The primary purpose of political conventions is to officially nominate the party’s candidate for the Office of the President thus ending the primary and caucus run up to the main event – the Presidential election.  But as much as the attention is focused on the Party’s nominee, conventions are also used to showcase the party’s policy prescriptions letting American know what the party’s vision is for the future and how they intend to shape American society should their candidate succeed to the Office of the President.

We’ve got two days of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland under our belts so I thought I’d recap what we’ve heard over the past two days that Republicans are presenting to America about how they intend to shape our futures.  Day 1 was about “Making America Safe Again” and Day 2 was about "Putting America to Work Again.”  Here’s my list of prime public policy goals that I’ve come away with, as espoused by the presenters in Cleveland:

1.   Leading my list of Republican public policy proposals is “Jailing Hillary Clinton.”  This seemed to be the prime public policy thrust as voiced from nearly every speaker over the past two days. 

2.   Second most popular public policy proposal appears to be “Obama is destroying America.”  There is a second variation on this theme -  “Obama has destroyed America already”-  but since these two are so closely related I’ve combined them. 

3.   A “twofer:” Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have aided and abetted ISIS and “Islamic Jihadist Terrorists” around the world and have both made America unsafe by refusing to call “Islamic Jihadist Terrorists” by their rightful names “Islamic Jihadist Terrorists.”  Take that Barack and Hillary! 

4.   Hillary Clinton is guilty of killing the Four Americans who died in Benghazi as well as Vince Foster and should be in jail for committing murder.

5.   America must never doubt that our Protect and Serve Police Forces serve all Americans equally regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity or LGBT status.  Criticizing our Protect and Serve Police Forces is tantamount to treason and must be promptly punished by jail time.   

 6.   Black Lives Matter is a Commie, liberal, subversive organization out to destroy America just like the Black Panthers of the 1970’s and open carry gun laws do not apply to them since they are reserved for Whites only.  

7.   Hillary Clinton must be jailed for her lifetime of lies and corruption beginning with Whitewater, Freeing a Child Rapist and for issuing a “Stand Down Order” in Benghazi.  Enough is enough already!  

8.   Only Donald Trump and the Republican Party can kill every ISIS warrior in Iraq, Libya  and Syria and the reason why ISIS exists is because of Hillary’s and Barack’s refusal to call out “Islamic Jihadist Terrorists” by their real names “Islamic Jihadist Terrorists.”  (NOTE: how this major policy proposal is to be accomplished remains cloudy.  Maybe tomorrow we'll find out.)

9.   "Hillary For Prison" is one of the most oft viewed placards both outside the Quicken Arena and on the convention floor.  (The policy implications are very clear.)  

10.  Melania Trump mistakenly quoted “My Little Pony” and “Sparkle” in her speech extolling the virtues of her husband Donald Trump.   Which, according to Republicans, is okay since she was just recalling sentiments that every single person on the planet have stated over and over again since the Dark Ages.  (The policy implications of this error remain murky.) 

11. Hillary Clinton is evil personified and not only doesn’t deserve to be President should be spending the rest of her life in prison.   

12.  Barack and Hillary – in league with liberals, ISIS and Islamic Jihadist Terrorists – are actively seeking to undermine and destroy the America as Whites, Bigots and Racists have known it for generations.
So there you have it: The Donald’s and the Republican’s Public Policies prescriptions they are proposing for the rest of us.  Quite an impressive list, right?  Admittedly I did not watch every single scintillating minute of the Convention proceedings last night so I did miss those speakers who told us how The Donald and the Republican Party were going to achieve their goal of “Putting American To Work Again."  I’ll check out the You Tube videos and let you know how they are going to do this in another post. 

So far, though, the Republican National Convention has been one hell of a continuous
shitstream of hate, bigotry, racism and Whiteness.  What a glorious future is in store for America.  Can't wait to see more!   

On a serious notes, looking over the crowds in the Cleveland’s Quicken Arena, one might wonder why it is that spotting a Black and/or Latino face in the sea of American humanity, was pretty much like a trying to find Waldo in one of those  “Where's Waldo?” puzzles.  Did no one tell The Donald or the Republican National Committee that as of today Blacks and Non-White Hispanics (as the Census defines Latinos) now make up some 30% of the U.S. population based on a 2016 Kaiser Foundation estimate and others?  Correct me if I’m wrong, - and I admit that my math skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be - but isn’t this nearly one-third of those of us who fit the definition of Americans?  The RNC and The Donald didn’t get this memo?  Huh!  How odd, right? 

Based on their public policy proposals and the fact that some 90% of the Convention participants are White (my unscientific estimate) am I the only one who thinks that maybe - just a random thought here - that the Republican Party is colossally unrepresentative of America in 2016 and “Making America Great Again” really means “Making America White Again?”  Naaah!  Couldn't be this could it?  

NOTE: I was impressed with the “boos” that greeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last night.  But, something we all could have predicated, he slammed Democrats for not passing the Zika Virus Funding Bill on the last day of the Congressional session.  I know, and you do too, that the “NO!” vote by Democrats was forced by Republicans who included a rider to the bill that would have banned all Federal Funds for Planned Parenthood.  This action. of course, doomed the bill even though Republicans – Mitch – forced a second vote on the bill so that between now and November 8, 2016 Republicans will be proclaiming from the skies how Democrats don’t care about American’s health and safety since those evil, immoral Democrats voted Zika funding down TWICE!  

I don’t know about you, but these stupid strategies, dumb tactics and empty and dangerous policies Republicans keep pushing on us speak to just how bankrupt the Grand Old Party has become.  They seemed to have simply lost all sense of what's really happening out here and simply cannot understand just how repugnant they and their "policies" are.  Ot maybe it's that they just don't care.   

They deserve to be crushed in November. 

Looking forward to tonight’s “Making America First Again!” Should be fun! 

Have a good day!           


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