You’ve probably heard that Donald Trump,  “Making America Great Again” Presidential hopeful, has crowned one Stephen Bannon of the right wing Brietbart “news site” fame as his new campaign CEO or in other words, his Chief Architect of How America Has Become A Horrible Place At The Hands Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Liberals.  I confess that I don’t read Brietbart – at least regularly – but I do recall late last year when the site proclaimed in Bannon Breaking News Headlines that “Hillary Clinton Didn’t Pull the Trigger That Killed Vince Foster But That She ‘Arranged’ For His Murder.”  Now if you believe that Hillary is simply the Spawn Of Satan Leading America To Destruction, then I recommend that you stop reading this and go immediately to the Breitbart website to check up on your latest news. 

 But for the rest of us, Trump’s decision to “augment” Paul Manafort as his Campaign Manager/CEO with Steve Bannon seems odd at the very least.  Odd in the sense of  “So, your polling numbers have pretty much tanked since the end of the Democratic Convention - most particularly among women, minorities and folks who don’t believe that either Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton are the Son and Daughter of Beelzebub - and you go and choose someone who’s even more batshit right wing to shore up your appeal to the rest of us who actually voted for “The Demon President” twice despite Steve Bannon and the entire right wing army of propagandists’ best efforts to make him a one term President?  Sure.  This makes sense.  Somewhere.  Just not here in the real world that is America that isn’t going down the tubes, isn’t ruled by Mexican rapists and drug lords, isn’t being ravaged by Black rioters determined to foment revolution and in an America that actually likes Barak Obama and his family believing that he is an intelligent, honorable and capable President. 

Now what you may not know is the reason why The Donald replaced augmented Paul Manafort.  But I do.  You see, I’ve seen the video of Paul and Vlad Putin engaging in a bit of mutual “lips on dick” action backstage during the Moscow Miss Universe Pageant back in 2013.  Sort of like the same lips on dick action that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky engaged in while Bill occupied the White House, just a tad more gay and manly, as it were.  Now if this mano-a-mano clip should ever reach the general public it would be pretty much be curtains for The Donald’s campaign that, arguably, would explode into smithereens since the Trumpettes are pretty much dead set against man-to-man sex, even such mildly gay action as lips on dick action.  After all, in the Paul/Vlad vid, we’re not talking about some sort of real gay sex action, you know, where one guy sticks his fat, engorged, (preferably uncircumcised) dick into the other guys ass and does the old in-out routine until he fills his gay partner with a huge load of sticky, white jizz, right? 

Okay.  So I just made this up.  There is no video.  Well, to put it another way, I’ve not seen any such video, but “folks tell me that such a damning Manafort/Putin video really does exist!”  In fact, one of my sources (who must remain anonymous) tells me that it’s on Steven Bannon’s Breitbart site.  My source also tells me that you won’t find it in the “Breaking News” section but if you do a little research you can find it.

Look, I can’t tell if Donald Trump is really serious about becoming President of the United Stares because if he is, his actions during his campaign, don’t add up to success.  Sure, we all know that his die-hard supporters who believe that Mexicans are taking all the good jobs in America that Whites should have (you know, like bending over all day long under a blazing hot sun picking lettuce) and that Barak Obama has plunged the country into unmitigated disaster both here and abroad (thus the “Making America Great” again campaign slogan) and who believe it’s us “Libruls” who are the reason why they’ve been ignored and pushed out in some sort of Armageddon style Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins “Left Behind” scenario, but unless I am grossly mistaken this segment of America society is pretty damned narrow.   At least narrow enough so as to make it impossible to win the Presidency by relying exclusively on these disgruntled, hateful, racist folks. 

Given this reality – and if Trump doesn’t believe it, all he needs to do is the check out the voting data that underlies the election of Obama in 2008 and 2012 (when, by the way, Republicans fielded pretty normal, if boring candidates who released their tax returns) – to realize why his continued reliance on the Trumpettes is simply a recipe for losing.  His appointment of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon is simply another misstep in the Trump campaign or a “hail Mary” pass that has about as much chance of succeeding as New York City has of pushing back rising sea levels.  In other words, none. 

But the attraction of Bannon to Trump revolves around Breitbart’s vociferous support of Trump since day one:

“Brietbart has become a champion of Trump’s candidacy – in large part because Stephen K. Bannon himself believes it represents a cause much bigger than a political campaign.  Bannon sees Trumpism as part of a global movement that will continue, no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office next January, those close to him say” according to the Washington Post.

Mr., Bannnon, who formerly worked for Matt Drudge, is a die-hard Trump supporter.  So by appointing Bannon as his campaign manager CEO, Trump has once again reduced his overall appeal to American voters but has buttressed his campaign with folks who are simply True Believers rather than with folks who actually understand how Presidential campaigns actually succeed in electing people President of the United States.  Bannon is nothing if not devoted – blindingly – radical right wing.  Back in 2011 he released a two hour documentary about Sarah Palin called “The Undefeated” in an attempt to reshape the way that voters and the media viewed the former candidate for Vice President.  “The reason she draws this kind of fire,” said Bannnon on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program, “is that she is an existential threat to the establishment.  The vested interests in our country are scared to death of her.” 
I don’t think there’s anything to say about Bannon’s take on Sarah Palin except to note that, just like The Donald and the Tea Party, he believes that the reason why American voters keep rejecting Republicans is that Republicans haven’t been “conservative enough,” a rationale that we’ve been hearing about since 2008 as the Tea Party’s popularity has fallen to its lowest level today since its emergence on the political scene.

And in the face of every piece of data, every piece of factual information, it would seem that Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon are marching lockstep along the Yellow Brick Road paved not with gold, but with rivers of yellow piss, towards the magical Wizard who will make everything better.  But they forget that behind the curtain is nothing more than a fraud.  Haven’t we all watched the 1939 film starring Judy Garland? 

So I have to conclude that the Trump Presidential Campaign – given that all the characters involved are actually intelligent, sentient human beings, not necessarily geniuses but not mentally challenged, are not conducting a political campaign but entertaining us with a giant, real time “fuck-you-all” reality show joke.  I don’t know of any other explanation.   

Have a good day!  


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