So now that FBI Director James Comey has alerted the world to the FBI’s investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner sexting adventures, how come we aren’t privy to the FBI’s current investigations into Donald Trump, if, of course there are any?  And “alerted the world” sounds too strident for you?  Umm, no, it’s not.  Sending a letter to any Republican Congressperson is tantamount to announcing it to the world.  Don’t forget Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is the fucking retard who couldn’t even read a chart he presented as evidence at the “Get To The Bottom Of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts For Profit As Proven By Doctored Videos By Calling A Single Witness” hearing, genius that he is, when the chart was as bogus as those Center for Medical Progress tapes, made no sense, and  he claimed were from documents submitted to the committee from Planned Parenthood when in fact (yes, IN FACT) it was clearly labeled for the entire hearing room and the world to see that it was from a rabid anti-abortion group.  

So, unless FBI Director Comey has been in a coma for a couple of years or suffering from Alzheimer’s, I’m guessing that he would have known that sending anything to a Congressional committee that included dumb-ass, right wing fool Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was akin to putting such communication in every media outlet’s online drop box.  He simply cannot be this dumb.  So there’s that.

Here's what Democrat and Civil Rights leader Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland has to say:

For me, the entire "scandal" comes down to this:

Comey had a choice to make.  Given that he had promised Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that he would keep the Committee abreast of any new Clinton server developments and the investigation into Anthony Weiner's sexting activities is being underway sort of, and there was some marginal thoughts that since Hima Abedin is Hillary's right-hand woman and Huma is Weiner's estranged spouse, he felt compelled to notify the Committee.  His letter, on the other hand, didn't really reveal anything much - the FBI had not yet received permission to seize Weiner's laptop (or phone or whatever "device" was implicated in the Dick Pics and sexting activities)  and they had not (and still have not) actually seen the so-called damaging Clinton e-mails, it was very much lacking in detail.   Any detail.  Any real, what the rest of us would call, "information." And let's remember that Comey had been advised by folks in the Department of Justice not to send his letter to Congress.  As far as I know, even though he has a 10 year tenure, Comey is a member of the Administration and not a  Congressional Aide.  

But let's leave the option that Comey had the choice not to notify the Committee at all with such vague and non-factual info.  Let's assume that in a paroxysm of patriotic duty, he felt compelled to notify Chaffetz and the other Committee members of this "find."

But then there came a second choice: 1) whether to send the letter 11 days before what can only be described as one of our most contentious and momentous Presidential elections in our 200+ year history or 2) to wait until after the election on November 8th.  It goes without saying that Comey knew that either way he would be castigated.  Before the election he violates DOJ and FBI policy and be slammed by the left and Democrats.  Wait until after the election and Republicans and the right wing would be on his ass accusing him of hiding critical damaging info about Hillary Clinton.

He chose option No. 1 and by doing so not only went against both Department of Justice and FBI protocols of not commenting on investigations within 60 days of national, state and local election for fear of inadvertently influencing those elections but ensuring that there would be be a potential impact on the outcome of the election.  

This is the decision he made.  It is a decision that has not only has brought the ire of Democrats and liberals but of many Republicans as well.  So it seems to me that when you are faced with two decidedly bad choices, you chose the one that has the least impact on an upcoming Presidential election.  Is this so hard to fathom?

I think that even Homer Simpson would have gotten this one right.

So now Comey has until today to come forward with the details of the investigation.  He will, of course, not do this.  We are not going to hear from him again since the FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations.  And, to be sure, Comey didn't notify the news media, he notified the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee of Benghazi and Planned Parenthood shame.  There is simply no way that he thought his letter would remain out of the public domain.  

Here's my solution.  What the Comey and the FBI need to do is to release the number and nature of their investigations into Donald Trump.  The 11 women who have claimed he sexually assaulted them?  The Trump University rip off scandal?  The Donald J. Trump Foundation illegalities?  The Trump ties to Russia?  The Trump racketeering charges?  All of which seem to me allegations and accusations that indeed warrant FBI investigations.  Maybe such a disclosure would rectify the needless damage Comey's decision has wrecked upon the country.

Bottom Line Here?  Comey committed a vast error in judgement no matter what his motivation might be.  It was and is just wrong.

8 More Days!!


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