By: Patricia Marziotto
November 10, 2016
As the whole election finally settles in and I read my internal messages from countless people asking why can't we all just come together? Let's give Trump a chance. I understand they're asking that of me, of us b/c they voted for the man. When they ask that of us, the same people who attacked our great president and his first family for 8 yrs called him a ni**er, monkey, anti-christ, Nazi, lazy ass loser, racist, not American enough, a taker, and any other name they could come up with before the man was even inaugurated. They are now asking us to all come together for "their" man.
Never mind that the man we voted into office was butchered by them, cut down by them, refused any help by them to get this country back on track for the sake of those innocents out there that are now suffering b/c of things Washington republicans did or did not do that caused the crisis.
Never mind that many of us, guilty as charged wanted GW Bush investigated and impeached for the lies he told us and OUR president said "NO" we need to move on and unite. And that is exactly what we did. Instead, President Obama focused on health care. With no co-operation from the right. I was infuriated with Obama when he asked us to move on. BUT, I knew, we knew, we were the better people for not prolonging the agony by having investigation after investigation stagnating this country any more than the republicans did by their incompetency for 8 torturous yrs. So we moved on and tackled health care. And the same folks in DC crucified the man who chose to move on. And now they're asking us to move on and come together for the sake of our country. They are asking us to accept a man who groped women, sexually assaulted women, made fun of the disabled, made fun of women, threatened to break up families by deporting even children who were born and raised here b/c he considers them "anchor babies." They are asking us to accept a man who paid no taxes and refused to even show his tax returns. While the rest of us are sinking from an over indulgence of paying taxes to hold the fabric of this country together. And we do it b/c we love AMERICA! They are asking us to accept a man who blatantly lied about everything to our faces on a daily basis. A man who wants to build a wall, that will never get built, to keep out the rapists (mind you he himself is charged with raping a 12 yr old child). A man who has threatened to lower the tax rate for the wealthiest among us to 15%, while we, yes WE pick up the slack by off setting that lower tax rate by increasing the working classes taxes. A man who believes $7.25 an hour is too much for minimum wage and told his followers he will NOT raise the minimum wage. Thereby, allowing slave wages to remain as so.
They (Trumps supporters and the Republican Party) are asking us to all come together and unite as they threaten to over turn everything that happened to the benefit of this country that Obama did, including insuring 20 million people, that had no insurance, specifically PART TIME workers who were never offered insurance at their jobs b/c they were PART TIME workers. Insuring people who were denied insurance b/c of pre-existing conditions. Insuring those who were removed from their parents policies to remain on their policies till they turn 26 or got a job that offered health insurance. Tell me any woman (ironic) who doesn't have a pre-existing condition?
They are asking us to unite while preparing to take away a woman's RIGHT to choose, Planned Parenthood, privatizing Social Security or raising the age to acquire SS, ending Medicare as we know it.
What republicans are asking of us is to surrender OUR principles and to fall in line with their ideologies, their religious beliefs, their modus operandi of killing the EPA, denying climate change, to pay higher taxes so the rich can pay lower and lower taxes, to continue drilling and fracking all over the place, to take away voters rights even more than they already have, woman's rights, ignoring the disabled, killing Dodd Frank, shutting down the Consumer Protection Agency, getting rid of the IRS, deregulating everything, etc, etc.
Thanks but NO THANKS! I will NEVER surrender my principles to pacify republicans. I will never ever stop fighting for what I believe is right. Even if those a*&holes in DC and their supporters lack the principles and integrity you need to be an honorable servant to the greatest country on this earth that they don't appreciate. Mine shall remain intact. And they can take away everything they have threatened to take away. And they can have their President low-life Trump. However they acquired that ticket. BUT, they will never have me. They chose a liar, sexual predator, groper, thief, loser all tied up in ONE person. And I NEVER ever want to hear a republican go after another democrats character after choosing a man like TRUMP to represent our country. I can assure republicans on behalf of liberals that we will never tolerate a candidate of ours, like your candidate to represent our party. BUT, we cannot ever deny that republicans have lowered the standards of what is required of a statesman to run for the highest office in this land. Good luck with your children. When they grow up, you have a lot of explaining to do. When your daughter is groped or your son becomes the groper and ends up in jail. YOU will ask yourselves WHY did I or we think it was OK to hire a man who did these things to represent our country??? And make NO mistake that it can't happen to one of your children. That's the REAL reality of what you have done. And I don't want to be a part of your reality.
I wonder if Justice Roberts who will have to swear Trump into office will be gulping as he reads that OATH to him? Like Justice Roberts gulped when reading the oath to President Obama screwing it all up and having to do a do-over the next day. I wonder how our Chief Justice feels about swearing in a sexual predator? I wonder how our Chief Justice will feel when he has to shake the predators hand? If only we could read his mind. At least Justice Roberts swore in the last honorable president and realizes it now. How could he not?

NOTE: Come together for your guy?  NO WAY!


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