CNN Just Handed Trump Supporters Their Asses On Live TV Over Their 100% Wrong “Facts” 

It’s scary how ill-informed so many American voters who support Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump are. Trump has been spewing race-baiting lies the entire election cycle, leveraging the financial and economic anxieties of the white American working class, which also feels threatened by the fact that the white majority in our country is swiftly eroding into a mere plurality.

Van Jones and Angela Rye invited some Trump supporters onto their CNN show recently, to hear them out. One was Congresswoman Martha Blackburn of Tennessee and another was Trump surrogate Andre Bauer. The conversation sadly devolved into name-calling, with Bauer claiming that Hillary Clinton was the one who first stoked all the racial tension in America.

Van Jones shut them down, concluding, “When someone says there’s institutional racism, they are not saying every single police officer hates black people. What they’re saying is something is happening here where there’s a bias. An African American kid wearing a hoodie is seen as a threat; a white kid wearing a hoodie may be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. And there’s an unfairness there, and you’ve got to look at it. The big danger that I see is, when you start talking about data, when you start talking about trends, and somebody says, “Well you just hate all cops,” that shuts down the discussion as well.” Is Van right? Watch the video below:

NOTE:  Which brings me to one of the more astounding phenomenons of this election cycle:  "liberal pushback."    Several years ago I decided to do a semi-scientific "study" by inserting myself into the sphere of online comments.  All the anti-Obama comments since his first election really got under my skin and this singular event seemed to unleash a tsunami of bigoted, racist "feelings" and "pronouncements" among a section of American online society. (Today, of course, The Donald has harvested these folks who now make up his troop of Trumpettes who follow him cult-like into the abyss.)  I didn't choose some right wing, alt.right batshit crazy Nazi violence prone web site, but Yahoo.  In my search for news stories, I noticed that Yahoo seemed to attract the most right wing comments of the more commonly used online platforms. 

I decided to respond to the "Obama is the most criminal President of all time," "Michelle Obama is descended from apes" and "Obama is amassing blue helmeted U.N. troops to take over America," and similar comments.    I found myself pretty much alone in my replies to all these racist comments four years ago now.    I would logically and rationally attempt to undercut all the dumb shit that brain dead folks posted but it was a pretty lonely campaign since my pro-Obama comments were followed by a flood of replies that often began with: "You stupid sheeple" or "You dumb fucking libertard" and "Libertard asshole" among the most common of opening phrases that I encountered.

What continued to amaze me was how much of the online rhetoric was based on conspiracy theories and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh "facts" that the right wing media empire was spewing out to the American public, all of which were pretty much the ravings of addled brained folks who couldn't have distinguished a "fact" from a Grimm's Fairy tale story.  I honestly couldn't understand how folks could believe in this crap.  The facts were available but my online gladiator fighters had no patience for or interest in the truth.

It was the killing of Travon Martin that exploded the internet comment boards with right wingers fulminating against the idea that Martin was killed for being Black or that he wasn't a Black Thug and railing against Obama's speech about how "Travon could be his son."  But this anti-Obama strain among the Yahoo commentators was a daily feature no matter what the issue might be.  There was a palpable animosity against the President and it was a vicious, bigoted and racist collective rant that was scary to behold.  All of my "Obama isn't racist because he used the term "racism"" or my counter posts about how Black people really did face dangerous conditions in their lives that White people were totally unaware of, were met with derision and hostility.

At some point four years ago, I realized that my efforts, in fact, the efforts of liberals and progressives, were just not getting anywhere.  The over arching conspiracy memes, the "everyone knows" tropes had captured the imaginations of the right wingers and they were not to be shaken by rational, fact-based rejoinders.  It was a depressing foray into the fantasy world of the right wing and I despaired of America's future given the reality of the popular Yahoo and the fact-less world that the platform represented.  In fact, I think that Yahoo's commercials seen everywhere including on television- "Yahoooooo! - was a call to a "Wild West," "Anything Goes" style of "communication" that was antithetical to liberal and progressive ideals and it worked.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Presidential race and things have changed.   With the rise of Donald Trump's way over the top Presidential campaign, finally liberals have understood the dangers that his campaign represents and have begun to push back against the "Telling It Like It Is" Republican Presidential Candidate.    We essentially ran out of patience waiting for the right wing to come to their senses.  And now we're pissed because we have to deal with Master Businessman Donald Trump as a possible President of the United States of America.  It's the left-wing nightmare come true. 

Of course, it used to be that it was only online that one encountered "Yahoo-Style" hatred and dumbness.  But now the "exchanges" have moved to television.

As for me?  Well I'm with her:

And him, by the way!!

Take Care Folks!  We still have just over a month to go in this batshit crazy Presidential campaign.


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