Georgia?  GEORGIA!  You mean that Deep South Southern Ruby Red, Red Necky State that none of us would really miss if it slid into the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow morning?  Georgia is in play?  PLAY?  What the fuck is going on?  So apparently Hillary Clinton could possibly, maybe, might actually win Georgia?  Has the Second Coming come and I missed it?  Dayumn!

No!  No!  No! A million times NO!  This is all so wrong!  Oh sure, there’s Atlanta – lots of educated folks (and educated Black folks too!), cosmopolitan for a Deep South Red Necky city, a fairly sizable LGBT community, then too, its not the Old Deep South Red Necky Southern State any more that we all knew and loved.  No sireee!  But shit!  What has The Donald wrought for God’s sake?  If I ever thought that in my lifetime – ok, so maybe since 1964 - that Georgia could land in the Blue Democratic column, with a female Presidential candidate, no less, I would have bet my entire 401(k) on this outcome years ago.

The latest polls in Georgia show it as a dead heat:  Trump: 42%; Clinton 40%. Not only this, early female voters (there’s been an early voter female surge in the swing states) in Georgia apparently are going for Clinton by a 5% margin.  Damn!  Whodda Thunk It?

Saw some Trump surrogate pundit yapping about how she thinks there might be a backlash in the down-ballot races since with a looming Democratic landslide, folks are going to want to “keep a check” on the House and the Senate so they aren’t both lost for Republicans.  Maybe she’s forgotten or perhaps doesn’t know (wouldn't surprise me), that both chambers of Congress have been in Republican hands for two years now and folks are pissed.  Why are they pissed?  Cause the Red controlled House and Senate haven’t done jack shit!  That’s why. 

I’m guessing - yes, a wild guess here, to be sure - that neither Trump nor the Republican establishment could have predicted the disaster that’s looming for them as a result of The Donald’s “Presidential campaign.”  Yup.  Pretty sure they didn’t see this coming.     But here we are just a couple of weeks out from election day.  And Georgia is in play.  Georgia? Really?  This is what Donald Trump has done.  This is how his “tellin’ it like it is” campaign has “shaken America up.”  Yes.   This is how his “non-PC,” hard driving, profane talk on the stump has apparently caused a whole bunch of “Murrikans” to reconsider just exactly what they are looking for in a President.  Seems like it ain’t The Donald.

Not so long ago, it was: “Who would you rather sit down and have a beer with?” like during the Bush/Gore Year 2000 Presidential campaign.  Would you prefer wonky Climate Change champion Al Gore or Texas cowboy and oil magnate George Bush?  A simple choice, right?  Back then, it was fairly easy to imagine this proposal, this “Who would you rather have a beer with?” I mean, sure, in our minds we all pictured a patio or a bar where we’re comfortably seated at a picnic table or one of those mesh “café” tables with either Bush or Gore bullshitting about baseball or foreign aid or domestic terrorism while downing a couple of Budweisers.  But Trump?  Would we really feel comfortable sitting down (anywhere, at any time?) with a sexual predator, congenital liar, immigrant hater, self-proclaimed bully and xenophobic?  Ummmmm somehow this just doesn’t seem quite so pleasant and enjoyable as our imagined conversations were with the Year 2000 candidates.  I mean, what would Trump and me talk about?  Women’s breast sizes?  The relative merits of rounding up Muslims or walling in Mexicans?  Comparing Trump's and Putin's dick sizes? 

And then what would be the appropriate venue for such a sit-down chat with Trump?  The restaurant of the Trump International Hotel?  A Mexican-owned Taco truck? Or the upper balcony of one of those decrepit movie theaters in one of our crumbling inner city Black neighborhoods showing a revival double feature of “Deep Throat” and “The Devil In Miss Jones?”   See what I mean?  This whole thing is just getting way too difficult this year.

Now, I doubt that not too many folks (Trumpettes and Hillary Haters excluded, of course) would have all that much trouble imagining a sit-down with Hillary.  Sure, it would be wise to bring along some reading material (you know how damned wonky she is) because after the first hour or so of policy lectures one could drift off.   And you know as well as I do that any discussion of e-mails (“Secretary Clinton, I just got an e-mail from John Podesta complaining about your campaign guy out in Iowa who’s stealing Republican voter registration forms”) is going to be totally off limits.  But a naugahyde upholstered booth in you local Panera Bread with a turkey salad sandwich adorned with lettuce, tomato and crisp bacon strips washed down with a mug of Ginseng herbal tea?  Sure. Works for me!  Why not! 

But any imaginings of an intimate beer-to-beer chat with either of the two candidates to determine who you will vote for this year quickly descends into a kind of netherworld of “Oh My God!  No! Please Don’t Make Me!” given the Republican’s choice of candidate for the Presidency.   So I guess a whole lot of folks are, like me, just passing up this year’s imaginary chat exercise with the candidates for a more real world analysis and it’s become pretty damned easy to figure this one out.  After all, there is one of them that I would not want to be within 100 yards of for fear of catching some STD or other, much less sitting at the same table with.  Sure, Clinton can be boring, wonkish and isn’t all that funny most of the time.  But Trump?  No Fucking Way!

Only 17 More Days To Go!!

PS:  Georgia?  Probably not turning Blue this year.  But I’ll pray!  After all this election year has been just chock full of surprises hasn’t it.  


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