Yesterday, following an article about the latest Julian Assange/Wikileak’s e-mail dump on Politico, I posted a reply to Patti Myles’ comment :

Clinton Corruption. What's new?
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Scott Sorg · 
What's new? Trump grabbing pussies, that's what's new.
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Scott Sorg: who cares
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Scott Sorg · 
Daniel Wetsel: Who cares? All of us who are not members of The Donald's Cult, that's who.
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Yes, my post was, let’s say, “indelicate” (to say the least) but every time I see this “corrupt Hillary” bullshit, it just makes my blood boil.  Now, I have been posting even-handed Clinton defense replies on Politico lately that have been fact-filled (Hillary Clinton did not murder Vince Foster; Hillary Clinton was not President in the 1990’s) rather than my “indelicate” reply to Patti.  But from the pointed yet, to me, fairly mild exchange that I’ve posted above, there followed an eruption of some of the most vile Anti-Hillary comments (and anti-Me comments too) I’ve seen in a long, long time, so much so that I got into a pissing match with six commenters in this chain.  This morning my Facebook page has even more replies that I’m not going to respond to.  (It’s pointless.)  What the whole incident reminded me of is when I spent about six months a few years ago replying to comments on Yahoo; comments like “Obama was amassing troops in Texas to take over America”  “Michelle Obama is descended from a Black Orangutan” "Obama is a Secret Muslim" – the usual vile shit that Obama has been subjected to by right wingers since the day he was sworn into office – attempting to counter some of the more inane (crazy) comments with factual information.  It was, as it turned out, a futile effort but one that vastly informed me about the right wing.

As more and more replies rolled in yesterday, I began to think about why this was happening especially since I had noticed a marked decline in the vile category of comments about Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, liberals and progressives over the past year.  At least on Politico.  I thought this was most probably because the alt.right folks finally had the candidate they can believe in.  But what the hell was going on?  And then it hit me:  Since the last Presidential debate and the release of “The Locker Room Tape,” Hillary’s national poll numbers had climbed from a 1 or 2 point lead to a 10 or 11 point lead.  "Huh! Is this the reason?"  I thought.   So for the first time since Trump entered the race it seems as if there is a distinct possibility that he could lose and the Trumpettes are in full panic mode.  I even posted a note to this effect yesterday on my Facebook page alerting my friends to watch out for a new flood of anti-Hillary, right wing, crazy bullshit. 

Not to brag or claim that I have some God-like prescience or anything, but lo and behold, here’s a headline from an article in this morning’s New York Times:

“TRUMP SLIDING?  DIE-HARDS SAY THEY JUST DON’T BUY IT” [Here's the  link:   Trump Supporters Not Buying It ]

“ I don’t believe anything the media says,” said Brad Chilson, 47, a truck driver from Bradford County, PA, who waited for hours with his wife outside the 8,000 seat Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre for Mr. Trump  “Look at the turnout we’ve got here.”

Here’s what Brenda Stchur, 56, had to say:  “When all this baloney came out about Trump, I understand, it’s a scandal.  But John F. Kennedy wasn’t innocent either and everyone loves John F. Kennedy.”  [Frankly, this comment isn’t worthy of a reply.]

“A lot of people affiliated with Hillary have died over the years, and nobody says anything about it” said Eric Bulger, a retired police officer with the Port Authority for New York and New Jersey.  [Another favorite right wing meme.]

"Mr. Trump’s supporters who were waiting to hear him speak cited the alternative sources of information they preferred, dismissing even Fox News in favor of emails from far right commentators like Allen B. West, a former Congressman, and Dennis Lynch, who makes films about illegal immigration.  Those at the rally agreed that Trump won the last debate and many cited their favorite Trumpism from the debate, that if Trump is President, he will jail Hillary Clinton."

Here’s what The Donald himself had to say at his Wilkes-Barre rally:

“I think the state of Pennsylvania, we’re going to win so big!”  “Trump 70, Clinton 30” Trump said quoting from a Drudge Report “poll.”  Trump also claimed – falsely – that CNN had turned off its live coverage of the debate and manipulated a debate-night focus group.  “The crowd,” writes the Times article, “then chanted an anti-CNN epithet.”  The newspaper doesn’t quote the “epithet” but I’m thinking “Fuck CNN” is probably a reasonable guess. [Update: it was the milder "CNN Sucks! I like mine better! It's a bit pithier!]

But it appears that, one more time, facts are getting in the way of the Trumpette’s fervid devotion to The Donald.  Well, not in their way.  Their devotion is ironclad but for the rest of us who actually don't think that "facts" are "Wizard Of Oz" magic phrases, and therefore, suspect.  In reality, Hillary Clinton is leading Trump in Pennsylvania by just over 7%.   More reality:  Katie Packer, a strategist for Mitt Romney in 2012, posted a photograph on Twitter of 30,000 people at an Ohio rally four years ago a week before Mr. Romney’s defeat.  “None of the Trump crowds so far in the general election surpass what we regularly had in ’12.  They [Trump supporters] are so naïve.”  This folks, is surely good news.  

Then there's this.  Just above the fold on page A-14 of the Times this morning, is this headline:

"Early Swing State Voting Could Point to Clinton Win Well Before November 8th"


Now if the reality of Donald Trump’s sinking poll numbers have sent the Trumpettes into a frenzied panic mode, I suspect this one is going to cause them to rise up in bloody revolt.  A quick summary of the article:  While party registrations are up for both parties this election cycle, new Democrat voters are out-pacing new Republicans in several key swing states like North Carolina and Florida.   “Democrats are requesting more absentee ballots in Florida than they were at this point in 2012, with increases of 50 percent in the heavily Hispanic areas around Miami and Orlando.  In North Carolina, where Mitt Romney built enough of a lead in early voting four years ago to eke out a victory over Barak Obama, Democrats are requesting mail-in ballots in larger numbers than in 2012, while Republican participation is declining.

These results will have more effect than ever this year, as record numbers of people are expected to cast their votes early.  So many Americans will have voted by Election Day – more than 40 percent in swing states – that the winner could be all but be settled before November, according to the Clinton campaign.”

So yesterday, when I ran into the online buzz saw of vile comments about Hillary and me personally, I had no idea that my “seat-of-the-pants,” unscientific, unsupported by factual information, conclusion was right on the money.  Apparently panic reigns in the Trump camp.  While I am pleased that I pegged what was going on in alt.right/Trump world yesterday, I don’t take it personally.   After all, from my point of view, one of my arguments against the Trump’s and right wingers of the world, is that despite the yeoman efforts of Republicans, the rest of us actually elected Barak Obama in both 2008 and in 2012.  Twice, if you do the math.  But as I noted above, the Early Voting piece had not been published yet but the Trumpettes Cult panic had already set in.   God knows what the explosive reactions might be from Trump and his supporters to this not so great – for them - early voting news.  (Well, yes, we all do know, don't we!:  The Lying Liberal Media! Corrupt Hillary Clinton!)   Me?  I think we are about to be participants in the most vicious and vile final weeks of any Presidential Election in American history.   

The Bottom Line Here?  It appears that the alt.right reality that Trump has created for himself and his Trumpettes, is beginning to crack.  Beginning to crumble, let’s say, in the face of real world reality, the one that you and I live in.  Let’s hope this encouraging trend continues until Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

On the other hand.  In this palpably weird Presidential election year, I’m not betting my 401(k) on an outcome until November 9th.  Or, if we have another Year 2000 Presidential election cliffhanger, not until the Supreme Court weighs in on who actually won this year.

Have a good day!  Hope might be peeking over the horizon!    

PS: BTW: Saw Adele at the Verizon Center last night.  What a fabulous performer!  What a fabulous human being! 


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