George W. Bush Email Scandal RESURFACES After Hillary Cleared By The FBI
NOTE:  And let’s not forget that the non-scandal of the firing of U.S. Attorneys during the Bush Administration was over their refusal to bring bogus partisan charges against Democrats running for office. 
July 7, 2016

While former president George W. Bush was enjoying his 6th year in office, on April 12, 2007 a shocking revelation was made. During the investigation by congress into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the White House announced that over the course of two years five million emails had been deleted.
The emails in question had been run through private accounts that were controlled by the RNC . Those accounts were supposed to strictly be used for dealing with non-administration campaign work. Congressional investigators already knew and had evidence of the email accounts being used for government business but that included discussion of firing one of the U.S. attorneys. Twenty-two White house staffers, including then Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, used the Republican National Committee accounts. As a matter of fact, Karl Rove used his RNC email for 95 percent of all his email communications.

The Washington Post reported:
‘Under federal law, the White House is required to maintain records, including e-mails, involving presidential decision-making and deliberations.’
Yet somehow millions of emails that were potentially crucial to the investigation being conducted were simply missing.
The story about the White House’s missing emails broke on a Wednesday but during the broadcasts of Face The Nation, Meet the Press, and Fox News Sunday there was no discussion or even mention of the scandalous missing RNC emails.
To say that there has been a double standard when it comes to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails would be a huge understatement.
Now, when it comes to the story about Clinton’s emails, not only was the media saturated with stories but since the FBI cleared her last week there has been endless talk on all Sunday political news programs, including Face the Nation, Meet the Press, This Week, and Fox News Sunday.
What’s been made clear since the FBI cleared Clinton is that the story about her emails was never about lawbreaking. CNN noted:
‘Experts have said it doesn’t appear Clinton violated federal laws. But that hasn’t stemmed the issue that has become more about bad optics and politics than any actual wrongdoing.’
Yet the mass media seems bound and determined to behave as if this story is somehow the blockbuster of political stories. It isn’t.
Why were the millions of missing Bush RNC emails hardly covered, and even then only over a short period of time, but Hillary’s emails are so newsworthy that everyone is still buzzing about them this week?
The Washington Post only had one columnist blast the Bush’s White House email story and on the editorial page it was suggested that perhaps Karl Rove and the other RNC email users received “sloppy guidance” which could have been blamed for their massive screw up.
Hillary Clinton, apparently, wasn’t worthy of being awarded the benefit of the doubt.
The New York times hardly covered the Bush White House email story. No seriously, this is the entire commentary on the issue:
‘Last week, the Republican National Committee threw up another roadblock, claiming it had lost four years’ worth of e-mail messages by Karl Rove that were sent on a Republican Party account. Those messages, officials admitted, could include some about the United States attorneys. It is virtually impossible to erase e-mail messages fully, and the claims that they are gone are not credible.’
It’s curious how different the coverage has been between then and now. While the Bush White House email screw up was barely noticed by the mainstream media, conservatives in general have been nothing short of obsessed with Hillary’s email story. A majorly interested party that’s wasted hours discussing Clinton’s emails to death? Fox News. What did Fox News have to say in response to the Bush email scandal? There was one panel discussion with two guests. They accused Democrats of making up a “fishing expedition.” The host of the program, Fred Barnes, said:
‘I mean deleted e-mails, who cares?’

PS:  Remember:  the non-scandal of the deletion of millions of e-mails during the Bush Administration centered around the firing of U.S. Attorneys, some of the most powerful positions in America, over their refusal to bring bogus partisan charges against Democrats running for office as they were ordered to do.


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