You might not be aware of it, but since Donald Trump snatched the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States, what we’ve been treated to, what the Donald espouses, is every conspiracy theory that has been lurking around under the radar for a couple of decades.   It is, as I see it, the uncorking every single one of the tropes and memes and the “I have the documents somewhere under my desk” mendacities that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have been pushing for a couple of decades.   But no longer will you find such fantasies only on Breitbart or RightWing Storm Nation since from the start of The Donald’s campaign he’s been tossing them into the forefront with the full assistance and sponsorship of the media.  Frankly, I’m not at all disturbed about this turn of events.  In fact, it puts into clear view the choice that faces us as we plunge towards the election in November.  As the Murder of Vince Foster and Bill Clinton as pedophile get public airings, maybe they will be finally discredited sufficiently that they will simply sink back into the right wing cesspool from where they were birthed.  On the other hand, it’s all really quite amazing that a candidate for the Presidency is the one unearthing all these crazy stories. 

Used to be, let’s say in the 1970’s and 1980’s, that all those underground groups and movements were considered weird and strange, some strain of nutso wackdom that occasionally made their way onto the nightly news reports but otherwise were thought of as just so much National Enquirer and the New York Post fodder that had nothing to do with the rest of us.  Take, for example, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, Waco and Ruby Ridge.  We all heard about them.  Saw them on the news when they exploded into violence and people died.  We knew that the radical right wing Nazi, Aryan and White Supremacist groups existed but we saw them as aberrations, as crazy outliers who were so far beyond the pale of normalcy that they seemed to be from another universe altogether.  None of these individuals and groups had anything to do with the rest of us.  With our lives.  With our boring daily existences as we huddled in air conditioned offices every Monday thru Friday earning enough money to pay our mortgages and sock a little away each week for our kids college educations.  (In reality, for day care, but you get the point.)  But no more. 

Today, in 2016, with all of the internet’s vast resources merely a keyboard click away and our 24/7 continuous news outlets filling our living rooms thanks to Comcast, Cox and DirectTV with the latest pics and vids of Kim Kardashian’s breasts and buttocks, it seems as if what we used to deride as just wacko conspiracy theories by semi-literate nutsos, have become daily fodder on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and every other media outlet – liberal or otherwise – on the planet.  Thanks, most recently to Donald Trump, I might add.  Yes, with his Presidential campaign, what used to be vague, weird, rumblings beneath society’s surface and glimpsed only briefly, we are now treated to such trashiness daily.  And, since there is no filter on internet information, it is up to us personally and individually to determine whether some story, any story, has some vague threads of truth woven through, a modicum of factual but propagandized information, is mainly truthful or can be considered basically factual.  Hillary Clinton’s murder of Vince Foster, for example, has absolutely no basis in fact and not a shred of evidence – save for on Breitbart – and is patently false and ridiculous.  It is pure conspiracy fantasy.  Her “getting the rapist of a young girl to go free” when she was a practicing attorney has a thin basis in reality.   She did defend a man charged with raping a 12 old girl in Arkansas back in [HILLARY FREED MAN WHO RAPED 12 YEAR OLD GIRL] .  But both Clinton’s role as appointed defense attorney and her responsibility for freeing the man, are fictions.   She had nothing to do with "freeing" the man (he wasn't and it was up to the Judge) and was asked to defend him by a local judge.  So too is totally false the conspiracy theory that Obama is plotting to send U.N. troops to round up Americans (or shoot them).  But the one about Obama wanting to take our guns does have some truth to it.  He has spoken out in favor of stricter gun controls.  So this conspiracy theory does have a scant relationship to facts and but has been enlarged falsely to take on the fire threat to freedom of all of us.

But with the internet, there is no filter.  One would think that the press – the print, radio and television media – would provide some factual analysis so that we all could come away being sure that Hillary Clinton did not murder Vince Foster.  But such factual information is at the very least rare, if non-existent with our 24/7 Breaking News Headlines where the latest contretemps between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is treated with the same solemnity and attention as ISIS gets in the Middle East.  Used to be, in the days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow we did get factual information that helped us to decide the facts of any matter.  But no longer. 

We now live in an age when whether of not Barak Obama is a legitimate President due to the circumstances – and geography – of his birth was a three year long Breaking News Headlines with the press seemingly unable to come to a conclusion over the issue.  Even Trump waded into the Hillary murder of Vince Foster this year and the press did indeed report on Trump’s musings but did nothing to condemn Donald Trump for raising a long ago decided “issue.”  Why?  Who knows.  The number of times I’ve seen the press push back on conspiracy theories is virtually nonexistent.  Sure, they report the latest “Ted Cruz’s father assisted Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John Kennedy, but I don't recall hearing a word about how batshit crazy such nonsense was. 

What it leaves is doubt.  If the press, those folks we rely on for “news” to help us make decisions, won’t take sides, then what are we to think:  Is there some truth to the allegation that Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster and Ted Cruz’s father was complicit in the murder of JFK?  Does it matter?  Of course it does, at least among folks who actually believe that Barak Obama is secretly massing Blue Helmeted U.N. Troops to confiscate guns from America. 

It was no accident that the Founding Fathers included freedom of the press along with freedom of assembly and religion in the First Amendment.  They believed that an informed public (and here they were referring to “white, male property owners” since the original Constitution permitted only such folks the right to vote) would be the best guarantee against an overreaching government and a bulwark against tyranny.  The press no longer serves this function and has basically acceded to the demands of viewer statistics and ditching whatever expectations the American public once had that the press would be informative, would help us to understand the truth, to separate fact from fiction. 

And this is precisely why in our unfiltered internet age of “anything and everything goes” online, the press has severely failed us. 
NOTE:  There has been at least one upside to the renewed "interest" is all the whacked out conspiracy scandals.  Take the latest Hillary Clinton Foundation Scandal (aka "State Department Pay for Play Scheme") that broke into the headlines about three days ago.  Well, it's already been pretty much debunked although we are still waiting for the AP's apology to Clinton.  (Yeah. Sure. Don't hold your breath.)  Still haven't seen any of this news yet on CNN or ABC the BBC.  Be that as it may, this one only took three days before it was shown to be at the very least "misleading" unlike the 23 years for the Vince Foster murder by Hillary.


So Go About Your Day In Hope For A Better America and a Better Future for All of Us  (Good Luck With That!)        


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