Sixteen years ago you are probably aware that George W. Bush was elected the nation’s 43rd. President and you’ve probably heard that it was a much disputed election.  Since it was sixteen years ago, many of you would have been too young to vote and probably weren’t paying all that much attention anyway when the Supreme Court stepped in to stop votes from being counted in Florida and thus handed the election to Bush.  It gave Bush Florida’s 25 electoral votes and squeaked him to the 271 magic total to win.  Gore, who lost the election but won the popular vote (something that had not happened since 1888), wound up with 266 electoral college votes.  For those of us who voted for Gore and his progressive policies it was a wrenching end.  (Gore was roundly derided for championing what was then called "Global Warming" and today is called "Climate Change.") Bush was declared with winner in Florida by a margin of 537 votes out of nearly 3 million cast.  The Gore campaign decided not to ask for a recount (the Florida State Supreme Court had ordered a statewide recount which is when the Bush campaign petitioned the Supreme Court) – and studies have shown that he would probably have won had such a recount taken place – since the country had been through enough trauma in the five weeks it took for the Florida results to be determined by the Supreme Court. 

Here’s the national popular vote totals for the year 2000 Presidential election:

Note the almost 3 million votes that were cast for Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader.  Nader was not some crazy, off the wall candidate but an intelligent, well respected progressive who had been in the public's eye since the publication of "Unsafe at Any Speed" that exposed the dangerous and deadly design of Chevrolet's small Corvair back in 1965.  This book led to the creation of the Federal National Transportation Safety agency and changed how the American auto industry did business while launching  a long string of safety improvements - including seat belts - as a result.  Trust me, I guarantee you that today - 40 years later - Ralph Nader knows what "an Aleppo" is.   

What does Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader, in the 2000 election have to do with your vote? Well, you know the old adage that "every vote counts?" Well, maybe it wasn't Florida that decided the dawn of the disaster that was the Bush Presidency.  In the 2000 election one of our smallest states, New Hampshire (population today: 1,323,459; Rank: 42) and not one of our largest, Florida, (population 19,552,860; Rank: 4)  that actually determined the outcome of the 2000 Presidential Election.

Before you tell me I'm batshit crazy, let me show you how this is indeed possible.  Back then, New Hampshire wielded a paltry 4 electoral votes (3 today) compared to Florida's 25 (29 today).  I mean how could 4 electoral votes determine the outcome?  Here's how.

The vote in New Hampshire was the following:  

The difference between winner Bush and loser Gore was a grand total of 7,211 votes, a difference of 1.27%.  The vote in New Hampshire was the closest between Bush and Gore of any state in the 2000 Presidential election.  But now take a look at the votes Nader received in that state:  22,198 or 3.70% of the total vote count.  That's more than twice the percentage of the difference between Bush's and Gore's votes.  Now suppose Nader had not been on the ballot in New Hampshire.  Progressive that he was (and is) there is no question that the bulk of Nader's votes would have gone to Gore.  Most certainly without Nader, Gore would have won in New Hampshire giving 4 electoral votes to Gore. If this had been the case, the Florida vote count that was never completed, would have been irrelevant.

The outcome of the 2000 Presidential election with New Hampshire's 4 electoral votes going to Gore:

Bush:  267

Gore: 271 (with the DC Gore delegate's vote who refused to vote for Bush included)

Recall, if you will, that with the election of George W. Bush we invaded Iraq after 9-11 and recall too all the other misguided policies and actions of the Bush Administration.  Gore?  Al Gore had no ties to the oil industry as both Bush and Cheney did (and do).  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had Gore been elected President the U.S. would not have invaded Iraq.

So when we urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton - even if such a vote is against your ideology, your principles or your moral rectitude - this is why.  Your vote can determine the outcome of who gets elected President as the New Hampshire example illustrates.  It is a grand mystery to me that so far this election is as close as it is with a crazy man on one side and a smart, experienced woman on the other, but then yes, there a whole swatches of disgruntled Americans who don't seem to understand that Trump's "shaking things up" is looking more like the disaster following a bull's romp in a china shop.  

By the way, if you think that the Florida vote count was just a technical event, it wasn't.  Republicans sent "watchers" to ensure that the local elections boards weren't cheating.  This was especially the case in Palm Beach County, one of the richest counties in the nation and where Donald Trump has a home.  Such "watchers" were, let's say, "aggressive" in the execution of their duties as votes were counted and recounted  to the point of interfering in the work of the Palm Beach County Board of Elections.

This is what Trump is suggesting for this year's election so that it isn't "rigged."

So if you are tired of all the calls for you Millennials to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton, this is why is it so vitally important.

Don't let that orange haired jerk become our 45th President.     


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