Tracking the explosion of hate in Trump’s America

Hate incidents have skyrocketed since Election Day.

NOVEMBER 29, 2016

Think Progress, the folks who say they are going to call the “alt-right” what they are—white racists—has decided to track the incidents of hate that are occurring across the country. Beginning just hours after Donald Trump was (s)elected president of the United States, the Southern Poverty Law Center says it has received more than 700 notices of incidents of verbal and physical harassment and assault. Think Progress has made a visual of those incidents with a map of where they are occurring in the United States and to whom:
To keep the project manageable, our bar for inclusion is intentionally high. We are not tracking more general instances of hate or racism that contribute to an overall culture of fear, such as general online harassment and graffiti with no clear target or intent. Instead, our map focuses on moments of more targeted harassment and hatred — such as verbal abuse, physical assault, threats, vitriol-filled protests, vandalism, and attacks on houses of worship — committed against specific marginalized groups of people. We expect our categories to change over time, as perpetrators shift their tactics and targets.
Our list will not be perfect. The very nature of hate incidents often makes it impossible to independently verify every account or detail. But each instance we include here has been investigated either by our team of researchers or by an external resource such as a news article, a police report, or an original source. We will work to correct instances proven to be false.
Our list is distinct from tallies of hate crimes, which is a specific legal designation whose use varies by state. However, when police officials use that term to describe an event, we will include it in our description.
The interactive map of the United States allows one to click on it to get detailed information on specific incidents. Those incidents that are clearly tied to Donald Trump supporters—“incidents where Trump’s name, policies, campaign, or election are mentioned—are designated by a “Trump hair” symbol” next to the description. California has thus had 112 total incidents as of this writing: 32 against black people, 26 against Muslims, 22 against women other people of color or immigrants, 16 against LGBTQ folks and 15 against Latinx folks. New York comes in second with nine incidents and Texas trails third with eight total incidents.

NOTE: You may have seen hate crime figures ranging upwards of 400 or so since the election of Donald Trump.  While these may legitimately be categorized as such, Think Progress uses a much more constrained - and therefore particularly accurate - methodology to track hate cries.  Note also that President Elect Trump has been silent about these incidents while castigating the cast of "Hamilton" and threatening to revoke the citizenship of American flag burners a protected Freedom of Speech activity upheld twice by the U.S. Supreme Court.   

Hate Springs Anew in the United States of America.  


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