NOTE:  The quotes below represent a representative sample of Rush’s daily radio show “news.”  About 25 minutes in fact.  I’m neither joking nor exaggerating.  I’ve tried as best as I could to faithfully quote him but the problem is that when Rush gets into this anti-everybody-who-doesn’t-think-Hitler-was-the-world’s-greatest–leader rants, words pour forth from his mouth like water over Niagara Falls.  So I did the best I could.   All of the quotes below are from one 25 (maybe 30) minute segment of his show on Wednesday as I was eating my lunch in my car.

RE: The Pussy Tape:  “Democrats applauded and celebrated JFK and Bill Clinton who made their names on catting around. And they’re slamming Trump?”  (I would point out that both JFK and Clinton’s sexual adventures were both with adults and with mutual consent.)

RE: Rigged Election:  “It doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate, they will not win because of corrupt Obama, Hillary and Democrats. The entire system has been corrupted by them.”   (To Rush the country has turned into a slush fund for Democrats and libruls.)

RE: Obama vs. Romney:  “The Liberals turned Mitt Romney into the devil, slandered and slimed him.” (Actually, Mitt did himself in with his comments at a donor dinner that was taped.  Romney received 47.2% of the popular vote compared to Obama’s 51.1%.)

RE: Presidential Debate:  “The last debate was simply about destroying Donald Trump’s life, his brand, his experience and his political future.”  (And Hillary Clinton did this all by herself? Pretty damned impressive!)

RE: Public Morality:  “Democrats want to throw down the morality card – injecting all these progressive attitudes into this culture – and they are acting like a bunch of prudes.  But they are the architects of this “thing,” the corruption of morality in the country.”  (Yeah, well then there’s Donald Trump.)

RE: Rigged Election:  “Democrats and Liberals are not going to trust this election to votes.   They are going to do everything and anything to destroy anyone who threatens to take control away from them and the socialist, liberal establishment.”  (Such powers have us liberals. Who knew?)

RE: Partisanship:  “Here’s what liberals are going to say if Trump loses the election: “See what we did to Trump?” This is revenge pure and simple.” (He’s actually right about this one!) 

RE: 2016 Presidential Election:  “The liberals, progressives and Democrats don’t want people to vote because they can’t control an open election.”   (Huh?)

RE: Post Election: “There will be a potential backlash against the left and the media for destroying any Republican, anyone threatening to destroy the elite establishment." (The ‘armed revolution,” I guess, if Trump loses.)

RE: 2016 Presidential Election:  “They did this to Mitt Romney and they are doing the same to Donald Trump.’

            “The same kind of thing is going to happen to everyone and anyone who upsets the left.”

            “If Ted Cruz or anyone had won this nomination you think the same thing wouldn’t have happened?”

            “There is not a single person in this world gay, straight, who can survive what Donald Trump has been subjected to by the left.” 

            “If you are seeking to unseat the Establishment from outside, they are going to defeat you.  It was never going to be left to the vote.” 

RE: Trump’s Morality:  “There is not a single human being on earth who doesn’t have dirt somewhere because all of us have dirt.”  (Yes, but how many of us are sexual predators?)

RE: Liberals Destroying America: “These people have presided over the destruction of decency – songs, movies, literature – people are fed up with the determining the outcome of our elections and I’m hoping that there is a huge backlash against it.”  (One of Rush’s daily themes.)

RE: Obama Administration Corruption:  “Hillary Clinton set up basement server so she could steal money from the Clinton Foundation.”

            “Barack Obama knew about Hillary’s server and they communicated with each other in secret to undermine democracy.”

            “The White House knew all along about the corruption at the Clinton Foundation.”

            “Loretta Lynch is forcing FBI agents to stand down on Clinton Foundation investigation.”

            “Everything Obama and Hillary have been in charge of has been a disaster.”

RE: State of America: “The economy is a disaster.  Health care is a disaster.  National security is a Disaster.  Politics is a disaster.  The entire country is a disaster.”

“Obama is a socialist/communist.”  (Rush’s big beef.)

But this is who the conservative right wing and Trump folks rely on to give them the "Real Deal” about what’s REALLY happening in America, not that liberal biased crap you see and hear on mainstream media.  And this is nothing new for Rush.  When I first began my twice weekly check-ins at The Rush Limbaugh Libruls-Are-Destroying-America Radio Show maybe six or seven years ago he was spouting the very same crap.   It's ramped up lately due to the Presidential Election this year.

Rush Limbaugh is not the only right wing crazy who spews this garbage over the airwaves.  Not by a long shot.  There’s Alex Jones, Steve Bannon (now on the Trump campaign roster), Michael Savage and literally dozens of others who take to the airwaves daily and spread the very same lies, slander and propaganda every single day.  These are the folks that Trump’s supporters believe.   These folks are the ones who believe that  “Obama is the most criminal President in history” and “Hillary Clinton is a corrupt criminal” and “ Barak Obama is a Communist and secret Muslim” and “Liberals and the biased media are destroying America.”  To name just a few. 

This vile garbage – without a scintilla of fact to support all these lies – is what the right wing, Tea Baggers, Trumpettes and the alt.right hear every day and they believe it.

So if the Donald wins the Presidency on Tuesday, this is the reason why. Pure and simple.  

P.S. If you want to get the full, vile picture of Rush, you can go to his always vile web site.

P.P.S.:  Interesting analysis on our latest FBI campaign against Hillary Clinton and the connections between Trump and the radical right wing on Rachel Maddow's show:

So is the FBI actually trying to influence the election in Donald Trump's favor? 


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