You know, back when Vlad Putin was showing off his riding and hunting skills in shirtless abandon I wasn’t all that impressed.  Sure, the guy’s reasonably good looking, has a decent body, and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed if I woke up next to him one morning.  As world leaders go, Vlad is  “not bad” but I have to say that our President doesn’t take second place to any world leader.  Besides, and not meaning to be gross or anything here, but you know what they say about a Black man’s penis size.  (The Donald should be so lucky!) That, to me, is a big plus!  But, hey!  Let’s get real here.  If I’m gonna fantasize about bedding or being bedded by some powerful world leader, trust me, it’s not gonna be Vladimir Putin.  But, in fact, at the moment I’d have to say that our neighbors to the north, in Canada, are harboring one of the nicest world leader packages on the planet in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  I mean, please, the man is just so handsome and fuckable that when I see him on the tele I just want to get down on my knees and suck his dick give thanks to the universe for creating such a cute, studly man.  And smart too!  Perfect!  I mean, really, when it comes to likable and dickable world leaders, can you name anyone who even comes close to the sexy appeal of Mr. Maple Leaf? 

But in my fantasizing about Justin, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I wonder if there are other leaders around the world who are as good looking as the Canadian Prime Minister hottie is?  And, as luck would have it, a Google search yielded the following:  

ABHISIT VEJJAJIVA (Former Prime Minister of Thailand)
So as an ultra liberal in all respects, I certainly have no problem with Asian men, particularly those who are just plain good looking like the former Prime Minister of Thailand.  

JENS STOLTENBERG (Prime Minister of Norway)

As noted above, should The Donald win this November's Presidential Election, I have to seriously consider my nation of residency options. Canada has the advantage of being geographically close, yet there is something very, very appealing about Norway even though it's cold.  But hey, a little snuggling and cuddling on a cold night can be downright attractive.

JOSE SOCRATES (Prime Minister of Portugal)

Okay, I've known for a long time that Portugal produces some of the finest looking men on the planet - all rugged and swarthy and stuff.  But I suspect that Portugal's LBGT community probably had an outsized role in Jose becoming Prime Minister.   Yeah!  Who's Your Daddy?

MOHAMED NASHEED (Prime Minister of the Maldives)

You might know Mohamed from a documentary a few years ago about the Maldives sinking into the sea from global warming.  I'm thinking that when the time comes  in the not too distant future when the Maldives are no more, I'd be happy to provide Mr. Nasheed with warmth and comfort. 

RAFAEL CORREA (President of Ecuador)

Latin America, of course, continues to provide us gay men with a virtual cornucopia of drop-dead, swarthy Latinos and Ralael Correa here continues along the same "mind" blowing tradition.  Oh, and Ecuador has an agreeable climate too!

XANANA GUSMAO (Prime Minister of East Timor)

I mean not to make a big deal of it, but who the hell knew that East Timor produced such loveliness in their men? Then again, studliness does come in all colors, all sizes, all races and religions doesn't it?   Just goes to show you that even in the most remote corners of the Planet Earth there is beautiful bountiness abounding!

But my bottom line, as it were, really comes down to convenience and appeal.  And while I appreciate Vlad's shirtless forays when it comes to international relations, I have to say that Mother Russia doesn't offer the best of environments for me.  At least right now.  Maybe in a few years if The Donald improves our relations with Moscow.  

Until then, I'm sticking with Canada.

But then again, Norway is very attractive too!!

Have a Great Day Folks!


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