I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed in the younger set – the Millennials or the 18 to 25 year cohort - whatever definition you care to use.   And why am I disappointed?  Because it was my impression that this group of Americans, whatever statistical envelope one might enclose them in – were smart.  Knew the difference between slander and propaganda as opposed to facts and evidence.  Could use the internet to ferret out the truth about allegations, rumor and innuendo.  To say nothing of political slandering and propagandizing.   

But apparently I’m wrong.  Survey after survey, poll after poll, reveals that Millennials don’t trust Hillary Clinton.  Don’t believe her.  Think that she is not honest.  And in a superficial gloss, I can understand why they feel this way.  After all, there have been so many “scandals,” so many “criminal allegations,” a veritable cornucopia of media reports, Breaking News Headlines and pundit panels who have convicted Hillary on a broad raft of charges.  So yes, I guess the old adage that “where’s there’s smoke there must be fire” is the operative homily that’s at work here. 

But those of us who actually experienced, lived through, let’s say, the Bill Clinton Administration, seem to have a different perspective on the “crimes” of Hillary Clinton.  From the time when she – as Presidential candidate Clinton was running for office in 1992 when she declared on national television that she intended to be a part of the campaign rather than “staying home and baking cookies” (context: Phyllis Schlaffley, at the time, was running around the country exhorting women to stay at home, take care of the kids, cook dinner for hubby and fuck Daddy at least twice a week) which was a Breaking News Headline of the then-burgeoning cable TV news media.  It placed her in the company of Feminist Harpies like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan who were advocating for the decidedly unpopular, unpatriotic and anti-American rights of women as the press described it and was much derided by that same media.

And since then, in addition to the declaration that there was “a vast right wing conspiracy” out to get hubby Bill, the conservative media has tagged Hillary Clinton as an ambitious, no-holds barred, devious, lying, female bitch and pariah.  Of course men in politics who exhibit the same characteristics are not labeled as “criminals” or “untrustworthy” or “despicable” as they wend their way through the thicket of their political steps on the ladders to national prominence.  But the same standards do not apply to Hillary Clinton.  She, ambitious, political operative that she is, is decried by the right wing as a lying opportunist, a label that does not apply to her male counterparts.  Here, I think, is real anti-feminism at work.  If you examine Hillary’s career, her accomplishments, her achievements, there is no other politician – male or female - who has been so thoroughly investigated, so savagely vitiated in the press, so subjected to the minute scrutiny as ha ben Hillary Clinton.  While I cannot vouchsafe that Hillary is a victim of anti-feminist attitudes and rhetoric, the two decade campaign of lies and slander against her, strikes me as a very partisan anti-feminist tirade.  I can offer no other rational explanation.  Here’s one fact that is incontrovertible: Hillary is a woman and the first woman who has a chance to become President of the United States and this, I think, is a very significant piece of the “Killary” crime of untrustworthiness and distrust.  

My disappointment runs to the facts that one can find on the internet about any number – of not all – of the alleged “crimes” Hillary has committed.  Got a child rapist freed?  Well no.  And here’s the real deal, the facts, if you will, about this particular crime:   HILLARY FREES RAPIST  Murdered Vince Foster?  No.  And here are the facts:    HILLARY MURDERED VINCE FOSTER .   Killed four Americans in Benghazi?  Hardly.  And here’s the proof:   STATE DEPT ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT ON BENGHAZI .  It is a measure of just how effective has been the slander campaign against Hillary Clinton, that when you search for the truth of these three allegations of Hillary’s “crimes” that I’ve noted here, you will see many, many more hits about why it is that Hillary is truly guilty of these so-called crimes.  Even though I’ve never believed all the slanderous propaganda that swirls around Clinton, I’ve taken the time to research all the “crimes” the right wing alleges she’s committed.  True, you will find many, many more dumb, bullshit tropes and memes that support all the dumb, bullshit charges, but with just a little patience the truth is there. 

But, you ask, why are there are so many negative hits and articles?  Once again, don’t fall for more of the meme: “Where There’s Smoke There Must Be Fire.”  In the case of Clinton the “smoke” isn’t from an underlying and invisible “fire” but in this case is merely the obscuring  “smoke” from a “smokescreen.”

And if I’ve been able to uncover the truth, why is it that Millennials can’t or don’t or won’t?  You folks are supposed to be the smart ones.  The people who grew up in the computer age unlike me and the rest of us Baby Boomers.  Why, after discovering the truth – the falseness - about Hillary’s “lying, deviousness, criminal behavior, and lack of transparency” – is all this crap still believed?  You can dislike and distrust Hillary for her past accomplishments or for the clothes she wears, or for her “cackling laugh” or any number of other personal and professional characteristics.  You can mistrust her over her use of a private server or that as Secretary of State she pushed for the Western coalition to invade Libya.    But the one thing that is simply untenable is disliking and mistrusting her for her “crimes.”  They simply don’t exist even though we keep hearing about them in the media every single day.  

So please get it together Millennials.  Do your research.  And after you do, because if you do you will realize just how correct Hillary Clinton was when back in 1994 she proclaimed that there was a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” out to damage the Clintons, and while we no longer call it a “conspiracy” – it’s simply become mainstream media “news” – she was right back then 22 years ago and nothing has changed since then. 

NOTE:  As I write this, the “news media” is breathlessly awaiting Donald Trump’s latest words on his Birther Movement, you know, his smear campaign against Barak Obama eight years ago when he alleged that he was not a U.S. Citizen and, therefore, would be and is an illegal President.      


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