Of course we all know how Trump is transforming a part of America into a cult, and we all know his ideas about that pesky document called The Constitution (they’re just words), and yes, he is going to “fix” America singlehandedly like some third world dictator but that’s not what I mean.  In case you haven’t noticed, for the first time in decades, Liberals – yes, us, those Commies that the right wing blames everything that’s wrong with America including its destruction on – have finally realized that passively sitting by in private angst and waiting for the successive waves of ugly that have been sweeping the nation for decades now, are not going to go away just as soon as the right wingers realize just how wrong they’ve been.   It looks like The Donald has so pricked our sense of propriety, our sense of fair play, honesty and what it means to be a marginally decent human being, we are now in attack mode.

Me?  For decades I’ve been wondering why it is that liberals have sat silently by while Republicans (and Democrats, as well) have been savaging the country year after year, decade after decade.  Well, finally, at long last it’s become clear as a kick in the balls or a grab of a pussy that Trump, his Trumpettes and all the right wing enablers have simply gone too far.  I put our lack of pushback to the liberal penchant for patience, understanding and empathy.   We have patiently waited for both parties to discover that the policies they have both been enacting since 1980 have greatly benefited the rich, corporations, politicians and the media but have destroyed America’s working and middle classes, you know, ordinary folks.  We liberals are of an understanding bent, understanding that even the political pendulum swings back and forth, sometimes quite quickly (American troops abroad are still anathema since the invasion of Iraq although this lesson should have been learned three decades ago with Viet Nam) but most often very slowly as with economic policy. 

Empathy?  Sure, we are empathetic to the plight of our brothers and sisters who are struggling to make ends meet working two jobs or the youngsters who are drowning in student debt.  But so far we haven’t seen fit to pushback, or at least pushback hard, against the forces that have created these conditions.  Then the conservative, Tea Bagger, right wing and Republicans presented us with the madman called Donald J. Trump.  And like magic the blinders were ripped off our eyes and the truth of this dangerous man who fully embraces right wing conspiracies theories emerged.  That this man could be running for the office of County Sheriff would boggle the mind, much less running for President of the United States of America.  Well, okay, Maricopa County in Arizona excepted.  After all those wazoos there elected Sheriff Arrest Every Mexican Just For Being Brown Skinned Joe Arpaio.  But let’s just say that this is the outlier that proves the norm.  From a palpable joke in the primaries, ridiculously proposing to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to the candidate who proposed rounding up Muslims, jailing the families of Muslim terrorists to what appears to be a practitioner of sexual assault, this folks is the man that Republicans, conservatives, right wing worlders and conspiracy theorists have given to us.   In fact, at this very moment I am watching “Narcos” on Netflix about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and it occurred to me that Escobar is precisely the type of leader that Trump wants to be.  A role model, let’s say, where his every order is obeyed without question no matter how vile and rivals are eliminated in an instant with the flash of a gun muzzle.

Too far?  Maybe.  But Trump has given no indication that he appreciates the Constitutional protections and its pesky rules like everyone charged with a crime  has the right to a defense, or the right habeas corpus where you can’t be arrested without legitimate cause or that the press has a vital function in our system of checks and balances and to shut them up is to leave the country ignorant.  (Okay, sure, this is the ideal that isn’t often approached by the media these days, but you get my point.)  And then too, there's the weird, thinly veiled call for his followers to assassinate his Presidential rival Hillary Clinton.  Too far?  No, I don’t think so.  It’s true that, even as President, Trump would be stymied by that government the right wingers so detest which, truth be told, is also one of its vital functions, controlling the actions of stupid Presidents.  Or attempting to at least, since this didn’t work all that well under George W. Bush. 

But back to my original point.  Donald Trump really has given us a gift.  Today, fact-checking is done nearly instantaneously.  False stories that suddenly appear as "Breaking News Headlines” are debunked not in months or years, but in days now.  Hillary Clinton’s past – “she was Bill’s enabler, she threatened Bill’s accusers, she freed the rapist of a 12 year old girl” – all the past scandals of the Clintons that Trump dredges up (for whatever purpose) are being reexamined, younger folks are getting the benefit of the facts about such cases and in nearly all cases the new resurrection of “Hillary Clinton Murdered Vince Foster” memes are show Hillary in a better light.  So there’s this.    

I actually heard Don Lemon on CNN the other day actually call Corey Lewandowski out when he raised the vile "Hillary Freed A Rapist" meme.  He directly told Lweandowski that it was not true, that it had been proven false many times.  Don Lemon did this.  The same Don Lemon who just a month ago so wrapped himself pretzel-like in his attempts to not “offend” all these Trump pundit wazoos on CNN's six member grudge match they term a "Political Analysis," hypocritically (and laughably) trying to justify Trump’s taxes, his bigotry, his racism his xenophobia, and his womanizing.  This is a true revolutionary change. 

And let’s all remember that if it hadn’t been for CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressing Trump about whether or not he had actually engaged in the kind of actions that he talked about on the Access Hollywood tape, we wouldn’t have known about all the women who allege that he was sexually aggressive towards.  In all of the interviews I’ve seen, the woman have said that it was when he answered “NO!” to Cooper’s questions that so angered them that they decided to come forward. Now let's remember that Cooper is openly gay and if you think the haters have given up, here's a taste of what's being said about him that the Advocate has found:  ANDERSON COOPER CNN GAY FAGGOT REPORTER

So let’s all give thanks to The Donald and the Trumpettes for so upending our collective definition of such concepts as “rationality,” “reality,” “truth,” “patriotism,” “the real world” and engaging in over-the-top bombast, bluster, bigotry, racism, sexism all the while throwing out conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory as actual truth and representative reality, that America – the rest of us – are no longer able to ignore the anger, hatred, bigotry, and just downright craziness that has bubbled under the surface of American society for years, and is now revealed in all its putrid decay in the person of Donald Trump.

We should all be very grateful. 



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