Trump’s “rigged election” theme is nothing new for Republicans.  They’ve been accusing Democrats for decades now of stealing elections.  This meme got more traction back in 1993 with the passage of the National Voter Registration Act (the “motor-voter” act) when Republicans began complaining that registrations were too easy to come by and too hard to verify.  The Year 2000 Presidential election is the latest example of how elections could, theoretically, be “stolen” since Bush’s victory was by a margin of only 537 votes in Florida.  In that same election year, Republicans in Missouri charged Democrats with election fraud after lawyers for the Gore campaign won a court case to keep polling places open longer as a result of legitimate voters having been removed from registration lists in St. Louis.  Since 2000, 16 states have enacted laws to make even registering to vote more difficult, much less the more infamous and more reported disenfranchising Voter ID Laws. 

Trump’s latest foray into the voter fraud business is his claim that nationally there are 1.8 million dead voters currently registered to vote and 24 million inaccurate voter registrations.  But what he’s depending on is that folks (his folks, at least) don’t get the difference between voter registrations and actual voting, as when people show up at their designated polling place and cast their ballots.  Mine has change this year, from the nursing home across the street to the branch library around the corner.  When people move - change addresses – it is more than likely that they will be listed on two voter registration rolls due to inefficiency.  This is usually corrected after they vote and list their new address on the voter form which is then (belatedly) checked and their former address eliminated from the registration lists.  But this doesn’t mean that they vote more than once.  Same with the dead people.  Having your name on a registration list is not an indication of fraud.  It might indicate inefficiencies with the registration process and this is fairly common but it almost never results in fraudulent votes.  The PEW research study that Trump quotes, goes on to say that there was no evidence of non-citizen voter registration (Trump also makes a big-assed deal of illegals voting) or non-citizen voting or evidence of voter fraud due to out-of-date records or deceased voters actually voting in the 2012 study. 

Then there is the Loyola University Study that researched a decade’s worth of national voting across the country and concluded that in nearly a billion votes cast (I believe it was 980,000,000) there were 31 cases that were actually prosecuted of someone voting as someone else – identify fraud.  This is the kind of voter fraud that Voter ID Laws are designed to prevent.  (Sort of like preventing an outbreak of Zombie invaders, to my mind, but that’s just me.)  Fraud in elections actually does occur, just not the kind of fraud the right wing, Voter ID folks and Donald Trump cite.  It occurs mostly at local precincts, sometimes in a broader context – a city – but your typical Voter ID fraud simply doesn’t occur by someone impersonating someone else. 

In Terre Haute, Indiana, back in 1914, where the mayor, who was convicted of election fraud, bought off voters, rigged voting machines, registered thousands of non-existent voters and arrested nosy poll watchers.   Back in 2011 four Troy, NY, official and party workers were convicted of creating false absentee ballots that might have swung local elections.  And, back to Indiana once more, that state’s chief election official, Secretary of State Charlie White, was convicted in 2011 of six felonies involving voter fraud including submitting a false ballot himself.  (One would think that Indiana might want to take a look at their registration and voting systems after a century of proven fraudulent activity but, hey, I'm just an East Coast, pointy-headed Commie liberal and I guess they do things differently out in the great American Midwest.)  But note that none of these real cases of “voter fraud” involved voters (or your ordinary American getting up early, dragging him or her self to their voting place, standing in line sometimes for hours, and then finally casting their votes) passing themselves off as someone else.  If you are looking for real voter fraud, it most often occurs with local party officials or local election officials, not the rest of us, and even this kind of fraud is both rare and has been on the decline for decades now.  None of this, let's be clear, would have the slightest impact on the national vote totals or the Electoral College tally.  In any given election year, there would need to be dozens of cases (or more) of local election fraud to have any impact nationally.  It just doesn't happen.  Trump seems to forget that we don't have a "national election." What we have are fifty state elections that determine the election of the President.  
But among many Republicans, and this includes Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, voter fraud remains ubiquitous.  Listening to them one would think that our entire electoral system is rife with ballot box stuffing, voter impersonations, computer meddling and all the rest.  As a result, nearly half of Americans believe voter fraud happens at least "somewhat often" and 70 percent think it happens at least "occasionally" according to a Washington Post/ABC poll conducted last month.   It's all nonsense.  The reality (data, facts, studies) of voter fraud has proven time and time again that our elections, voting and vote counts are pretty honest.  After investigations of voter fraud in St. Louis back in 2000, of 2,381,586 votes cast, only six votes were revealed to have been ineligible either deliberately or inadvertently.  Six in 2,381,586 yields  .00000259% and this figure has to translate into just about the chances of Earth like life to be discovered in the recently expanded range of the known universe.

There are innumerable studies – thoroughly researched, reputable and scientifically based  - that simply put Trump’s “rigged election” nonsense into the category of “fantasy” or “conspiracy theory” or “other world unreality” as well as Republican Red State Legislatures who have enacted Voter ID Laws to prevent voter fraud.  It plainly and simply just does not happen.  End of story. 

But Trump and the Trumpettes, and I will add Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon and Fox News into this basket of deplorables, believe that “facts” and “data” are only left wing efforts to keep Trump from wining the 2016 Presidential election.  Well, and that us liberals are secret Commies just lurking in the shadows to help Commie Obama with his takeover of America when it begins although time is running short for this eventuality. 

Me?  If Trump loses it will not be from voter fraud or rigged elections.  It will be because he has demonstrated time and time again over the past year (and more) that he doesn’t deserve the label “American” much less the label “President of the United States of America.  In fact, I’m wondering about whether the label “human” actually applies.

Have A Great Day With Only 12 More Days To Go Before Us Liberals Show Who We Are!   

NOTE:  Most of this piece is cribbed from a recent New York Times article but this is a topic I've been researching and posting about for some time.    VOTER FRAUD AS A POLITICAL STRATEGY

And now for the Fox News version (actually, the clip is pretty amazing given 1) Fox "News" criticizes Trump, and 2) the bullshit they use to "justify" Trump's rigged election remarks.)


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