With these nine words that The Donald mouthed at the end of a 30 minute speech here in Washington, D.C. that nearly every single cable news outlet pre-empted all of their programming to cover and what had been billed as Trump’s “Birther Apology Speech” the breathless “Breaking News Headlines” wait was over.     

The Press was pissed.  Donald Trump had snookered them all!  It was a huge reality TV joke!  And Trump pulled it off beautifully! 

So now the punditry are all mad as hell.  How, they are asking on air, could Donald Trump be so disrespectful of the “news media?”  “Wow!” they’re exclaiming, “Doesn’t the Republican Candidate for the Presidency realize the importance of press coverage to his campaign?”  “How could the Trump campaign folks mislead us about Trump’s speech?”  HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!  Hey folks, if you have figured out yet that The Donald “plays” everyone – including the media – like a Cobra plays a rat, then you should simply remain silent.  What a wonderful piece of “lessons learned” for the news media, if, however, they wake up to the reality of The Donald’s “Watch Me! I’m Running For President!” reality show. 

I have to say that this was a particularly brilliant move on the part of the Trump campaign.  Not only did Trump pull a fast one on the press (“fucked them over,” let’s say) but he keyed directly into the general public’s disdain for the media.  In fact, both lefties and righties feel this way (and like the “wrong direction” data, for diametrically opposite reasons) that the press is biased if not just totally useless.  And, as we witness another day of Trump coverage (as entertaining, even hilarious, as it is!)  I’m wondering where the coverage of yesterday’s Hillary Clinton speech is?  Sure, yesterday it was mentioned briefly that Hillary had returned to the campaign trail after her near death experience of last week but then: TRUMP!

But I guess the “Press” has forgotten the importance of Greensboro, North Carolina where Hillary was speaking yesterday.  Sure, I know it’s ancient history, but Greensboro was the beginning of the modern televised Civil Rights Movement when in 1960 African Americans decided to challenge the Jim Crow laws that legally prevented them from sitting on a Woolworth’s drug store soda fountain stool.  Yes, in 1955 Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama but it was the Greensboro Sit-Ins that were televised around the nation and introduced America to what was happening to Black folks down South.   But apparently for the “Press,” that Greensboro sit-in which spread to other cities across the South and, as one could have guessed, became violent, served as the primer to the Freedom Rides, Voter Registration Drives, Marches for Freedom and brought the Reverend Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. to the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.  But hey, who cares about our history, right? 

So are we going to witness a shift in the media’s campaign coverage now that they have been so thoroughly humiliated by Donald Trump?  Probably not.  After all, Trump’s antics and bluster draws viewers where Hillary’s reasoned policy positions do not.  And when it comes to the media, it seems that ratings “trump” all else including the future well being of all America in this year’s Presidential Campaign.

But let me close with this:

There could be no better demonstration of how thoroughly Donald Trump understands how to use the media for his own self-aggrandizement.  And the media seems unaware of or doesn’t care that they are being used as a branch of the Trump political campaign.  And that’s sad.  Because there is no question that Trump does this skillfully and with a master’s touch. Yesterday’s “Birther Apology Speech” exemplifies just how manipulative Trump is.  On the other hand, the other Presidential Candidate, doesn’t generate high viewer levels and can be downright boring as Clinton travels around the country explaining her proposals for making America work for everyone.  No scintillating bombast comes out of her mouth.  No wild and woolly nuclear war threats against Iranians who make “gestures” to American sailors.  Not a single hair-brained, impossible proposal to deport 11 million illegals from U.S. soil. 

Odd, isn’t it, that the serious candidate in this year’s election, Hillary Clinton, can’t compete with the Klown that is The Donald when it comes to airtime.  This folks, is the state of affairs today when it comes to our media when one candidate can state that if he loses it’s because of a rigged election, or can pledge that if President he will make Mexico pay for his wall, or that he has no problem with nuclear proliferation, who considers the corrupt, criminal President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, an admired friend, when nearly every time he opens his mouth out comes some outrageous statement, accusation, racist and bigoted pronouncement or some whack-a-mole off-the-wall crazy “feeling” and gets more airtime than God. 

We may be lost folks.  It may be too late to pull back from the Trump precipice.  

Have a good day.  

PS:  You know the luxury hotel Trump where gave his “Birther Apology Speech” from?  Rooms start at over $600 a night.  But in what appears to be true to form Trumpian development practices, he’s already stiffed the D.C. Government by paying only half of his 2015 property taxes on the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue and is protesting his 2016 tax bill.  The taxes are pro-rated (lower then they would be otherwise be) since the building is still not complete but The Donald simply doesn’t seem to ever pay what he owes to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Today’s speech was given at the “soft opening” of his hotel. 


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