Was watching CNN this morning, why I’m not sure.  Actually, I do know why since CNN Live and PBS are the only live broadcasts I can get on my computer without paying twice since I already pay through Comcast.  CNN’s  pundits – four of them - were discussing Hillary’s pneumonia and the campaign’s “handling” of the situation since she was diagnosed on Friday but which info did not become public until she left a 9-11 ceremony early and stumbled while getting into a vehicle.  One pundit offered that “Maybe because there’s been so much swirling around in the media lately about Hillary’s heath ("she’s on death’s door," "her concussion altered her brain") the campaign didn’t want to publicize her illness and add to the rumors.”  (My first conclusion.)  This, of course, was immediately dismissed (crushed) by the other three brilliant news readers. 

In fact, accompanied with a great deal of blustering indignation, John King, offered Ronald Reagan’s 1996 letter about his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease as a paragon of transparency compared to Clinton’s opaque handling of her pneumonia.  (Oddly enough, he also cited Richard Nixon’s release of tax returns as an example of transparency viz Donald Trump, forgetting, perhaps, that unlike President Obama who has been richly accused of using the IRS to go after his political enemies, Richard Nixon actually did.)   Recall, if you will, that Regan’s admission came 8 years after he left office and when Alzheimer’s was becoming a top news item.   

But shoot me if I’m wrong here, when Ronald Reagan revealed that he had Alzheimer’s, it also shed some light – perhaps -  on the cause of some of his odd behavior and garbled speech patterns in the last year or so of his Presidency.   So back then when questions in the press arose about his forgetfulness, stumbling over words, about Nancy’s seeming to coach him and whispering in his left ear, about whether his health was up to snuff, NOTHING was revealed about the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Or anything else, for that matter.  This, folks was back in 1988 while he was still President and a full eight years before what John King calls “Regan’s transparency” about his illness was revealed.  And King calls this “transparency?”  Somehow Reagan admitting to Alzheimer's eight years after he left office is somehow more transparent than Hillary Clinton not telling the media for two days that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia?   

Is it really necessary for me to point out that Alzheimer’s is a far more serious illness than pneumonia?  Apparently for the folks at CNN I must.

So let me just say to John King and all the pundits at CNN:  In case you didn’t realize it, Alzheimer’s disease is the kind of devastating, incurable, life altering brain disease that results in diminished mental capacity, loss of memory, cognitive confusion, emotional sterility and a whole lot of other not so great and wonderful impacts.   

Pneumonia?  The U.S. has about 3 million cases a year and yes, people do die from the disease but most they do not since they are treated and cured.  With antibiotics.  With rest.  Not so with Alzheimer’s. This disease has no cure.

And, of course, what to make of a 68 year old woman who, when diagnosed with pneumonia, continues a grueling campaign schedule rather than checking into a hospital or going home to bed as one could imagine a doctor might recommend?  Me?  Some pretty fucking tough woman, if you ask me. 

Admittedly, this bullshit that CNN and other media pulls constantly, enrages me.  Comparing Reagan’s Alzheimer’s to Clinton’s pneumonia is the height of biased reporting.  And it happens every single day.  Just read a piece about how Clinton is only speaking to the uber-rich and not the rest of America.  But reality check here: nothing could be further from the truth.  For a year now Hillary Clinton has been crisscrossing the country at gatherings large and small populated with ordinary Americans from small towns, large cities and just about every other kind of background possible.  This is what she’s been doing.  Even when ill. Even with pneumonia. 

We would know this if the press actually did their jobs of reporting on both campaigns and not slavishly glomming on to The Donald 24.7.  It’s good that the media is getting some small pushback to their very biased reporting.  So far, however, it hasn’t had much of an effect.

Have A Good Day!

NOTE:  It's noon and the bloody press is still going on about Clinton's deviousness, lack of transparency, the coverup and secretiveness by not revealing she had pneumonia for two days.  

Any questions about why she would not want it to be known?  Ask CNN's John King.  He might know.  If he actually gave it  a moment's thought.


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