Okay, let’s be real here.  The knowledge (facts) we have in both the Anthony Weiner sexting FBI investigation and the FBI investigation into Russian hacking of the DNC and other American computer systems are from anonymous sources within the FBI and the government.  That’s where we are.  So let’s assume that in both cases we are dealing with, analyzing and chomping on the lack of verifiable facts and information and this is what we are talking about a week out from the Presidential election in 2016. 

So my opinion on both cases is pretty much in accord with the info (lack of facts) that we have to deal with.  Now, those anonymous sources have reported to our news media that Comey and the FBI did not feel it relevant to glom onto the intelligence community’s (several agencies) conclusion that the recent hacking of the DNC and other computer systems was a result of hacks that ultimately were traced back to Russia and more specifically the Russian government through its propaganda arms.  So we have heard not a peep about Russia’s role in what is in fact an attack on the integrity of the United States and our computer systems.  Many U.S. government computer systems have been hacked during the past couple of years, most of which have been attributed to Russian or Chinese malfeasance. 

So, tell me why it is that Comey and the FBI did not confirm and did not comment on the intelligence community’s conclusion that the DNC hack came from Russian operatives because the FBI did not want to release any information that might influence the 2016 Presidential election (this is the “anonymous sources” reason) but did see fit to announce the FBI’s investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting activities without having actually seen the e-mails that were contained on a “device” that Anthony Weiner used?  Not to make a huge point of it, but who in God’s name would think that e-mails on Weiner’s laptop that might involve his estranged wife, Huma Abedin (and maybe, perhaps, could be, ultimately, Hillary Clinton) but that the FBI did not yet have access to the potential offending e-mails nor did they have any info that there were any Clinton related e-mails, yet chose to announce this as opposed to the Russian hacking? 

 Really?  This is where the FBI’s priorities lie?  Weiner’s wiener is more important to our national security than Russian hacking?  (Even if eventually, at some point, maybe in the future, possibly they are somehow linked to Hillary Clinton?) What the fuck is wrong with these folks?  Now, not to demean the FBI’s efforts to charge Weiner with sexting a minor, but – and forgive me if I’m just being a radical liberal here – is there anyone in America who believes that whatever it is that‘s on Weiner’s laptop – dick pics notwithstanding – is more important than Russia hacking of America’s election process? Really?  What the hell is going on with the FBI?

Again, from anonymous sources since this is all that we have to rely on, there has been a great deal of pressure on Comey from FBI agents since his exoneration of Hillary.  Apparently several FBI agents have resigned and many more threatened to resign as a result of his clearing Clinton of any criminal charges in connection with her basement server, according to anonymous sources that spilled these particular beans to the Wall Street Journal.  Okay.  I get this.  In any government agency and particularly in a government agency that has the power to both investigate and charge folks with criminal offenses, I can understand why some FBI folks might not support Hillary Clinton and would be pissed at Comey.  After all, these are law enforcement folks, and most law enforcement folks would probably not be all that comfortable with a female President nor with the idea that women have real power in general.    But there’s no need to analyze the personas and prejudices of FBI agents.

 The reason why the FBI and Comey did not comment or release any info about potential Russian hacking activities here in the U.S. was that it was considered too close to the election and such a disclosure might have the potential to influence our Presidential election.  According to anonymous sources, of course.   And yet, the nefarious, totally lacking in facts and data that the Anthony Weiner investigation might (but no one knows including the FBI) produce at some time in the future was important enough to release to the public 11 days prior to our Presidential election but the Russian hacking was not? 

I don’t want to impugn Comey’s integrity or motivations, but this seems particularly odd if not egregious.  On the one hand we have allegations that a foreign government, Russia,  has hacked several election related sites, which – to my mind – might involve our national security compared to the lack of facts, knowledge and the speculation that Weiner’s dick pics might lead to Hillary Clinton is simply not a contest.  There is no comparable level of importance here.  None whatsoever.  Zip.  Zero. 

Just to wrap this up, has the press reported on any FBI investigations into Donald Trump’s  activities even though there are a number of lawsuits against him including a couple for sexual improprieties?  No, you have not.  So as far as I’m concerned, the FBI must release both the number and the details of whatever investigations involving Trump.  Seems fair to me. 

 I’m hoping that those same anonymous sources who have given us details about the Weiner dick pics will come forward and enlighten us all about the Trump allegations. 
In my previous posts about the latest Hillary/Weiner Dick Pics e-mail scandal, I’ve not impugned Comey’s motivation.   But I have to say that if it’s true that the FBI would not comment publicly about the Russian hacking because it was too close to the election, then I have to conclude that Comey’s motivation for sending his letter to Congress about the Weiner Dick Pic investigation makes me wonder if I have been premature in not questioning his motives.   The Director of the FBI, unlike any other Executive Branch agency head, serves a ten year term.  And why do we have this anomaly?  Because of J. Edgar Hoover who ran the FBI for over 50 years and was guilty of using the secret power of the FBI to ruin people’s reputations, investigating political opponents, secretly infiltrating civil rights organizations (including spying on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), using tax returns to slime people and a whole host of other illegal activities. 

While Mr. Comey may not have intended this result, he has skated very close to the edge of the same kind of political actions that Hoover engaged in.

NOTE: I’m hopeful that this will be my last post about the FBI investigation into this matter.  (Well, if more Weiner wiener pics emerge from all of this, I might reconsider, but absent more pics, I’m sick of this shit.)

Have A Good Day!  Only 7 days left!




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