trump doesn’t know what’s going on.  That is a very distinct possibility and an extremely frightening one.  Did Trump mean he didn’t know Marvin Gaye’s iconic paean to the 1960’s strife?  Maybe this it the problem.

5.         The Muslim Ban is a Publicity Stunt.   Perhaps I’m being too judgmental (Are there degrees of judgmentalism?) but this entire bullshit ban strikes me as one gigantic, fucked up, reality show publicity stunt and nothing more.  It cannot accomplish anything, at least anything productive or good, is a total waste of effort and money since it will not stop a single terrorist, and smacks of Your President Trump’s penchant for promising everything and delivering nothing.   Sure, I get it that you folks who voted for this alternate set of facts fool are thrilled that he’s taken action to prevent terrorists from entering the United States and murdering people here.  But in all of our history not a single terrorist attack has been committed by a refugee.  In fact, all of our domestic attacks other than 9-11 have been committed by American citizens and the perpetrators of 9-11 came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates three countries who did not make it on Your President Trump’s Muslim Ban.  The whole thing is one big pile of stinking propaganda bullshit designed – as most of Your President’s “policies” are – to making you feel good but accomplishing nothing.  In reality.  But not, of course, in Alternate Set of Facts Reality where everything is accomplished.  And everything is fine.

NOTE: Listen to Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Counsel General Propagandist:

The entire exchange is just one propaganda spiel with not a scintilla of substance.  Note that Stephanopoulos corrects her about her prime point about Obama’s 6 month ban on refugees from Iraq which was based on facts, not some Alternate Set of Facts Reality. 
Go ahead Trump fans.  Dance in the streets.  Scream “Lock Her Up.”  Bask in the glow of Your President’s Shaking Things Up.  Wildly applaud Trump’s “actions!”  Bask in the sunlight of Getting Things Done!  Wax lovingly over Your President’s reality show publicity stunt.  You got exactly what you deserve and you are right.  This is only the beginning.  But I’m betting in about three years time you are going to be wishing that you had voted for criminal Hillary Cankles Clinton.   

By the way, the Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who decided that the Justice Department would not defend the Muslim Ban and who Trump fired, is the only actor in this whole reality show farce of a shitstorm who has acted with honesty, integrity and with an eye towards upholding the Constitution of the United States.  Your President Trump and his minions don’t seem to even know that we have such a document.  

Here's what actor and former Obama Administration member, Kal Penn, - and just in case you were wondering, yes he looks like one of those Muslim foreigners, but Kal is an American born in New Jersey, - had to say and did in response to Trump's ban.   

It’s Going To Be A Rough, Rough Time People!!!


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