I’m not a huge sports fan.  I don’t pay extra for all those sports channels on Comcast.  I do support our home team, the Washington Redskins, even though the team’s name is sort of like naming them the “Washington Niggers” which, would in fact, be more “accurate” since as far as I know there is not a single Native American currently on the team but there are African American members. 

But I digress.  I am a swimmer.  Growing up on the shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York,  as a kid I could not wait for summer to arrive not only because it meant no school for over three months but it also meant that me and my neighborhood buddies could hike ourselves down to Hamlin Beach State Park to swim.  Sure the water was cold even in late July but I loved it.  As an adult, as result of several SCUBA consecutive diving vacations in the Caribbean, I have since learned that cold water and I simply no longer get along.

With this year’s Olympic Games coming up, I’ve been watching the swimming trials to select the U.S. team and they have been a truly awe inspiring and wonderfully attractive endeavor.  There is something about swimmer’s bodies that is truly eye-catching, mesmerizing and invariably gives me goose-bumps as I watch their lithe bodies diving into the blue waters of a sparkling Olympic sized pool.  Oh, please.  Give me a break, okay?  I’m just extolling the athleticism of our American swimmers, their competitive spirit and their artistry.  The reason why I am so attracted to and devotedly watch our swimmers has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with their beautifully developed chests and abdomens, so nicely sculptured yet not overdone,  or the skimpy little triangles of nylon that barely hide their proverbial “family jewels,” the rippingly taut thighs of striated muscle between hips and knees, nor the sight of those rounded bumps just showing themselves above the surface of the ripply blue water as they breaststroke down the lanes.   

What do you take me for?  Some superficial gay man whose only interest in sports is male eye candy?  How Insulting!  No.  I’m not watching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte because of their gorgeous bodies.  NOT AT ALL!  How dare you!  You think I'm some sort of pervert?  What nonsense! (This being said, however, should I come home one evening to find Michael Phelps in my bed, in some fantasy dream come true, I would not kick him out!)

But I have to say that I’ve been following the Greg Louganis story (and pics) since he was selected to appear in ESPN’s “naked body issue” with some robust interest.  Mind you, purely as an homage to one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time and NOT in any salascious, voyeuristic and truly disgusting and perverted attempt to see if I can ferret out a full frontal picture of his naked self.  No.  don’t be ridiculous,  It has nothing to do with that.   (BTW: So far I’ve been unsuccessful!)     

In truth I find it both fitting and pretty damned wonderful that ESPN would feature Greg, gay, HIV+, aging and no longer a competitive athlete at the age of 56 as prime beef in its naked issue.   Louganis was an early fighter for the gay community coming out at a time when AIDS was still deadly and discrimination against HIV+ men, women and children (to say nothing of the LGBT community as a whole) was still rampant across the country.  It seems an appropriate homage both to Greg as a stupendous athlete and one of the strongest spokespersons on behalf of the gay community and the HIV community.

Now, while I am a fan of our swimmers and divers, I'm also a huge fan of our male gymnastic athletes even though their outfits aren't as attractive as those of our swimmers and divers and their bodies are not so finely crafted as those of a Michael Phelps or of a Ryan Lochte.  I mean what kind of perverted pleasure can someone find in watching bulging biceps, quivering pecs, ripped abs and asses as tightly wound as an expensive, spring loaded, Swiss watch?  Certainly not me!

Here's the GREG LOUGANIS  ESPN clip that's been making the rounds and if you are a sports fan (as I am!)  you won't want to miss EXPN's magazine "The Body Issue" which is just chock full of prime male beef  athletes displaying all of their gorgeous nakedness athletic skills!  

Take care everyone and have a safe, happy Fourth of July!


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