If you saw Anderson Cooper’s interview with Melania Trump yesterday on CNN, you might be wondering (as I was) why isn’t she running for President rather than that dickhead husband of hers?  She was gracious, reasoned, and defended her husband admirably.   Problem is, no one can defend The Donald, particularly with her reasoning that it was Billie Bush who caused her husband to say all those horrible things about women - or rather about himself, really, now that I think about it. 

Think about this for a hot sec: we are now precisely 10 days out from the day that the Washington Post published the Access Hollywood tape starring Donald Trump and Billie Bush, and we’re still talking about it.  All of us.  Including Trump, which is why we are all still talking about it.  So far we’ve had the “Locker Room Talk” excuse, the “Hillary Done It” excuse, the “Boy Talk” excuse, “The Biased Media” excuse and now the "Billie Bush" excuse.  We now have a virtual cornucopia of excuses for Donald Trump’s verbal sexual assault for which there is simply no excuse.  For a 59 year old man to talk about grabbing women’s pussies without their permission would be a disgusting affront to all women no matter who might have mouthed this ugliness, but for a Presidential Candidate it is an insult to every single American who has not been recruited into the Trump Cult.  As Hillary concluded a year ago, Donald Trump is simply not fit to be President and he has continued to demonstrate the wiseness of Hillary's comment every day.   

I’ve read and heard a couple of the Trumpettes declare: “Well President Kennedy had numerous affairs in the White House and Democrats revered him.”  Well yeah, except that was before the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski scandal when the press no longer felt that Presidential “personal indiscretions,” like Eisenhower’s, for example, were off limits.  They knew but they didn’t report them.   That voluntary discretionary censorship ended with Bill Clinton and the reporting about President’s personal lives has become fair game ever since.  It’s a shame, really, but that’s the media world we live in today. 

But you have to give Trump credit: he is persistent.  He is persistent in his blaming everyone else for his own God-damned problems.  It’s the biased media.  It’s the Clintons.  It’s the rigged elections.  It’s voter fraud.  It’s the Republican National Committee (RNC).  It’s the liberals.  It’s anyone and everything but him.  It brings back memories (fond ones, admittedly) when I would tell my daughter that she had to pick up all the toys scattered about her room before I would take her to her friend’s house.  She blamed the dog for the mess.  Of course, she was five years old at the time.  So there's that.  But The Donald is a grown up (allegedly) man.  What the fuck is it with him? 

But never mind.  Aren’t we all waiting with baited breath for Wednesday’s final Presidential debate after all the shitstorm Trump has put us through since the last one?   I know that I am.  I can’t wait!  I mean there’s so much suspense!  Will The Donald ramp up his Lurking Lurch shtick to intimidate Hillary even more than the last time?  Will Hillary finally lose it and verbally decapitate the orange headed baboon with a series of sharp counter attacks lodging under his thin skin?  Maybe she will just sit and remain silent to allow Trump do what he does best - inflict more damage on himself, all by himself.  Will Fox News’ moderator Chris Wallace “fact-check” as he did in the primaries or will he abide by his latest proclamation that it is not the function of moderators to fact-check?  Will the Trumpettes in the audience rush the stage with pitchforks or maybe even an AR-15 or ten?

I mean, really, this is high drama of the highest level if you are comparing it with “The Real Housewives of the OC.”  Me? I would love for Hillary to demolish this fool’s ass and render him like a sacrificial pig at Ramadan.  Oh. Wait.  I mean a sacrificial lamb or goat at Ramadan.  (Apologies to my Muslim fans.)  But I don’t see this happening as much as I would love the debate to turn into a WWE mud wrestling match.  Nothing could bring me more nativist pleasure.    Too bad they can’t dress up in those tight, multi-colored, leather bikini's and tops (for the women) that the wrestlers do.  (You have to admit that the guys are mucho buff, right?)

But let’s get serious for a moment.  When Trump alleges that the election is rigged (he no longer claims that the election “will” be rigged, now he says it “is” rigged even though it hasn’t actually (in reality) occurred yet, he is stepping beyond a line and his tripe  becomes a very profound insult to America and our entire democratic system. Sure, is there fraud in voting?  (I won’t mention the 2000 Presidential election.)  The answer is a solid “Yes!”  But proclaiming that if Trump loses it will be the result of a rigged election?  No way. Hillary Clinton rigging the election to defeat Trump?  No way.  Have dead people voted in elections? Yes.  Have ballot boxes been stuffed to favor one candidate over another?  Yes! Mail-in ballots not counted? Yes! This stuff happens.  But it happens in some precinct in Chicago or Miami or Detroit or Nashville  but it does not happen at a national level.  Why? Because elections are run by our 50 states.  There is no national vote counting.  No Federal agency that is responsible for vote counting.   The entire "the election is rigged" conspiracy theory is vintage Donald but has no basis in fact.  In reality, let's say. 

What’s actually relevant to Trump’s claim are recent court decisions about Voter ID laws enacted by many Red States over the past few years.  Democrats claim (and rightly so) that these laws allegedly passed to “prevent voter fraud” that is nonexistent, are actually laws designed to disenfranchise Democratic voters from casing their votes.  Judges in North Carolina, Florida, North Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, and Kansas have ruled recently that, indeed, such laws are discriminatory and in several cases judges have openly opined in their written opinions that these laws were enacted to depress votes among certain groups.  And in both North Carolina and in Florida judges have mandated longer voter registration periods as a result of Hurricane Matthew in a blow to the state legislatures in both states that refused to do so.  It looks to me as if our court system is in the process of "unrigging" our elections.  

Trump surrogates – including the usual suspects Corey Lewandowski and Katrina Pierson, now joined by Rudi Giuliani, Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich, have all passively or actively glommed onto the “rigged election” meme should Trump lose.  What Trump and these folks don’t seem to “get” is that no one said the election was rigged when Mitt Romney lost to Barak Obama (even though Karl Rove had a Fox News on-screen meltdown over the result) or when John McCain lost to the self-same Barak Obama.  Same when John Kerry lost to George W. Bush in 2004 or when Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980.  (I won’t mention the 2000 election when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.) No one - Democrats or Republicans - claimed that these elections was rigged.  (I won't mention the 2000 Presidential Election.)  That Trump is already claiming that the Presidential election is or will be rigged (by the Clintons, by the way) is a brand new “wrinkle” when it comes to Presidential elections.   Maybe this claim was proffered in our past, but certainly not in any elections we’ve had since the dawn of the 20th Century.   It is self-justification writ large.  

What this conspiracy meme actually reveals is Donald Trump’s total blindness to his own failings.  If Trump loses it will be because of his batshit crazy “policies” (rounding up Muslims), his total disdain for women (the Access Hollywood tapes), total ignorance about matters of international geopolitics (there should be more nuclear weapons, Clinton and Obama created ISIS), his lack of self-control (lurching behind Clinton at the last debate, unable not to punch back), his inability to not respond to personal affronts (his early morning Twitter posts) and his fundamentally flawed ability to detect fact from fiction (his embracement of conspiracy theories) and not, as Hillary Clinton perceptively concluded ages ago, that Donald Trump is simply unfit to be President of the United States of America.  And this, folks, as we've seen over and over again, is the real deal about Donald J. Trump.

As election day 2016 lurches closer to our lives, here’s what I would posit as my ideal scenario:  Not only does Hillary Clinton trounce the orange haired orangutan passing for a Presidential candidate, but that us liberals and progressives are so bloody sick and tied of the bullshit we’ve been subjected to for decades now, that we, in a magnificent show of progressive liberal anger, rage and “this must end now” solidarity not only elevate Clinton to the presidency but through our collective strength also swing both the Senate and the House of Representatives into the hands of Democrats who will ensure that the  specter of a Trump Presidency will never again threaten the well being of America.

All right.  This borders on Wizard of Oz style fantasy, I know.  But wouldn't it serve as the perfect "response" to the Rush Limbaugh's, Alex Jones's, Steve Bannon's, Fox News's and alt.right idiots of the world?  Damned Straight It Would!

Have A Good Day Folks!



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