And rightly so, of course.  His comments about Judge Curiel, who is the judge handling the Trump University scandal (yes, folks, it’s not only Hillary Clinton whose name can be associated with the term “scandal”) have been universally condemned as “racist” by our ever alert, Breaking News media outlets.   If you’ve turned on your television during the past couple of days, there is no way you wouldn’t know this since, as usual, the Trump Presidential Reality Show is pretty much the only news we are treated to on a daily basis.  Now, no question, The Trumpettes are ecstatic over his “the Mexican judge is biased against me cuz I’m building a wall” and I can only imagine the universal orgasm they all experienced when he doubled down and told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he believed a Muslim judge would also be biased against him.  After all, he’s “just tellin’ it like it is” and expressing the very feelings and beliefs out loud that his supporters hold silently dear and his supporters love him for it.

Problem is, there’s something much deeper that his remarks imply.  Sure, we all know that our justice system – the police, state attorneys, the courts – has inherent biases mainly against minorities and the poor, for example, as the Black Lives Matter Movement has illustrated as have all those random cell phone videos taping cops in action on the streets of America.  Not a pretty picture.  But these obvious biases are essentially problems that can be overcome.  The move to release prisoners serving long sentences for minor crimes, the number of policemen facing charges and standing trial today compared to a just a short time ago, the dropping of mandatory sentences for certain crimes, are all efforts to correct what we as a society have recognized as discriminatory practices in our judicial system. 

Trump’s remarks, however, reveal a more disturbing “truth” about him underlying his overt racism: that he does not believe in the fundamental values that define America and Americans.  If he believes, for example, that Judge Curiel, who was first appointed by California’s’ Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a judge to the San Diego Superior Court, and served as an Assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of California from 1989 to 2002.  While serving in this position he was Chief of the Narcotics Enforcement Division where he prosecuted the Mexican Arellano Felix drug cartel and was targeted for assassination by the cartel.   He was appointed to his current position of Federal Judge for the Southern District of California by President Obama in 2011.  He was born in Indiana to immigrant parents from Mexico.  And this is the record of the Judge Trump claims is biased.  

It might be that Trump simply isn’t aware of the Judge’s background although this would be a major failing on his part since even in my mundane divorce case, I made sure I uncovered every detail I could about the Judge who was processing the case.  That Trump doesn’t believe that Judge Curiel could oversee his case objectively, - his dumb-ass comments about Muslims need no further elaboration - without bias, means that Trump seems to believe that no one other than a White Judge or maybe a “White Billionaire Developer Judge” could be unbiased against him, which is a fundamental condemnation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as well as our entire educational and judicial systems and the values of equal justice under the law we seem to hold so dear.  Or maybe we don’t.  But that’s another issue.  The Donald doesn’t because he seems to believe (and, admittedly, it’s impossible to figure out what he really does believe) that a Mexican American Judge can’t be objective because of the remarks about Mexicans he’s made in his Trump Presidential Reality Show.   Not only this, but his belief that a Muslim judge (any Muslim judge, it seems) could also not treat him fairly pretty much shreds whatever tenets we Americans hold on religious values.  So as a self-proclaimed “Christian,” does The Donald also believe that a Jewish judge or a Buddhist judge, or an atheist judge could also not be able to treat him fairly and objectively?  It all sort of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, his racist rants against Mexican and Muslim judges keys in perfectly to the very same beliefs held by his supporters.  They will applaud his outspoken, “tellin’ it like it is” statements and will continue to love him.  His latest extemporaneous comments have, however, caused the Republican Party a bit of heartburn given that Trump cannot win the Presidency if he cannot win over more than his adoring, White, racist base.  

Back in 2012, when Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama, the Republican Party went through a bit of soul-searching.  There was a statement or report issued that recommended that the Party do outreach to Latinos and other minority groups, to soften their stances on a number of cultural issues, to expand their appeal among women and the young, and a whole bunch of other strategies to increase their appeal to us ordinary, less than radical right winger Americans.  Well, despite the best of intentions, they did nothing to revamp the Party’s profoundly distasteful “policies.”  Nothing.  Not a damned thing. 

Now, of course, the presumptive Republican Candidate for the office of President of the United States has become not only a national embarrassment to the Party and most Americans, but a global, swept-over, orange hired, joke.

And they have no one to blame but themselves.   


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