I don’t know what kind of campaign Trump is running but whatever it is, it hasn’t gone well for The Donald over past the past week.   Wait, No. I'm dissembling.   I actually do know what kind of campaign he’s running: a Jim Jones cult style People’s Temple campaign which, hopefully, won’t end the same way that Jim Jones’ did with hundreds of folks committing mass suicide.  I mean, sure, such a conclusion would certainly remove a small segment of American society who as far as I’m concerned, we’d all be so much better off without, but I can’t bring myself to wish this on them.  It is, however, an "interesting" thought.  

But here’s what just continues to blow my mind.  After every Trump scandal – the latest being the “pussy grabbing” one – he goes off on some rant or other at one of his huuuuge rallies (it was Scranton, PA yesterday) where he slimes, whines and bitches about how biased the media is, how unfair the moderators are, how Hillary Clinton should be jailed and attacks everyone who had the temerity to confront him or say something "bad" about him.   (He also includes Bill Clinton who, as far as I know, hasn't said a whole lot about Trump but is no stranger to "Locker Room Talk.")  And, here’s the kicker to this whole embarrassing pushback from Trump: his surrogates who seem to think that if they talk fast enough while evading an answers to direct questions they win!  If you've seen the "political pundit panels," you know exactly what I mean.   Right now as I’m writing this, one of his surrogates is blaming “50 Shades of Gray” and “Magic Mike” for Trump’s pussy groping “Locker Room Talk.”  Really?  A book and a movie are the cause of Trump's sexual assault talk?  Really? Then again, Trump continues to proclaim that Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama gave birth to ISIS another fictional fantasy but one that is believed with cult like fervor in alt.right world.    

Let’s take a look at this “Locker Room Talk” excuse.  Sure, I can remember talking trash about girls as me and my buddies were showering or changing in locker rooms but that happened to be when I was in high school.  Or maybe 8th grade.  My memory is fuzzy these days.  But the alt.right term for female genitalia - "pussy" - never crossed our lips, believing if it did we would be struck down immediately by God or lightening.  (Hard in a locker room, I admit, but not impossible, right?)  This, of course, is the “thematic excuse” that both Trump and his ADHD surrogates have offered as justification for his “pussy grabbing” comments caught on tape.  Trump keeps forgetting that when you crave publicity and you get it, at least since the mid 20th Century those pesky things called “tapes” are still sitting in some media outlet’s Self-Store storage unit collecting dust but readily retrievable when needed.   As Trump should have learned about a year ago but apparently has not.   

Now, most of his defenders – a rapidly diminishing group, to be sure – are basically excusing his “pussy grabbing” remarks as a one off, you know, something that is uncharacteristic of The Donald, happened only once and 11 years ago at that.  In other worlds, a singular event that has no bearing on his views towards women or his character.   But let’s do a little research.  If you Google, let’s say, “Trump’s Sexual Indiscretions,” here’s a few of the hits you come up with:

1.  Ivana Trump in a divorce deposition has accused him of violence and rape. (She has recently doubled down on her deposition claim but even more recently recanted.)

2.  Jill Harth has accused Trump of groping her and attempted to rape her in a lawsuit against Trump.

3. Trump has publicly admitted marital infidelity with Marla Maples while he was married to Ivana Trump. 

4. A 13 year old girl has accused Trump of rape in civil court lawsuit.

5.  Trump blames the alarming incidents of rape in the military on the presence of women and men together. 

6.  Donald Trump, father extraordinaire, called one of his daughters "a piece of ass."

Now, of course, all of these are unproven allegations and The Donald had better hope that the ones that are currently in court remain so.  None of the allegations are new or made up.  They’ve been floating around the internet for some time now.  On the other hand, yesterday in Scranton, he went on a rant about Bill Clinton’s sexual proclivities and has called Hillary Clinton Bill’s "enabler," not for the first time.  Trump has so often slimed women, both prior to and during his campaign, the one-off locker room “pussy grabbing” comment might be convincing if it weren’t for these other “indiscretions” that he has allegedly committed and what he himself has revealed about his attitude towards women.  Since the beginning of the Trump campaign, these include referencing Megyn Kelly’s bloody periods, calling Miss Universe “Miss Piggy,” saying that Sarah Jessica Parker was the “unsexiest woman alive,” calling Rosie O’Donnell “crude, rude, obnoxious, and dumb.”   And these are just the abbreviated short list.  And, today there are report that there was even worse “locker room” talk on the set of The Apprentice.”  "Apprentice" producer, Mark Burnett, (a friend of Donald Trump) says he is legally prohibited from releasing these tapes.   (So where is Julian Assange and Wikileaks when you really need them?)  

What The Donald seems to think is that if he continues to throw red meat at his wildly supportive fans at his huuuuuge “Lock Her Up” rallies, he will succeed in wining the Presidency.   However, this odd strategy doesn’t seem to be working since Clinton has gained about 10 points over Trump since the last debate.  But The Donald doesn’t seem to “get it” since he just boldly stated that if the media keeps on revealing tapes of his sexual proclivities, he will go after Bill Clinton even harder.   I’m not sure here but maybe Trump isn’t aware that it’s not Bill Clinton who’s running for President, but that it's his wife, Hillary Clinton, who is.   

And even though there might be fewer folks around in 2016 who didn’t experience the Bill Clinton scandals and impeachment by the House of Representatives, he might want to consider that when Bill was impeached his approval ratings were at 73%, the highest of his two term Presidency.  Why?  Because we the people knew - innocents that we might be - very well that the Congressional investigations, the Special Prosecutor (Kenneth Starr) and the impeachment itself was simply a super partisan hit job by Republicans much like today's IRS and Benghazi scandals.   We didn't particularly care for the whole Bill Clinton partisan spectacle so when Trump attacks Bill to shore up his bonifides with his alt.right cult supporters, he's doing the one thing that will surely lose the election for him:  alienating more and more of the rest of us.    

What can you say about a Locker Room Talking Presidential Candidate who doesn't seem to understand that he can ramp up his popularity with his diehard, alt.right, batshit crazy supporters all he wants but the rest of us just become even more disgusted with this reality show spectacle called Donald Trump?   

And There You Have Today’s Trump News!!



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