(Above is Rush's broadcast from Thursday, July 28, 2016) 

Just by chance, I happened to go to our local neighborhood Safeway this afternoon and on the way over I thought: “Oh, shit, what must The Rush be saying about the Democrats and Hillary after last night’s fantastic, fabulous, final day of the Democratic Convention in Philly.

Well, the quote above, is - according to Rush -  how Democrats and Liberals and Progressives have NO RIGHT to wave American flags or CHANT USA, USA, USA since patriotism – real, true, red-white-and-blue God condoned patriotism, is reserved exclusively for Republicans, conservatives and Donald Trump, once again, according to Rush.  I’m not kidding.  I'm not making this up.  This is exactly what he said!

His entire broadcast was some sort of uncontrolled meltdown (not that meltdowns are anything unusual for him) but today he could barely utter his usual liberal bashing, Hillary slandering, Democrat blasting tirades without sounding as if he had finally just fallen off the cliff of sanity.  Well, okay.  There are times, the occasional lapses into the crazy notwithstanding, that he has forayed into the world of fantastical unreality, but today he was in true, unadultered, unfiltered, high octane, so far over the top vitriol as to look like he is from some different universe, totally unrelated to our own home base, the Milky Way.

To tell the truth, I’ve neglected Rush over the past two weeks since my attention has been focused on the continual sewer shitstream of hate that was the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the – how shall I say this so as to be fair and balanced and not be unduly partisan? – the life affirming, inclusive and embracing love fest for America that was the Democratic National Convention in Philly.  I’m still high from last night and all of Rush’s hate is not going to bring me down.

Here’s a few other things he mentioned in passing other than his hate-screed against Obama, Hillary, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Democrats waving American flags and chanting “U.S.A:”

1.  Hillary should have worn red, not white, because she is a Communist and would be more at home in China than here in America.

2.  Liberal and Democratic Administrations have appointed unpatriotic, treasonous Judges to life appointments thereby creating an unconstitutional, lawless, depraved America.

3.  Democrats genuinely hate America and no amount of Kumbaya at the Democratic Convention can change this.  Ever.

4.  Liberal, Progressive and Democrats hatred for America will never change. It is part of their DNA. 

5.  Liberals are depressed, worried and anxious and despair is their modus operandi in all things. 

6.  Mocked CNN’s Jake Tapper’s examples last night of conservatives who sent him pro-Hillary text messages including the one (while I was watching) where some conservative said he was 100% opposed to every policy Hillary was proclaiming but that he was bent over his kitchen counter in tears.     (We got your back, man! Love ya!)

7.  He mocked CNN for denying (he didn’t say who did the denying) that they were giddy over Hillary’s speech and the obvious success of the Democratic Convention.

The main reason why I listened to Rush today, was to confirm for me, that he and the right wing was still slamming Democrats, Hillary and the Democratic Convention.  (And us “libruls” of course.)  And I say “confirm” because I know that Rush, Michael Savage, Fox News, Paul Ryan (R-MI) and the rest of the right wing cabal are not about to give up.   They will continue their attacks on us – Hillary, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and everyone to the right of Hitler - until comes November 8, 2016 when hopefully we will show Rush and their ilk just how pissed off we are and just how strong we can be when we finally become so sick and tired of all this lying crap that “We Aren’t Going To Take It Any More.”

Well this felt good.  All in all, I am thrilled that Rush has felt it so vital to slam everything that “the rest of us” believe to be the good that is America.  Yes: Liberalism, Fairness, Compassion, Inclusion and Mutual Respect.  Let’s be sure that we silence the Rush’s of the world.  Oh, sorry.  Free Speech and all that Constitutional stuff.  Rephrase: Let’s be sure that Rush and his ilk can no longer be effective in lying to America and that their political cyphers can no longer enact laws that are discriminatory, anti-humane, bad for the rest of us and continue to destroy the America that we love.

Have A Great Day Folks.  But Don’t Forget We Have Lots of Work To Do! 

PS: If you haven't listened to Rush, I urge you to do so so that you will know what we are up against. Here in D.C. he broadcasts on WMAL, 105.9 FM.  Google his show for which radio channel his show broadcasts on in your area.  

PPS: Note to Comcast:  Here’s the latest “service” announcement I get from Comcast now while signing into CNN's Live Broadcast:  

Now don't get me wrong, I profoundly appreciate that I don't have to go look up my Comcast ID and Password each time I want to see what CNN is broadcasting live, but let me suggest something else that I would consider an even greater "service:"  How about letting me subscribe to the two dozen cable channels I actually watch, rather than having to subscribe to the 900 channels I am forced to subscribe to at a cost of $180 a month for your "Premium Gold Subscription" you force me to pay for so that I can watch STARZ, HBO and LOGO when I want to?  

Yeah. Right. Wishful Thinking. 

Have a Glorious Democratic Day!!!


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