Well, I suppose one could add to the “personal responsibility and individual initiative” mantra conservatives love (except when it comes to corporations, cops and elected officials) the Supreme Court’s gift of their irrational interpretation of A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" where the first clause in the Second Amendment wasn’t available to them in the printout they had to refer to as they were deciding recent gun control laws.   (I mean how else did they simply ignore this part?).  It is the height of irony that the conservative justices who proclaim the inviobility and non-interpretive aspects of every original word of the Constitution as written in 1789 somehow didn’t see fit to consider the original language or intent of the first 13 words of the Second Amendment. 

But now along comes the Republican led Missouri State legislature who has just seen fit to override Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon’s veto of a gun bill that would allow citizens to carry concealed guns in public without a state gun permit, criminal background check or firearms training.  The bill also strips local police of their authority to deny firearms to those who are guilty of domestic violence and other high-risk individuals.

What we have here – other than total irrationality and reprehensible irresponsibility – on the part of the Missouri Legislature, is your basic end state of the effects of decades of the conservative public policy of “personal responsibility and individual initiative.”  Translated into Missouri-speak, what this essentially means, is that we, as personal individuals and American citizens afforded all the rights of the U.S. Constitution, have the right to shoot and kill anyone, at anytime, for any reason if you happen to live in the great state of Missouri.  Hmmmmm……

But, of course, Missouri is not the only state that has passed loosened gun control measures recently, mainly since the election of Barak Obama, one might add.  Ten other states have passed weaker laws as well.  Now, coupled with Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s calls for the assassination of his rival Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, we seem to have entered a brand new world of gun slinging men and women legally allowed to shoot that disrespectful Walmart checkout clerk who dared to ask for our driver’s license to verify our age in order to purchase that half-gallon jug of Jack Daniel’s.   

Decades of racist, bigoted “news” hucksters  (Rush Limbaugh, Steve Bannon, Bill O’Reily, Sean Hannity just to name a few) who have gone unchecked has given us Birther Movement Donald Trump who actively trades in racist, bigoted, xenophobic and fact-less proclamations all in the name of “telling it like it is” and jettisoning “political correctness” all the while appealing to the fearful, the ignored, the hurt, the formerly unchallenged top-of-the heapers but who now face social eclipse, drowned in a morass of multi-culturalism.  I mean, God Forbid!  There is no question that his appeal to Whites - and no one else supports him - is based on the simple premise that it’s Whites – not Blacks, or Mexicans, or Asians – who have suffered from discrimination and racism, who have been Put upon" for decades and deserve redress.  This, of course, is sheer nonsense.

But in today’s America you can say whatever the hell you want – Freedom of Speech, don’t you know – even so far as to initiate (individual initiative?) calls to assassinate a candidate for the Presidency without retribution, without consequence and most importantly with no accountability.  Here’s how this works:  if some crackpot takes an AR-15 and shoots Hillary Clinton to death at a campaign rally in, let’s say Peoria, Illinois, or Bismarck, North Dakota, Trump has no responsibility for such an act.  Has not a shred of personal responsibility even though he actually called for her assassination whether “jokingly, “cutely” or “obliquely.”   Oddly enough, the conservative “personal responsibility” meme wouldn’t apply here even though one might think it’s relevant because - wait for it! - How could The Donald have known that there was some wacko crazy out there who would take him at his word and exercise his “individual initiative” and Second Amendment gun slinging rights and shoot Hillary as Trump has suggested?  Twice, by the way.   But we all know that there are folks out there – Dylann Roof, for example, who was taking up the Alt.right’s calls to kill African Americans because they were taking over America – who are influenced by public pronouncements like Trump’s. 

We all readily accept the proposition that radical Muslims are influenced and radicalized by words whether from an Imam, ISIS propaganda or by looking at postings on websites.  And, we hold these people accountable even when they have done nothing, have taken no action to actually implement their views, to the point of actually arresting such folks like Muslims Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi of Victorville, CA, who threatened to kill a neighbor or Farooque Ahmed, from Northern Virginia, who was arrested for plotting blow up Metro stations.  There have been some 30 such arrests this year around the country for plots and threats by so-called ISIS sympathizers, but none of whom actually committed terrorists acts nor broke any law.  They were a threat.  They mouthed threatening words.  Just like Donald Trump.

So these Muslim folks are being held accountable for their words but a Presidential candidate is not, even though mouthing the very same kinds of threats over the airwaves that Muslims have been arrested for.   

But, hey, Trump was just joking, right?  Or was he?

In today’s irresponsible world of whacko Free Speech and unlimited guns for everyone, everywhere at all times, it’s not a matter of assuming or hoping and praying that The Donald was joking.  We’d better hope and pray that no one who heard his words takes him up on his irresponsible call to arms as did Dylann Roof. 

Have A Gun Free Day!



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