I feel as if I'm forced to come to Hillary Clinton's defense since each day brings some new "criminal revelation," one more crime that she has committed.  For me I see no need - she is an accomplished, intelligent and honest politician, not without faults but not the evil creature who should be locked up as the right wing describes her.   But this latest "Clinton Foundation Scandal" i.e. peddling influence and destroying America while Secretary of State was brought to us one more time by that wonderful 501(c)4 organization, JUDICIAL WATCH!  Am I surprised?  Hell no.  Fuck if this isn't the 100th case that this right wing "fair and balanced" organization, who purports to make every politician accountable for their misdeeds but in fact only targets Democrats, has brought us.   And this, folks is a fact.  Not fiction.  Not misinformation, but fact, pure and simple.

By way of back story see a prior post of mine HERE'S WHY YOU DON'T TRUST HILLARY CLINTON

I pointed out in this last post that Judicial Watch had pursued exactly 3 cases against anyone or anything that could be called Republican in nature compared to the several dozens against Democrats chronicled on their own web site. These cases were documented on what they termed their "Docket," a list that, at the time, was about 20 or so pages long.  A few days after my original post, the "Docket" had been pared down to maybe 7 or 8 pages.  Today, as I checked out Judicial Watch for their latest Clinton illegality charges - it's the Clinton Foundation today - the "Docket" has simply disappeared. So there is no longer any way to systematically tally who it is that Judicial Watch is targeting for legal action.  Of course, from the site's opening page, just rifling through their tabs: "Corruption Chronicles," "Investigative Bulletin," "Open Records," etc., it's not all that difficult to figure out since "Hillary" "Clinton" "Bill" "State Department" "IRS" :Obama" "Lynch" and "Benghazi" appear on virtually every single page.

Here's a link to their web site:  JUDICIAL WATCH

And here are a few choice and recent words from Larry Klayman founder of Judicial Watch:

Note his long history of anti-Clinton work.

By way of a little background, Judicial Watch was founded in 1994 to: promote "transparency, honesty, accountability, and integrity in government, politics, and the law."

"The organization states that it "advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people." Judicial Watch's avowed  mission is to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other tools to investigate misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities."

Such patriotic, all American, high minded integrity, right?  Problem is, from the very beginning in 1994 the only "morality in public life" that Klayman was interested in was (and still is) the morality of the Clintons.  This was the genesis of Judicial Watch and this remains its primary focus today 22 years later.  Klayman has filed actions against Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, Clinton e-mails, and a host of other less publicized actions against Obama, Clinton and other Democrats.  So much for "high standards of ethics and morality" unless, of course, you are of the persuasion that Republicans are never the perpetrators of wrongdoing.  Here's a few excerpts from his Wikipedia entry:  (By the way, in the opening paragraph, Wikipedia correctly notes that Klayman "brought legal action against Vice President Dick Cheney." This was one of the three "legal actions" bought by Judicial Watch against folks other than Democrats that I could find before their "Docket" list disappeared from their web site.)

"Klayman is known for his litigious battles with the Bill Clinton White House in the 90s. His government watchdog group Judicial Watch (which he established in 1994) brought a reported 18 civil lawsuits against the administration, alleging ethical misconduct and criminal activity.  

But Klayman's legal career has been checkered at best.  Following Klayman's behavior in a 1992 trial in California federal court, Judge William Keller barred Klayman from his courtroom for life; five years later, in a separate case in New York, Klayman's behavior led then district judge Denny Chin to issue a lifetime ban on the attorney practicing law before him.
In 2007, Klayman received a $25,000 retainer from a Daytona Beach woman facing criminal charges and she accused him of not providing legal services in return. The Florida Bar Association mediated the matter and Klayman agreed to pay off a small portion within 90 days, but after the deadline lapsed he was reprimanded by the association.
In 2014, Klayman agreed to be publicly censured by the D.C. bar. Klayman represented three individuals who had sued Judicial Watch, his former employer and client, but he failed to obtain Judicial Watch's consent to waive his conflict of interest. Klayman maintained that the bar "recognized there was no evidence of dishonesty or personal gain."

So much for the "legal career" of integrity, honesty and ethics and morality in the world of attorney Klayman.

Here's a taste of Larry Klayman's fair and balanced "view" of Barak Obama that pretty much parallels his "Because No One Is Above The Law Unless You Are A Republican" that his organizations Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch practice:

Klayman is no longer at Judicial Watch but is the founder Freedom Watch which is basically a clone of Judicial Watch and, as one could guess, is devoted to all things anti-Hillary Clinton and, just for "Fairness And Balance," all things Barak Obama.  Here's what Freedom Watch has to say about its mission:

"In the image of John Adams, our second and one of our finest presidents, without ethics, morality, and religion, there will be no lasting freedom. Using these principles, President Ronald Reagan, centuries later, took on the "evil empire" of the Soviet Union and established some freedom even in that communist state. He restored pride and vision to this country in the process.

Our greatest challenge—as we face a deep economic crisis, a government that spends our tax dollars like a drunken sailor, and a new Obama-Clinton regime that is using the economic crisis as an excuse to turn our nation into a socialist Euro-style welfare state—is to remain constant to the principles of our Founding Fathers, not only Adams, but Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Freedom Watch is dedicated to doing just that, with total regard for the rights of all persons, whatever their ethnicity, race, religion, sex or otherwise. By promoting true American values at home and around the world, through actions, frequently with hardhitting legal cases and other means, Freedom Watch will be at the forefront of preserving freedom for our children and grandchildren. We need your help and immediate and strong financial support to succeed in the face of those who would effectively put us in a "straight jacket" by having government control and regulate every aspect of our lives! These people, now in control of our government, worship at the altar of government! We at Freedom Watch worship our freedom, given to us by our creator, with certain unalterable alienable rights! Long live the United States of America and long live our freedom!

Wow!  Such patriotism!  Such devotion to Freedom and the law!  To integrity, honesty and fairness.  But not only does Mr. Klayman disparage all things Democratic, he also espouses - like Donald Trump - violence in the furtherance of his and the right wing's causes.

So in the end, it's hard to know why it is that Larry Klayman had - and has - such a hard on for the Clinton's.  Given that he's devoted so much of his life to slandering the Clintons, I suspect that it's personal.  Who knows?  Maybe Hillary refused to have sex with him back in the day.  

But there is no question that just like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage he is simply a right wing demagogue who apparently supports armed insurrection to "Make America Great Again" in a radical conservative nation. 

Hey!  Have a good day.  This too shall pass!


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