For the first time during this election season, I actually feel sorry for Donald Trump.  And this, as you might understand, is not a feeling I come lightly too given that the man is a few cards shy of a full deck in my humble view.  But I do.  Trump’s entire appeal, his entire campaign and his entire success thus far has been grounded in the “I’m gonna’ shake things up” theme that has so appealed to a swath of White voters.  A narrow swath to be sure but a rock solid slice of American “White Pie,” so to speak.  Ever since he snagged the Republican nomination, the Establishment (the hoary, old dinosaur RINO’s to use the Tea Party/Trumpettes’ description) have been begging The Donald to pivot toward wining the general election now that the primary season is over.  What they mean is that he should stop saying really dumb things about Gold Star Families and Mexican American judges and begin acting more reasoned, calm and rational: you know more “Presidential,” you could say.  His wild chatterings and crazy Twitterings, according to RINO strategists, don’t endear him to any American who lives outside Trumpette world and they logically conclude that he cannot win the Presidency even against that evil Clinton who should be locked up in jail rather than running for President without expanding his narrow base of dedicated supporters.

So, Trump’s big reveal of the details of his Economic Plan was at long last his accession to the RINO’s pleas to pivot.  You could tell because he was reading from a printed piece of paper he was holding in his hand that he kept looking at while he spoke in front of a teleprompter at the Detroit Economic Club, which is something he never does except when he’s attempting to “pivot.”  His last “pivots” didn’t go all that well since he wound up talking off-script, into the weeds, and managed to destroy whatever successful pivoting he might have achieved by letting his mind speak freely to his mouth and thus to the wildly admiring attendant audience.

But this time he managed to pull it off.  Pretty much, at least.  So absent the crazy, whack jobs and scary nuclear missile comments, we are able to focus on his Economic Plan policies.  Well, sorry to say that Trump did obey the RINO’s but forgot that the very reason he was presenting his economic agenda up there on the podium at the Detroit Economic Club (the irony of Trump speaking about economics in bankrupt Detroit is delicious on many levels!) is because the Trumpettes are so pissed off about how everyone else has gotten rich because of “trickle down” economics but them.  This is also the ranking sentiment among a whole lot of non-Trumpettes across the country as well.  The proposals he laid out – huuuuuge tax cuts for the wealthy (tiny ones for the Middle Class), shredding every job killing government regulation in existence and a moratorium on new ones, restarting the Keystone pipeline, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, reviving the coal industry, withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership and renegotiating NAFTA, all of which would allow money to “pour into the United States like Noah’s Biblical Flood” is the thrust of Trump Economics. 

Oh, there was a child care tax credit as a sop to America’s working women that would greatly benefit upper income women, but poor and middle class women, not so much.

But, all in all, Trump’s economic proposals were simply ripped from Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) “A Better Way” economic agenda that, in typical Republican fashion, triples down on trickle down economics despite the failure of such policies over the past couple of decades and despite the fact that these economic policies have created the wealth gap and pretty much crushed working and middle class American families. Yes, there was that child care tax credit thing and the anti-trade proposals, both anathema to main line Republicans, but nothing else that deviated from the tired, old conservative economics Republicans have been pushing for years.   For Trump though, the guy who’s supposedly not beholden to old timey Republican principles and RINO philosophy, I think his folks are going to be disappointed. They’ve trusted him, believed in him, to go against the grain, to espouse policies that are not acceptable to the RINO Class, to speak out about their economic plight.  It could be his biggest mistake yet and could lose some of his ardent Trumpette supporters. 

Then again, Trump seems to be able to say any crazy old thing, upend existing dogma, attack anyone and everyone who gets in his way or disses him with no fallout from his supporters.  Maybe this time too he won’t suffer either.  But I suspect that those "on the fence" folks, may not fall on the Trump side.  

On the other hand, if Hillary and the rest of the Democrats can stick to their newly “socialistic” economic agenda, (Thanks Bernie!) this year’s election could be a total rout.


Another Trump adviser has spilled praise all over Vladimir Putin, and it’s enough to worry politicians on both sides of the aisle.
In early June, a little-known adviser to Donald Trump stunned a gathering of high-powered Washington foreign policy experts meeting with the visiting prime minister of India, going off topic with effusive praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump.
The adviser, Carter Page, hailed Putin as stronger and more reliable than President Obama, according to three people who were present at the closed-door meeting at Blair House — and then touted the positive effect a Trump presidency would have on U.S.-Russia relations.
But going off topic in a meeting with the PM of India was one thing. What Page did next was quite another.
A month later, Page dumbfounded foreign policy experts again by giving another speech harshly critical of U.S. policy — this time in Moscow.
Donald Trump constantly goes on about how America is "embarrassed” around the world. But one of his advisers was in Moscow just last month, while part of Trump’s team, attacking the United States and praising Putin. 
In most campaigns, this kind of action would be shocking. But consider the deep set of connections that have already been identified between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, Page is right in line with his boss—or is that bosses?
Other foreign policy experts from both parties say they are distressed with Page for his criticism of sanctions, praise for Putin and his advisers, and his tepid response to what most U.S. policymakers see as Russian aggression.
All of which completely matches the proposals put forward by Donald Trump. Looks like he’s not just an adviser, but someone whose advice is being followed.
PS: I've finally figured out why it is that Trump and company are so pro-Putin:  they hate Obama.  Took me a while, but I finally get it. 

Have A Good “A Better Way” Day!


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