Sure, as far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump is more threatening than lung cancer or an East Coast tsunami.  But, hey, the American public has decided that the orange Cretan is who they want representing America.  There’s nothing much to say about it really.  We have Presidential elections, people vote and someone is selected as our President.  For me, this is the end result of thirty years of conservative rule but let’s leave that aside for the moment.  Trump, who wants to round up Muslims, build a Mexican border wall, eliminate Obamacare, trash NATO and bomb the shit out of ISIS, has been victorious.

Trump has prevailed with the help of the alt.right, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones crowd who have promoted Trump’s themes for years.  The rigged government, the liberal destruction of America, the dominance of the liberal elites and the whole panoply of election rigging and political elite control of America.   This is the entire theater of the alt.right folks and Trump keyed directly into their sense of being left behind, being ignored, being out diversified, out multi-cultured and believing in every conspiracy theory ever invented.   They took revenge just as Rush has dreamed of doing.

But here’s the kicker:  These are the same folks who have voted for the very same government representatives who have acted against their best interests.  Have voted for conservative policies that have decimated working and middle class Americans. Have voted for public officials for decades now, who don’t really have any interest in their plight.  And now they’ve voted for a man who also has no interest, no connection, and no knowledge of the real difficulties that Trump voters themselves face.  This has been their modus operandi – as destructive as it has been – for three decades: voting for the propaganda, voting for the quick fix, voting for the demagogue who promises nirvana in a year.  It hasn’t happened in thirty years and it’s not going to happen in four years of a Trump administration.

The Trump win also highlights the division in America, the wide gulf between Americans who believe that there is way too much corporate control of our society verses those folks who believe that the causes of America’s divide is because of immigrants.  The Trump theme won.  The Trump theme is wholly wrong but it seems that America will have to be plunged into the depths of depravity and dissolution before the Trump supporters understand – if they ever do - what has really been going on for decades or what Trump actually means to them.  They have simply been bamboozled by slick hype, vapid rhetoric and political propaganda.

But this march toward conservatism – even though Trump is not your true Republican conservative like Paul Ryan – has been sweeping Europe for years now.  Now its come home.   There is no questions that lots of Americans are pissed off.  Pissed off about a Congress that doesn’t work.  Pissed off about working hard and getting nowhere.  Pissed off about an economy that doesn’t work for them.   Both the left and the right agree on many of the So very real issues facing the country.  But when it comes to why, there’s no agreement.  Immigrants taking jobs?  Yeah, sure.  You think you’re going to see armies of White folks picking lettuce under a broiling desert sun from 7AM to 7PM now that Trump has won?  Sure.  Are we going to see all those rust belt towns and cities suddenly prosperous now that Trump has won?  Not in a million years.  Is Trump going to tax the rich and fix corporate taxes so that our tax structure becomes fairer?  Not on your life. 

This election was based on conspiracies and lies.  Lie No. 1:  Mexicans are pouring over the border.  We’ve actually had more Mexicans leaving the country than entering since 2008.  Illegal Mexicans swimming across the Rio Grande?  Today it’s a trickle.  But never mind facts and data.  And the lies kept coming day after day from that point on.  So where do we go from here?  Who knows.  But the crazy, conspiracy laden, fully fictional world of Rush Limbaugh has won the day.  In fact, the next four years.  I suspect that the next four years are going to see the United States flailing and failing economically, socially and politically and the folks who are going to be hit hardest are the very folks who voted for Donald J. Trump.

NOTE:  Here's a particularly good article about Trump's victory:


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