Just in case you think that it's only the campaign of Donald Trump and the protests of the Bundy Crowd that has White folks whining about how they are discriminated against and losing their rights, you couldn't be more wrong.  The United States has a long history of White folks believing that they are the ones who are suffering under the yoke of oppression and racism and doing nasty things about it.  Here's one event I ran across the other day that you might not be aware of but pretty much keyholes into both the Trump and Bundy stuff.  It's called the "Anti-Treaty Movement."  And if this sounds like the Trumpettes clarion call against all those furriners stealing jobs from White America through unfair agreements between our government and other countries and Whites suffering from the preferential treatment of those un-American minorities right here at home folks, you're close. Here's the story:

The Anti-Treaty Movement: Guaranteed Treaty Rights Violated up through the 1980s

Lifelong fisherman David Sohappy (Yakama) was arrested in 1981 for selling salmon in violation of Washington State Law, tried and given the maximum five-year sentence associated with his actions. He was doing exactly what he had done since childhood. It was the only life he had ever known.

Although treaties protected Sohappy's right to ply his trade through federal and tribal laws, a dwindling salmon population fostered tension between the people of Washington State and Native Nations. Sohappy and his business were targeted by local officials who sought to challenge long-existing codes. Sohappy eventually secured parole, but left prison a broken man.
Touting themselves as “states’ rights activists,” anti-treaty groups plagued the communities surrounding Native American lands in the 1960s through the 1980s. It was common to see cars sporting “Save a Salmon, Net an Indian” bumper stickers in the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes. Groups with questionable titles such as the “Interstate Coalition for Equal Rights and Responsibilities” frequently supported anti-Indian activities.
Federal judges faced death threats for siding with Native Americans too. When Federal District Court Judge George H. Boldt of Washington ruled to uphold treaty rights in 1974, a group of anti-treaty activists hanged a puppet of Boldt, dangling it from a fishing boat. Boldt's paranoia prompted him to question hospital staffers for anti-Indian sentiments in advance of his own heart surgery.
These events helped spur a national social justice campaign. Aided by allies such as Representative John Conyers (D-MI), the National Congress of American Indians secured an investigation of the movement by the United States Department of Justice. Many legislators walked a brave path, standing up for treaty rights even when it jeopardized their popularity with constituents.
While the Anti-Treaty Movement has largely dissipated, Native American activists are wary of its return. In places like New York State, where land disputes persist to this day, many would argue that their concern is justified.
Here's the other side of the Anti-Treaty protests published in the Seattle Times in 1990.

And here's a rather ironical piece from the Seattle Time's editorial:

The reality of the boat-landing protests last spring in Wisconsin is that thousands of sportsmen, resort owners, business people and retired persons took the time to exercise their only constitutional right they still had left in the face of the environmental terrorism and resource rape being conducted by a small number of the Chippewa tribal members (all full U.S. citizens as well as Wisconsin residents) who reside in Northern Wisconsin.  (NOTE:  The Native American's were not "sportsmen and resort owners" but folks fishing for their livelihoods.) 
NOTE:  As for me, I've found the one of the fundamental problems with Whites is that they don't seem to have inherited the "irony gene."  That is, the Trumpettes don't really understand that no matter how much they may "feel" they are discriminated against, you don't find all that many of them dead from police gun shots while walking down their neighborhood sidewalk minding their own business or beaten up by a cop while sitting on their mother's front porch.  Same with the Bundy crowd out West.   They get to graze cattle on someone else's property for a fee that any Midwestern or California farmer would kill for and yet somehow or other they think they are the ones who are suffering from government confiscation of their God given rights.
Same goes for the Treaty Beer folks.  Now it's true when a species of fish declines to the point that it threatens the livelihood of fishermen, that's a problem.  Notwithstanding that the cause is usually overfishing and in the case of the Anti-Treaty folks I'm betting that it wasn't the Northwest's Native Americans who were the culprits in this case since they have a more refined  view of the balance of nature and are pretty much more aligned with ensuring that they don't tip the balance unlike White folks who are prone to raping and pillaging natural resources until they are just wiped out.
But even given the Washington state White salmon fishermen's lack of natural acumen, did it never occur to them that Washington's Native Americans were fishing those salmon several centuries before the White man decided that America belonged to them and not the folks who were actually living here when Columbus landed and mistakingly named the continent after India, which, to be sure, he was trying to reach but also to be sure he missed by an un-Godly number of miles?
See?  This is what I mean by Whites lacking the irony gene.  They were pissed off that the guys who actually had the land stolen from them (including the rivers, lakes, streams and salmon runs) were allowed to fish protected by treaty since they were there first and it was the Whites who were the Johnny-Come-Latelys but wanted to hog all the salmon for themselves.  The irony of such a situation seems to have been lost on the Treaty Beer folks just the same as the whining complaints of White Donald Trump supporters are nothing short of a sublime irony of the first order.  But there you go!     

Strange humans are White folks.

Just Teasing.  Sort Of. Have a Good Day.   


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