Early yesterday morning it looked as if the Democratic National Convention in Philly, was about to crash and “Bern” with the dumping of 20,000 DNC’s e-mails as the convention was about to begin.  It was a tumultuous day with Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) getting booed by Bernie supporters at a breakfast confab.  The media was having a field day gleefully reporting that chaos was reigning supreme in the Democratic establishment.  Rumors began circulating – later pretty much proven to be true – that it was Russian connected  operatives who engineered the hack.  The same cyber tracks were evident in this case as in recent prior hackings of the White House and other government agencies. 

Then came the announcement that the Chair of the DNC was being replaced by Donna Brazile, a long time Democratic operative and close associate of Hillary Clinton.  Still “chaos” reigned in the media.  Comparisons were made to the debacle that was the Republican National Convention Of Hate last week in Cleveland, assuming that recent history would repeat itself in Philadelphia.  Bernie supporters in particular were roiling the scene outside the Philadelphia Convention Center and it began to look as if the media pundits were right. 

Then came the afternoon announcement that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would not gavel the convention into existence.  She would not be seen on stage.  She had been banished.  The quick response to the “crisis” and “chaos” by the Democrats showed that they mean business this year.  Let’s hope it continues from now until November.

But as the convention opened Bernie supporters yelled and booed and chanted every time Hillary’s name was mentioned in what looked like a repeat of the antics in Cleveland just without the ‘Lock Her Up” placards and chants.  Once again, our media pundits were gleefully predicting more chaos, more dissention, more Republican-style bad blood predicting a week of destruction, mayhem and death in the City of Brotherly Love. 

Then came Corey Booker (D-NJ) who perhaps not realizing that the microphone at the podium was indeed alive and working gave a rousing call for Democratic unity and Hillary support.  Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave a somewhat modulated Trump attack speech (I’ve heard her in better form) but then First Lady Michelle Obama wound up and delivered what can only be called “The Speech” of the convention, one that is unlikely to be surpassed all week long.  And this is the smart, compassionate and passionate woman the right wing has demonized and bashed for nearly eight years now.  Clearly she electrified the convention and us out here in TV land and did so without even mentioning Trump’s name a single time.  Utterly Magnificent!  

Then the most anticipated speech of the evening, that by Bernie Sanders (D/I:VT), managed to pitch his candidacy one more time and declared that he was “proud to stand with Hillary Clinton.”  He nailed it with his “if you think this election isn’t important, think about the Justices that Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court.”  This is something that we are all vaguely aware of but has gotten lost in the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, ant-Mexican-American judge rants by Trump.  It was a sobering, icy and chilling moment.    

The bottom line for me is how proud I felt to be a Democrat.  How great the themes of inclusion, compassion, and taking care of others were, compared to the divisive, acerbic and hateful rhetoric we heard every single night at last week’s Republican Convention. 

CBS This Morning is interviewing the twin Castro Brothers (Julian, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Joaquin, Congressman from Texas) and they are such a delight.  Imagine – two Mexican American twin brothers with the same family name as that hated dictator who has been a thorn in the U.S. side for over half a century (until Obama ended the madness): Cuba’s Fidel Castro.  For me, this says all there is to say about any comparison, any “similarities,” any cross-intersections between Republicans and Democrats. 

I would bet my entire 401(k) that Hell would be frozen over before the Republican Party would embrace these two smart, handsome and funny young men.   And there is no greater proof of this than the camera shots of the Republican Convention where trying to find a Black or Latin face among the crowd was like a “Where’s Waldo” puzzle as opposed to those of the Democratic Convention nearly every shot was filled with the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial panoply of faces that is the true America.

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