Now, I’m betting that if you or me had been hauled into court for some reason or other – say a neighbor sued us for that overhanging tree branch or some other dire offense – and a judge ruled that we had to cut the branch, we would do it.  Right?  Sure, maybe a few days to line up a tree service, if necessary, but I don’t know about you but I’m not going to defy a judge or a court of law.  Hey, call me stupid, but I actually believe in our court system even when things don’t go my way.  That’s our system.

Well, apparently, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, and other states are not believers in our court system taking cues from the alt.right folks (and apparently Presidential Candidate Donald Trump) that when court decisions don’t go your way you have the right to just ignore them.  These are all states where Voter ID Laws have been “adjusted” by judges recently, these “liberal judges” having found that such laws are discriminatory in half a dozen states.  In some cases, the judges have actually spelled out remedies – the judge in the Wisconsin case ruled that the state had to provide affidavits for voters who did not meet the new ID law requirements, by affirming that they could not meet the requirements (original copy of birth certificate, for example, for someone who was born in Vermont but has lived in North Carolina for 30 years) and that they would then be able to cast their vote.

Now this seems pretty clear to me.  Not all that complicated really.  Here’s what the judge wrote when he invalidated Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law:  “Henceforth the state was to “promptly issue a credential as a valid voting ID to any person “who applied for one.” I’m not an English language scholar, but seems pretty clear to me.   Apparently, Wisconsin officials seem to have some trouble with understanding the English language (and I’m assuming here that the court orders were crafted in English not in Spanish or Arabic) since here’s what happened to 18 year old Treasure Collins when she went to a Wisconsin DMV: “I brought everything my Mom told me I would need: my school ID, a copy of my birth certificate, my Social Security number.  But they told me that I needed an original copy of my birth certificate.  All the way from Illinois.”  Recall for a sec, what the Judge ordered: Wisconsin was to promptly issue a credential that would serve as a valid ID to anyone who could not fulfill the Voter ID requirements.

Same story in Texas where a judge ordered the state to provide approved voter ID’s to people by signing an affidavit for all those who “cannot reasonably obtain one.”  Texas voting literature (designed to “help” people vote) left out the term “reasonably” making it seem that only folks who could not obtain an ID by any means could do so by affidavit and suggesting that anyone who lied on this affidavit could be prosecuted for perjury.  One can petition the state government if all else fails but this is a long process.  In Texas, where an estimated 900,000 residents lack the required photo ID, only 653 have gone the state petition route.   

It’s no mystery that conservatives loathe the current Supreme Court makeup.  They see it as  a “liberal” now eight member panel who keep on “interpreting” the Constitution rather than just following it.  Of course you know as well as I do that the Constitution says definitively that Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are part of the Fourth Estate and, therefore, can’t be held responsible for the hate-speech of their members so no “interpretation” is required.  Conservatives and Red States seem to not quite “get it” that the Supreme Court is our final arbitrator of the law, regardless of whether you think they are “interpreting” it or not.  It’s always been fascinating to me that conservatives rail at the Court over such decisions as same sex marriage and upholding Roe v. Wade – both social issues that probably don’t affect a whole lot of them in the least - but fully embrace their Hobby Lobby and Citizen’s United decisions that have far reaching social consequences and at least potentially impact every one of us.  In reality, the bottom line here is that Conservatives feel they can disobey the law if they don’t like the court’s decisions.  

And this is precisely what’s happing in all the states where the courts have invalidated or amended Voter ID Laws.   These end runs that violate a judge’s sometimes very explicit ruling are pretty much standard operating procedure these days when it comes to conservatives and Red Ruled states.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the real purpose of Voter ID laws were when Red State legislatures began passing them after the election of Barak Obama.  (Because, “My God! How is it possible that there’s a “Nigger” in the White House?”)  In fact, I’m reasonably certain that any six-grader in the country – outside of the South – could have figured this out as well.  And now our court system has concluded the very same thing: Voter ID Laws are discriminatory and suppress minority votes. 

This lawlessness, and that’s exactly what it is, is also a theme of the Republican candidate for the Presidency, Donald Trump.  When he suggests that “someone” might want to take it upon themselves to assassinate Hillary Clinton or when he “suggests” that armed rebellion might be in order if he does not win the Presidency, he is embracing and promoting a well worn pathway carved into the American subsoil by the likes of Alex Jones, Steve Bannon and Rush Limbaugh.   To these folks, winning, and winning at all costs and by any means even when our judicial system rules against them, is an acceptable means of getting what they want.  

This is a very dangerous game they are playing and one that undermines probably the most fundamental underpinning of the American Experiment: the rule of law.  

Have A Good Day Folks!  Only 13 days left in this shitstorm we are calling our Presidential Election.
                    [Here's the piece where this info comes from.  VOTER ID LAWS FALL ]

P.S.  And now for some late Breaking News Headlines:

"REVEALED: Wisconsin Clerk Limits Voting Near Campus Because: "Students Lean More Toward The Democrats"

Yup!  That's right folks! 

Here's the story: 


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