If you are breathing you’ve probably heard about the latest fuck-up of The Donald’s and/r his campaign. Yeah, the one about the side-by-side video clips of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama engaging in echo-speak.  It’s all a bit “lip-locky” but with no actual lips touching.   First of all, let’s dispense with the “doctored videos” meme or the “Melania Wasn’t Really On Stage Last Night – It Was a Pre-Recorded Holographic Image.”  Then too, there’s Melania’s news vid clip saying that she “wrote her speech with as little help as possible” which, looking at the facts of the echo-speak incident, is either some “misstatement” of facts or that she personally engaged in plagiarism of Michelle’s 2008 speech at the Democratic Convention.  Maybe she really wasn’t on that plane and the person we saw mouthing these words was a figment of our imaginations or maybe it was just some Steven Spielberg production like E.T. or “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”   

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, the question now becomes how does the Trump campaign and the Republican Party react to what appears to be rather inconvertible evidence that yes, indeed, someone, somewhere, sometime cribbed parts of Melania’s speech from Michelle. What do they do?  After all, it’s not a pretty picture no matter what the ultimate “facts” of the matter might be.  Frankly, it’s just downright embarrassing.

Why not, you might ask (or any rational person might ask), why not just say “Yes, it was a mistake on the part of her speechwriter and we apologize.”  I mean it’s not as if plagiarism hasn’t occurred in the past (VP Joe Biden) and isn’t exactly a unique experience among Republican or Democratic politicians.  So what the hell are all these efforts by Republicans to somehow spin the “mistake” into something else (God alone knows “what else” will eventually turn out to be) even to the point of blaming Hillary Clinton for the entire incident.  (I haven’t heard any right wing television pundit blame Obama yet, but give it another day.)  The Party line is “well these words reflect Melania’s true feelings” thereby – as Republicans often do – ignoring the key issue – plagiarism.  

Why can’t the Republicans just admit an error, take responsibility for it, and then simply move on?  Wouldn’t this be the most effective way of ending this embarrassing controversy? Makes sense to me. 

Here’s why they won’t, here’s why they can’t:  If Melania or her speechwriter(s) had plagiarized from Sally Fields for example, or Newt Gingrich or Donald Duck, there would be no problem.   But (and this is key to why they cannot simply admit, take responsibility and move on) to quote Michelle Obama – the First Lady and wife of Black Muslim President Barak Obama – ranks up there with the Bible’s original sin among the batshit crazy Tea Baggers and radical right wing Republicans like Ted Cruz or Lt. General Michael Flynn, to say nothing of The Donald.   There is no way that Trump and the Republicans can actually legitimize anything that either Michelle and Barak do, say or think and by quoting from the First Lady.  But, yes indeedy, this is exactly what Melania (and/or her speechwriter(s)) they have done.  Acknowledging the Obama’s have accomplished one single thing in almost eight years is heresy of the highest order.  It is, in the batshit crazy world of Obama-haters, simply unforgivable.  Their heads would really explode.  And I mean literally not metaphorically.  Severe brain injuries would follow like thunderstorms on a hot, summer afternoon.

And there you have it.  No need to “analyze” further why all the ridiculous excuses, foolish explanations or futile attempts to spin Melania’s plagiarism as something other than what it was: PLAGEIRISM.  It tells us volumes about – not so much Trump really – but once again reinforces the lengths to which the Republican Party will go to appease their radical right wing base.  We’ve seen this over and over again:  Benghazi, Planned Parenthood, E-mail scandals, Vince Foster Murder (mentioned yet one more time last night), the Republican Party Platform, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) ordinary American crushing budget proposals contained in “America: A Better Way.”  Just remember, all this rush to embrace Trump populism and bigotry is occurring within a fairly limited segment of the American populace.  Tea Party popularity?  17% - down from an all-time high of 27%.  Registered Republicans vs. registered Democrats?  32% to 23% in favor of Democrats.   Also: 

■ More than nine in 10 Trump supporters say the country is on the wrong track; fewer than half of Clinton supporters agree.
■ About three-quarters of Trump supporters favor building a wall along the Mexican border; only 13 percent of Clinton’s backers do so.
■ Four of five Trump supporters do not like the way the nation’s values are changing; only about half as many Clinton supporters agree.

So when you look at America as a whole, the radical right wingers of the Republican Party don’t hold sway although they are the reason for Congress’ slide into nothingness.  Yet, the Party is still kowtowing to this radical base in a blind rush towards self-destruction.

For me, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of pseudo Americans.  

PS: Why the hell can't Republicans get it through their heads that they can no longer re-write history at will - at least since the invention of the video cam?  


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