Hillary Clinton has been accusing Donald Trump of being unfit to hold the office of President of the United States since he became the Republican nominee.  If you saw last night’s Second Presidential Debate you saw The Donald prove just how unfit he really is.  And not because of the latest sex tapes or his admiration for Vladimir Putin but for his total lack of coherence about any topic that arose during the debate.  Yes, his demeanor was odd – stalking around in the background while Hillary was speaking, complaining about the moderators favoring her, the cocaine style snuffling – but what totally did him in was his lack of any sort of logic, rationality and just plain knowledge about all of the questions that were put to him.  (In reality, nothing new here,)  Whether on ISIS or Russia, or Syria, or Muslims or African American, all of his answers simply made no fucking sense. Or weren't answers at all.  

Hillary Clinton has a lot of hate in her heart?  Really Donald?  This is what you come up with in a Presidential debate?  What the fuck was that?  Ambassador Stevens sent 600 requests for security?  What the fuck was that?  And “Just About Everybody?”  What the fuck is that?  Is “Just About Everybody” some sort of official imprimatur that legitimatizes the bullshit that comes out of his mouth?  Is this like “Everybody Knows That Hillary Clinton Should Be Locked Up?” that he's constantly throwing out at his campaign rallies? For the second Presidential Debate and a month to go before the election on November 8th it is simply astonishing that Donald Trump has yet to articulate a solution for all the problems and horrible conditions that America is in, according to him, at least.  He wants to repeal Obamacare but has never articulated what would replace it (except that insurance companies would be allowed to compete across state line.)  Syria?  He derides America’s failure in that state but has not a single proposal to change U.S. actions there.  Our horrible, crime ridden dangerous inner cities?  Again, nothing.  Trump has no concrete proposals to counter any of the rhetorical bombast and accusations he throws at Clinton.  Except for the clever and ever popular with his cult following, "Lock Her Up!" I suppose. 

I am pretty shocked that the CNN post-debate poll shows that Clinton won the debate by 57% to 34%.  Frankly, the very fact that Trump didn’t crash and burn like the Hindenburg as he did in the first Presidential debate, should have been enough for a Trump win.  It wasn’t.   Hillary Clinton won the first debate by 62% to Trump’s 27% so he did improve his performance numbers.  But one has to conclude, then, that it wasn’t his debate performance that was so bad but the past, sordid 48 hours that were so vile and disgusting that did.  I don’t know what other reason there could be.  Sure, Trump didn’t shine at this debate and Hillary wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, but his performance was far superior than his performance in the last one.  (The coke style sniffling, however, is still very off-putting.)  I suspect he is not going to recover from his grabbing some woman’s pussy remarks.  Apparently his apology and his characterization that they were only “locker room talk” doesn’t seem to be cutting it.  As it should not. 

Another interesting but little reported factoid are the results of CNN’s undecided voter focus group.  Following both debates, undecided voters thought that Clinton had persuaded them by a two to one margin over Trump.  So when it comes to debates, it seems that Trump is simply not convincing even though he brags about the massive hoards of cult folks at his rallies who support him.   One thing was much improved in this debate:  the moderators.  Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz took control of the debate, shutting off both when their time ran out, repeatedly asking the same questions that the candidates were dodging and even admonishing the audience at one point.  There were a few points where Clinton and Trump were challenged on the factual basis of their replies, hopefully ending the ban on moderators not “fact checking.”   

The most startling comment, and the most chilling, was  Trump’s proposal that he is going to have his Justice Department to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate, convict Clinton and, as he has promised endlessly, to lock her up.  Okay.  He didn’t say all that just that when he’s President he’s going to do a Kenneth Starr Special Prosecutor investigation based on slander, innuendo, and right wing propaganda rather than on facts.  This “Proposal” once again reveals Trump’s penchant for authoritarianism much like his buddy Putin who is known to prosecute his political enemies.  It is not exactly a comforting picture of a future President.  

One of the more interesting post-debate memes was Corey Lewandowski (former Trump campaign manager and current CNN commentator) dragging out the thousand times debunked right wing bullshit that Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a 12 year old girl off.   If you don’t know the facts behind this falsehood, it’s worth looking it up.  Absolutely no part of this concocted out of this rabid fantasy allegation is true. 

Here's Fact Check's facts about Clinton freeing a child rapist:


The bottom line with Trump vs. Women, is that he sees all women as potential sexual partners – this is how he views them – and they are either good prospects for sex or they are too ugly to fall into his purview of potential sexual partners.  CNN’s post –debate poll showed that among women more than 60% said that Clinton won.  Anyone surprised? 

Overall this debate was a disaster for Trump.  What it showed is that the pussy tape and the other tapes where The Donald has demeaned women, are sticking in the minds of the public and one assumes, women.  Otherwise folks would have thought that The Donald would have topped Clinton in this debate.  He didn’t.   Once again, for the life of me I can’t figure out why it is that Trump – who has sought the spotlight of media fame for thirty years, cannot get it into his head that video (and audio) tapes don’t lie.  That if you crave pubic attention, there will be evidence of what you said no matter how much you might deny the facts.  And with him, there are legions waiting, one supposes, to be released. 

Donald Trump did admit – or appeared to – that he has not paid Federal Taxes for years.  This, coupled with his pussy grabbing tape, pretty much ends his campaign for the office of the President of the United States.  But then there are still 30 more days to go.  

So who knows? 

Note to Julian Assange and Wikileaks:  You might want to coordinate your next "Hillary Killing" e-mail dump with the Trump campaign.  After all, he pretty much blasted your last one off the Breaking News Headlines, didn't he.  


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