All right folks, fair warning:  Protect your private parts (males: dicks; females: vulvas) because in an event worthy of the Second Coming, last night CNN’s mealy mouthed news reader, Don Lemon, actually attempted to pin Trump’s ex-campaign manager down on the $10’s of millions of dollars Trump claims he personally gave to charity.  Yes, imagine!  A news person actually pushing a Trump clone/spokesperson to prove something the Republican candidate has said!  I almost had a nervous breakdown it was so astounding!

Many of you are probably aware that over the past couple of months there’s been a whole lot of chatter on social media about why it is that candidate Hillary Clinton is held to a much tougher standard than candidate Donald Trump.  You know, for example, why is it that Trump can say that he’s going to deport 11 million illegals but doesn’t say how or that he has a “secret plan” that he won’t talk about to defeat ISIS and he gets a pass yet when Hillary claims that she didn’t see the recognize the three “(C’s)” in those e-mails she’s accused of endangering the future of America. 

Or when The Donald can’t find the receipts for millions of dollars he claims to have donated to Veterans and other charities, nothing much happens, yet for the Clinton Foundation – apparently one of the best run and most efficient of all charities according to the folks who rate this stuff – it is assumed that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea are raking off illegal millions and funneling the funds into their own personal bank accounts.

See how this works?  But I’m hopeful that Lemon’s pushback – which pushback, by the way, did not yield an answer (you could have guessed this) from Lewandowsky unless one thinks that “Donald Trump says he contributed $10’s of millions of dollars and we should trust what he says” is an answer – that this is the start of a trend.  Albeit, a late start since the campaign has been running for a year and we’re less than two months out from the election, but still, a small, positive step nonetheless.    

But with all the Hillary scandal headlines – Vince Foster, Benghazi, E-mails, Clinton Foundation, etc. etc. etc. etc. – and “scandal headlines” are virtually the only headline you read or see and hear from pundit panels on CNN in particular.  Apparently the only headline worth a bottom-of-the-screen crawler when it comes to Hillary is the latest Hillary scandal.  But here’s a couple of headlines I’d like to see (many are reprises from past, briefly noted Trump “issues” that appeared in the media) our News Readers take on between now and November 8th:  

“A Survey of Former Trump University Students Reveals Widespread Fraud”

Yup.  Remember when Trump University was in the news?  Sure.  It was the leading story on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post.  But what happened?  Yes, we know that there are two court cases that are wending their way through the judicial system.  (Oh, and just in case you don’t see the comparison, there are no legal cases against Hillary Clinton wending their way through our court system.)  But wouldn’t you like to know what the experiences were of those who alleged that they were bilked by Trump? Maybe they could be asked why they thought the University was a scam, you know, first person accounts about why they thought they were cheated out of thousands of dollars?   But apparently the media isn’t interested any longer about Trump’s potentially criminal conduct of his “university” since we haven’t heard a word about it of late.    

“Florida District Attorney Pam Bondi Subject to an FBI Investigation For Dismissing Trump University Complaints After Accepting $25,000 Trump Donation.”

Don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of one Pam Bondi after her hypocritical actions – being all sympathetic to “the gays” after the Orlando massacre when she’d spent her entire professional life as Florida State’s Attorney implementing anti-LGBT laws – gay adoption ban,  State same sex marriage ban after the Supreme Court decision, etc.) so I plead bias here.  But what we’re talking about is the simple question: “Did the Florida States Attorney’s Office drop an investigation into complaints of fraud by Trump University as a result of a $25,000 donation to Pam Bondi, the Florida States Attorney?  And, since the IRS has already fined Trump for improper use of contributions in a related matter, wouldn’t you like to know how the investigation by the media is progressing?

“100’s of Trump Contractors Stiffed”

If you range far enough away from the mainstream media outlets, you can find dozens of stories concerning contractors on Trump’s development projects who were not paid for their work.  While this situation, being stiffed on your contractual fees, is not unusual in the development business world, the issue, I think, is how pervasive is Trump’s practice of underpaying or not paying his contractors for services rendered?  Is it rare that his contractors don’t get paid?  A couple of times?  Frequently?  Given a modicum of investigative journalism, I don’t think this would be an impossible story to cover.

“Trump Foundation Calls Other Peoples Money It’s Own”

We’ve all heard about the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation haven’t we? You know, the “pay-to-play”, “Donate Big And Get A Plum Job At State,” “Hillary Funnels Millions From Foundation For Personal Use” but how much have we heard about the other candidate’s charitable actions?  Yes, there was that time when the “press” called him out on his millions of dollars to Veterans, then there was that other time when he falsely claimed that he had made one donation or another, but none of this one-offs have stuck.  The “press” hasn’t seen fit investigate Trump’s charitable claims until last weekend while they have jumped all over the Clinton Foundation but have yet to prove a single allegation. 

The Post did an analysis of Trump’s giving and discovered that the Trump Foundation, rather than giving “tens of millions of dollars” during Trump’s lifetime, has actually filled its coffers with other peoples money and not the Donald’s but then claimed that it was Trump money.  While Trump personally claims that donations from the Donald J. Trump foundation are his own, they are not.  It’s not his money. 

Just yesterday the New York State’s attorney announced that he was conducting an investigation into the Trump Foundation which, natch, all the Trump clones/spokespersons immediately dismissed as a partisan liberal witch hunt, taking their cues I’m guessing from the endless Benghazi investigations.    

“Trump’s “10’s of Millions of Dollars Given To Charity” Is A Lie”

The Don Lemon pushback issue.  Despite asking the same question four or five times, Corey Lewandowski continued to cite Trump’s two contributions during the Presidential campaign.  But the question was “What about Trump’s claims that he’s donated $10’s of millions of dollars of his personal money over the past decades?” Lemon countered by asking “Well, aren’t there receipts or cancelled checks that would verify his claims?  When I give to charity I have a cancelled check that I can easily retrieve.” You know what else would prove that he had?  His tax returns.  But Lewandowski would not go there. We are to trust what Trump says.

So as it turns out, there’s not a “double standard” when it comes to Trump verses Clinton, there’s more like a “triple standard” or “quadruple standard.”   This is an issue that has irritated the rest of us ever since the Presidential campaign began when we asked 1) What proof is there that the Government of Mexico is “sending” rapists, thugs and drug lords over the border, and 2) How are you going to make Mexico – a sovereign nation, by the way – pay for the border wall, and there have been no answers forthcoming since then. 

Hillary Clinton?  Carries on with walking pneumonia powering through last weekend and she’s deemed too great of a health risk to be elected President.

Keep On Pushing Back Folks!!


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