Okay so yesterday I posted that I would no longer be commenting about James Comey and the FBI.  Well, unfortunately, I have to break my promise.  Why?  A 15 year old Bill Clinton scandal.  Yup!  That’s right.  Bill Clinton pardoned one of his big contributors, Marc Rich, who was charged with tax evasion.  (Don’t hold your breath about any investigation into Donald Trump’s tax evasions.)   According to NBC News, “an FBI list of documents recently added to the public vault states that this material, which related to former President Bill Clinton’s pardoning of Marc Rich, an international commodities trader indicted on tax evasion charges, was released on October 31. NBC's Pete Williams reported that the documents were the subject of a Freedom of Information Act request and were released “under normal guidelines”:

Recapping and filling in for a moment, this is allegedly an automatic, computer generated alert from a web site that hasn't been functioning for over a year.   But, happily for the FBI, it has suddenly come back to life just in time for the Presidential Election! (Really?  And we are supposed to believe this?  Well, yes, we are.)  

Comey was at the heart of the scandal that erupted from Clinton’s 2001 pardoning of Rich, a financier who lingered on the FBI’s most-wanted list for 16 years for criminal charges including tax evasion, wire fraud and trading with Iran during the oil embargo. Comey oversaw Rich’s prosecution between 1987 and 1993, before later taking over an investigation into then-President Clinton’s decision to grant Rich a pardon on his last day in office. He ultimately decided not to pursue that case.

From the Washington Post:  "An FBI spokesman did not immediately respond Tuesday to TPM's request for comment.”

The "automatic" tweet prompted a flurry of responses on social media. Transparency organization Wikileak’s falsely claimed that the documents were related to investigations into the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, while a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said the timing was "odd."  The case has been closed for over a decade and the vault from which the “heavily redacted” documents were released has not been active in years."   

Yes, the timing is “odd” isn’t it?  Perhaps the FBI could also release its records of the also long closed Whitewater Banking and Investment Scandal and the Murder of Vince Foster Scandal.  Or maybe the also long closed Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones sex allegations against Bill Clinton. Just what the fuck is going on here?

 Donald Trump insists that the election is rigged but I’m beginning to think that the FBI is rigging the election in his favor.  Is there some other rationale that you can come up with?  Because nothing leaps to my mind right off the bat.  

This whole bullshit is so much like some third world country’s elections, not ours.  How the fuck has this happened?  And then yesterday afternoon came one Representative Michael McCall (R-TX) who was informing us (blathering) that if Hillary Clinton is indicted after she’s sworn in as President – neglecting that the Constitution actually forbids this route – we will have a grave Constitutional Crisis on our hands.  Ummmm.... I’m betting that after thirty years of dozens upon dozens of Hillary scandals and crimes, none of which have come true much to the everlasting disappointment to Donald Trump, Hillary Haters and Republicans, I’m betting that we won’t face a “grave Constitutional Crisis” if she’s elected.  Besides, Mr. House Representative from Texas doesn’t appear to be the brightest match in the matchbook since Impeachment by the House of Representatives (the body to which he was elected by Texas voters) is the means by which sitting Presidents are punished for “high crimes and misdemeanors” as Bill Clinton knows (and Michael McCall should) very well.  

But let’s recall this for a hot sec:  Donald J. Trump, Republican Candidate for the Office of the President of the United States of America, has a major fraud trial scheduled to begin this month (Trump University) and in December his rape trial of a 13 year old girl begins.  And the American Public is consumed by Hillary Clinton e-mails?  What a fucking crock.  Republicans can’t seem to win elections by appealing to voters with their programs and policies so they have taken to cheating.  (Gerrymandering, Voter ID Laws, Poll "watchers" DNC hacks, etc.) Is the FBI now doing the same? 

And now we learn that the FBI withheld the fact that they were investigating former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (who quit three days after he was alerted to the FBI investigation) and their investigation of the Clinton Foundation that they withheld because it was too close to the election.  Really?  How odd.  But not to close to the election to release Clinton crap Now, Donald Trump is facing a fraud trial just after the election and a rape trial in December and yet we are still yapping about only one candidates e-mails.  Sad. 

More from this morning's Post:

"This week’s release of the Rich files demonstrates how many of the players in the current Hillary Clinton drama played roles in Clinton-related battles of the past.
Comey, for instance, as a young prosecutor in New York, helped lead the case against Rich. Later, as U.S. attorney, he led the office that handled the investigation into the Clinton pardon from early 2002 to the end of 2003.
Former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., a Clinton backer who this week wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that Comey made a “serious error” in announcing the resumption of the email probe, was deputy attorney general at the time of the pardon and acknowledged that he had been contacted directly by Rich’s attorney. The pardon was criticized in part for bypassing an established process in which Justice Department lawyers review applications for merit. Holder’s name was one of only a few not blacked out in the redacted files released this week. (Why, one might ask.)
Comey eventually supported Holder’s nomination for attorney general but told senators in 2008 that he had been “stunned” by the Rich pardon and that Holder’s actions in the case reflected a “huge misjudgment.”
The release of the Rich files came as Democrats had been expressing their anger over Comey’s handling of their suspicions of Russian meddling. For months, Democrats have been talking about alleged ties that Trump and his team have to Russia, and they have been encouraging the FBI to investigate the claims — in addition to the ongoing inquiry into how Russian hackers broke in to the Democratic National Committee and the private email accounts of top party officials."
God Help Us All!


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